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    Very good advice . I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    You bet he would especially if you were a nice person. No harm on having fun on the first date.
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    I would say it depends. If there are great connection and chemistry and you two feel the same, it is not a deadly mistake. He will definitely call you back if it was amazingly good. However, if you do get his call, make sure to put break on by not jumping straight into the physical scene again. You have to get to know each other in order to develop a serious relationship. You still have chance to gain respect from your man if deep down you are a respectful and respectable person. (I need to follow my own advice :))
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    if i want a serious relationship with you know i would actually make you wait because i want you to get to know me inside and out now if i want a booty call i would just go to a club so booty callers dont hit me up you get me acting like a nun however you spell it lol no sex from me you get tested first then sex after you fall in love with me.

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    It depends how good the outing was.
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    If the two of you want sex purely for that reason - go ahead...noone is stopping you. Dont expect any respect. If you wish the guy to respect you for whom you are - that would be another story

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    i woldnt think it would b a serious relationship if i have sex on the first night

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 17, 2010 at 03:27 AM

    lol ok let me wrap this up lol,why do ladys say give i up like they are not getting anything,man be giving it up to,either ways its not really cool tho,i myself would call you back cos you would have been real,you didnt lie,you saying you dont want to and you do is a lie on the first date,whats worse? ANBODY? LOL
    follow your heart and be yourself baby

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 14, 2010 at 06:01 AM

    If you are looking for a booty call and not a serious relationship, it is OK on the first date. There aren't many men that are going to want a woman that gives it up on the first date because he will always wonder how many others she had on their first date. Happy Valentine's Day.
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    No matter what, if the sex was really good for him then yes he will call you back. Because he'd want to sleep with you again and again until he grows tired of you. But be aware that by giving it up too soon, you pretty much lost your leverage in being a serious girlfriend. That is if this is what you wanted in the first place..... Generally people (especially men) take more value in things which they had to work hard for. If you give it up without really getting to know each other first and building a relationship beyond physical attraction, then the relationship is just based on sex.
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    Depends on what u want him calling for. If u dont mind booty calls then yes, if u were good, he may call back. If u are looking for more, then its like putting the cart before the horse. It's in a mans nature to conquer and once he does, so easily, there's no motivation to chase- or get to know the real you!
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    Yep, I did that, one time, and it was my idea. We dated for a few years. I really cared for him, at the time. We're still friends after five years. Now he's venting to me about how much money he's had to give up to get out of a marriage with a crazy woman. He says he married her out of gratitude. I guess I didn't do anything for him to be grateful for. Even when he was married, he'd call me. He got another phone and hid it to call me. He's bi-polar, but he also lies and frankly, he's pretty damn good at it. I liked the fact that he treated me like a lady, took me nice places and was a gentleman when he was with me. Then he told me about this site that he was a member of and even stupid enough to give me his password, and asked that I didn't read his mail. Ha! Ha! For some reason, I feel sorry for him, and also he was one of the best in bed I've ever been with. I don't give it up anymore, but he still tries. I guess I'm the dummy. I don't want to give up the friendship. I think I was the only woman he had been with that refused gifts, of any kind. He wasn't used to that. I don't want to be bought. p
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    i agree with it to right now i j ust got divorsed i fill i need to get some now iam just not letting it happend iam better thein that so no iam playing hard to get now and i will fill alot better now so not doing that my body vary pretty and i am to so god gave it to me so gota take care of it and tell know next person and iam dateing he will not get me untell down road if he fills i dont give in and leaves he not worth it all from brenda mae
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    Totally agree! Why would you give it for free when you could get some ok money for it???? Basically you are an unpaid hooker if you give it up on first meeting. You will be the talk of the locker room next day. And he won't call you honey!
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    Wow! I cannot do that! and you should not do that! That is not cool.
    I agree with Ms.Barbarella2010!

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    No way. You don't know him well enough to share your precious body with him, so you're potentially risking your healthy. Most men brand a woman as easy if she has sex on the first date, and believe that she probably acts gives herself away to every man she meets. Play hard to get, honey!
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    Quoting bonita_92253:

    If I have sex with a guy during our first date, would he call me back?

    What about those special sites where men and women are looking only for one thing: sex
    Will they call each other after one night?
    My friend is too much in it.....Ugly, never know what you can get with a starngera even after first night
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    Missevey wrote:
    no way it would be so disrespectful to your body and if you dont have respect why would he have respect for you.


    I am sorry I just wanted to know how it feels to be a Jerk..
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    It is a no, no for me!
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