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    Hello, it is probably 1st time I am writing to a miliniore. 

    I would like to say that I am sorry to here about your phisical condition.

    2nd. I think it was probably a mistake to lend monye to your relatieves. Becouse if you are not that rich to give them monye without asking them back then do not give any monya at all. Becouse what is the point any way to give them monye? I honestly can not see any point. Thjis kind of relation between you and your relatieves does not bring back any happiness. Everytime they pay you monye back the distance between you and them go much greater.

    3. May I sugest to transfer your energy from an imidge in your mind of the 20 years female body to the happy face of a 35 years old morther with her child. Try to have an imidge of her happy eyes in your mind then probably blue pill will not be nidded


    I could be wrong, never tryed myself. I wonder if it will work for you.

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    I have dated a son of a millionaire once. I do remember telling him not to buy me gifts unless it's a special occasion. And that's what he did. He also was worried quit a number of times that I was going to scam him of his money, leave him and get back with my ex. He did do something that showed that I was being truthful. He had one of his friends talked to me about cheating with him the park (It was sting operation with the now ex watching) I broke up with him two years later because he lied about his age and that he never wants to get married. I was being truthful to him and he wasn't to me.


    I also have experience with two women who are golddiggers. One is my own mother, who is from another country and found out after she married my father that not all Canadians are rich. The other was an ex-friend who thought that men who make $15 an hour are rich.


    I'm also waiting for people's response on another forum about scammers. I know how you can spot a scammer online. You just have to respond back for me to tell you.

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    I am a millionaire and I will tell you why I need such a web site.


    1)  I am short.  Amazing how picky women can be.


    2) I am not done with my second millionaire, so I still have a job and don't intend to quit it.  A million doesn't go as far as it used to.  One condo in NYC and your money is all tied up.    Worse, my job is not a high status job.  Most women I ask out never know I am a millionaire. 


    3)  I have lent out significant sums to family  (5 figures) - who are paying it back.  So my lifestyle is NOT super rich.  I take vacations, but the tickets are economy class, not first class.


    4)  My standards are high.  I am over 40 and refuse to date a women I need a little blue pill to get an erection.   She has to be pretty enough to inspire one the natural way.   At my age that severly limits my selection because most women no longer have the same body they had at 20.   Many of those that do, want a tall man.

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    Quoting 3345roc:

    A Million  ain't what it used to be...

    roc you are right. A million will buy a nice comfortable house in Australia with not much left over.

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    People that have a diamond showing on their profiles were financially verified. I had to email this site financial statements. So yes there are millionaires on this site.

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    Quoting exoticbeauty01:

    for some reason i think they all are fake here.Or why would a millionaire search a women trough a Dating site.Wont a millionaire already have women lined up waiting to marry him??Just curious,why this way

    No just because you are a millionaire doesn't mean women will be lining up to marry you. It doesn't work like that. Some millionaires will use dating sites just like everyone else, but you are right a lot of men on here say they are millionaires when in fact they aren't. 

    They fake it but they are digging themselves a massive hole as if they find someone they will have a hell of a lot of explaining to do when the person they are dating discovers they actually aren't wealthy and they lied on their profile. Some men are so stupid it defies belief.







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    That's what I want, a partner. I don't need anyone else's money, but I don't want him to need mine either. Also, what is it with men my father's age all emailing me? I get hit on in person by college boys, so someone in between would be nice:) I don't want to wake up to someone 30 yrs older than me!!! I don't mind older men, but are they serious?

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    So who are they lol 

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 31, 2014 at 05:27 AM

    Hey where have you met these millionaires babes 

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    pues yo estaba buscando una chica millonaria   a ver si podiamos hacer negocios , vender jamones  etc etc  jajajaja . yo no soy rico pero disfruto en este sitio , e conocido gente encantadora

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    Personally, I have not. But then again I just finished setting up a profile today. I came here because my dearest girlfriend I think of as a sister (who has met the right one, just not on this site or any other) said that I should set up a profile on here. She said that there were a better class of men on the best millionaire dating sites and I was not as likely to get the usual vulgur or unwanted messages that I have recieved from members of another site, and far less likely to have my time wasted by 21 year olds who are far too *ahem* hormone driven. I went to another site and to say the least, I am disappointed and by no means felt like anything close to respected as much as I like to give. I have heard that there are good quality men on here somewhere; I like to operate under the thought process that everyone has good intent unless or until they prove to me otherwise. I personally do not care to be taken care of as is said, my version of being taken care of is far more emotional and physical (big warm hugs, long conversations under the stars, hand holding in public places, and making my heart flutter and face smile when he calls would make me one spoiled woman) than monetary and a man's value is in his heart and that is not where his wallet is! I feel that it is very simple, either you enjoy each others company and have chemistry or you don't. End of story. Am I just dreaming?

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    Life's a BOX of chocolates....  :-)

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    Very true my friend


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    If you only joined this site with the hope of meeting a millionaire well then you just gonna have to filter all the non millionaires out till you find a real one.

    No offence to the people without profile pics but those who question the legitimacy of the people on the site don't really have a leg to stand on if they not even willing to put a pic of themselves on their profile.  Just a thought, use it or don't.

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    There are some millionaires left who want to be liked or loved because of themselves not money, believe it or not.


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    Hola, y por que no estas separado por completo, alcaso hay probabilidades de regrezo? 


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    I think you are right!

    But I have my doubts on your status because you don't have a picture on your profile?

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    Yes! Ladies I have met several on here and just because "they have money" doesnt mean your gonna love them. Love is rare and cant be bought I am holding out for the one and having fun along the way.

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    Quite a few. None of them were keepers.

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    U go boy!!!!!

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