Has anyone here met a millionaire for real?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    Oh yes, we do exist. You must be completely qualified and sincere in every way for us to reveal anything to you. Shallowness is running wild everywhere in shallow minds though sometime beautiful bodies. We didn't get here by falling for flakes who will use us up like a tissue.
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    Most of millionaires in this country drive F-150, wear Stafford shirt, and own junk yard. So millionaire doesn't mean anything.

    But if some is educated and has descent professional occupation, that is different.
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    I think that is shocking that anyone would ask you for money. I hope that is a very rare occurrence. I'm sure there are lovely women on this site who would never dream of such a thing - ever - let alone in 10 minutes. I've only tried internet dating for 7 weeks, but I've come across some lovely people. And I have friends who have met and married this way. Please don't be discouraged by that call.


    And yes, I do know of a case on this site.

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    ok Call me Crazy..........but a lot of people have a million bucks. I personally would not disclose what funds I had to someone I didnt know (or a site online). The reason I am attracted to someone who is financially comfortable, is because most of them have a confidence and inner peace that I like. Now.......to be clear, when I say financially comfortable, that doesn't mean they have to be a millionaire.
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    To those who address themselves as millionaires,would like to understand what it is u hope to find at this given platform.This right here,this site is a platform for people seeking millionaires its honestly hard to believe that a millionaire would want to be seeked
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    Yes, a person who treats you good would be great. I didn't meet one yet.
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    money looses its sparkle then hope you are  left with a great guy

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    Yes there are millionaire's on this site.  But a million is not enough money to play sugar daddy.  I'm a millionaire, but you could not tell by looking at me or talking with me.  $1,000,000 is not enough to flaunt, I cannot afford to walk into a club and make it rain.  Not if I hope to retire and enjoy life with the woman I am trying to meet.  With 1,000,000 I cannot promise more than about $40K a year to live without touching principle and that my friends is not much $$$$$$.

     Last night on the first phone conversation I had with a woman, not even 10 minutes in... and a very classy lady, and I know she is because she told me that in her email, asked if I could "loan" her $10K.  And I can tell another story or to about what woman on this site want just to say hello.  At least with an escort they provide a service when they ask for money.

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    Not all are fake.  It is a little awkward sending in your W-2's but at the end of the day it helps you girls do one of the many screens you should be doing on guys anyway.  Am I right?

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    You know they have different kind of web sites where you do not have to pay if money is not very important to you.

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    yes I have meet amazing men on this site. No love connections but DEF. millionaires!!!

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    Milliondollar men do exist,but you'd never know who they are,because they are the hardest workers.A millinaire is considered middle class these days..Now Billionaire...that's another story,although money should never be something you look for in a man,you might end up getting something you didn't want...Best of luck to all!
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    I go by the defintion of millionaire that the Brit publication The Economist uses. Someone who worth million bucks US, excluding real property. So your half million buck house doesn't count.
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    There are at least two on here that I know of.

    I do agree that many of the men that say they are, are not and many of the women who say they are not looking for money alone are not quite that honest. I am not saying this is the same for everyone, but it DOES seem as though a large amount of people are less than honorable so it leaves the few nice ones on BOTH sides fighting through it all.

    I have had a few nice dates with a men that are what they say on here, at times it takes a little more than just being what you say to form a relationship...if thats what you are looking for.

    I DO have to add that many of the men are skeptikal due to their own negative experiences as well

    So I guess many of us are in the same boat so to speak. I think MM should set up speed dating parties...

    Carla J

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    I met 3 millionaires in my life..and none of them on this site....There seems to be a greater chance of meeting a millionaire on any normal site than here...Unfortunely for me.. I always piss away good oportunities...and even worse I throw away the business cards..
    I do think there is an abundance of weathly european men around..

    live and learn...

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    Enigma252 write:
    Add in a business or small portfolio of 1/2 million and we are just middle class people. Nothing extravagant, really. To be really rich, one person has to be worth 2 million or more.

    It's interesting how different people's perceptions of wealth are.

    What exactly is rich?

    Are you measuring it in total assets? Net assets? Passively invested? Actively invested? Or are you measuring it in lifestyle?

    $1m in total assets really isn't much, especially if most of it is in your home. After all, despite what banks tell you about HELOC's, you can't actually spend most of it to live, especially as interest eats up your money.

    $1m in net assets isn't alot either.

    If you're in bonds at 5%, that's only $50,000 per year... before taxes. By the time the tax man is done with you, you're only taking home $30,000 -- before inflation. Double that to $60,000 if you are getting 10% per year (not so easy).

    If you're talking about affording a $1m home, a mortgage of $800,000 at 6%requires a after-tax income of $70,000 per year just to make the payments. If you use the 33% housing ratio, then you need to take home $210,000 per year, or closer to $350,000 pre-tax.

    If you work that backwards with a 10% return, now you're talking somewhere around $3.5m in net assets (beyond housing). Much less of course if you make a larger down payment or buy your home for cash.

    As for "private jet-setting" millionaires, a jet will run you $2m+ new, plus annual operation costs of $100-200k per year for fuel and pilot, and that's just a starter model. Even fractional jet ownership will cost you $50k per year, plus your original purchase cost.

    Most millionaires are in the sub-$10m category. They might have a $1m home, some cash-flow producing assets, but generally live a middle-class to upper-middle class lifestyle. They still do their own grocery shopping, though they can afford trips and private school. :)
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    Great comments. I couldn't agree more. Investing is key but there are many who have no idea about that. They simply think that money in the bank is where it's at. A person can blow through $100,000's of thousands in a year if they don't watch their spending. Money goes quickly without a plan. What is your plan?
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    I agree with you. Although I would like to be with a millionaire but the man himself is the one you want to be around. I would love it if I could find a man that I could really love and love me in return but also be rich.

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    I just signed up for this site and I was reading this segment. This is quite amusing. One person says to "be really rich" you have to have at least $2million. Interesting definition of "really rich". I actually equate "really rich" to have nothing to do with money. And it is interesting to see spelling error i.e there but meaning to have written "their". So money has nothing to do with correct spelling and grammar. If anyone is seeking another person because they are a millionaire....please do not seek me. I signed up here because I like people who have acquired all kinds of wealth as a result of life's grandeur and opportunities. Work hard, play hard, continuously explore and learn, invest well, share, and do not depend on another to increase your own monetary wealth though to enhance life's wealth.
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    Yes I have, but they do not want to be known for there money, rather who they are as A person. Thats what we all want Right.

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