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    un i don't think is the requisite in marriage,it not only satisfys ur material wants but a fundation of ur love
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    Again, it is all relative. And how good were your relatives to you????
    If a man is successful, generous and your type, then he is desirable, if a man is successful and stingy or selfish or creepy, ie., not your type, a control freak or bad character, rich or poor, he is undesirable, no one decent would want him. It is about character more then bank balance. Some men are good hunters, good providers, they care and share, that is an attractive quality. Some men are not good hunters or providers,or they are selfish and creepy, such men are undesirable. No female anywhere wants a man drowning in debt or one who does not provide, share or who is bad with money, that is common sense.

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    It is all relative and has to do with character, generous or selfish. If a millionaire is selfish and greedy he may be a cheapskate and provide nothing for his mate, some millionaires are chislers that do not provide, nor share and try to force thier mates to work and self support. If you are with a poor man who makes 500 a week and he is generous and caring and gives you half which is 250 a week that is more then a selfish millionaire who gives his mate nothing,zero. So generosity is more important then bank balance. I find old money attractive, as old money is raised with money and taught how to handle money wisely and properly and old money knows the true value of a dollar. New money is often ostentatious, overpays, and is sometimes gauche, some new money thinks they can buy good morals, good values and good character, money cannot buy good character, values or morals.
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    Quoting sandiegom2000:

    Its not a crime to want to marry a rich man. Perhaps it is a crime to want to marry a rich man solely because he is rich.

    Looking for a rich man is not a crime when you don't just focus on the money. Most people say better poor but happy and in love. I am sorry but I had a bad experience in this field (middle class), this men are more controlling, abusive and don't want you to grow and shine. I am looking for a rich man because they are more creative, more fun, easier going, protective of their family, taking risk to build a better tomorrow and the mindset they have. To be really true, all women want a strong man who protect them, offers them a beautiful lifestyle and a happy, romantic, harmonious, true love relation ship.

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    I agree it's not a crime to want someone from the same standards, education and wealth!

    I married a handsome, intelligent¿rich men with a degree and had a wonderful child and years of happiness, travel and love together. Then after my divorce, I had another 6 year relationship with a rich PhD man, very clever gentleman¿who had his own Business. He looked average but was very good in every other way. I am now free and looking for the same standards in the man that I woul like to meet.........and will not lower my standards!¿


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    poor "rich man" it
    s not about the money , it is about who you can trust to be with naturally.
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    Hi to all ,

    I read all the comments and according to my experiences , rich or not , the man must have some moral values ....that he can not buy with all the millions he has !!!
    I had 2 relations with millionars and my idea about them so far is not good at all . Millionars please , don't take it personal !
    I just came here hoping that mine were just bad experience and exist reach people that have real values .

    Sandiegom2000 , dear , there are many ways to find out if a women wants you just for your money !
    Good luck to all !
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    I believe women are attracted to successful men - men who are successful in business make money, they are the hunter, provider etc which brings us back to our genes and the caveman era when women wanted a strong man to provide and protect her. Difference now is we are all educated, or brainwashed!

    I personally love men who make money as I love to be with a strong successful man and like to be loyal to him. I am a fairly strong character and need a man stronger than myself.

    So guys come and get me - but please don't pull my hair as you drag me into your cave!

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    carissa bee, you are precisely correct....well done! Tis human nature, and that is one of the reasons we have survived.
    The fact she even had to pose whether it was acceptable suggests she does not get it.

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    If a man wanted to marry you based soley on your looks, as in wanted you to remain silent and contribute nothing other than your "attractiveness". Would that not be a crime? Bartering looks for money is ugly. Wealth does not imbue a man with more powers of attraction, in fact, in a lot of cases the opposite is true:) I speak from personal experience. All wealth has ever brought me is the time to do what I want, rather than what I am told to do.
    regards Aegis1
    "the trouble with doing nothing is thst of never knowing when you are finished"
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    Its what us women have been programmed to do. Men are programmed to spread their seeds and women are programmed to find the man that will be a good resource to provide what they need to raise the children.

    Also Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty dont help. They got to marry the richest most powerful man in all the land, so why oh why cant I?
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    I dug through my old law books and while it doesn't say much about the person in question, it is certainly nothing you can get charged for.
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