Has anyone here met a millionaire for real?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    i dont care how much money someone has if we don't have anything in common then its not gonna work and that's that
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    A "millionaire status" has been a topic raised several times here on MM, in various forms. When I first joined I actually put a statement in my profile that I was nowhere near a millionaire in terms of income, cash and assets. For some reason I had assumed you must be or fully disclose that one was not and so I did. I got plenty of responses from women. Some stated they did have the millionaire status thing and some didn't. 

    I removed that full disclosure statement and it hash't made a bit of difference with the amount of messages I receive. Over the decades I have met very wealthy women but that was never a reason to choose her over the not so wealthy woman at all. I am here on MM because of the CLASS of women that I here. yes I believe I have met one or two wealthy woman. Anyone who as looked at profiles on match.com or plenty of fish knows that the caliber of women here are much, much better. My guess is that generally speaking this is because the women (and men?) are more confident and successful with their lives in general. This sort of attitudes transcends and allows their (our) inner beauty to shine bright and in turn their physical beauty.

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    yes, i have met some millionaires here. the reason why they are online may be because they are:
    too busy to find a date otherwise
    are older or less attractive
    few social skills to compete with other men face to face

    no offense, of course
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    Quoting racytay1020:

    I don't have a million dollars yet, but I work a lot and who knows, maybe I will. I already turned to online dating several months ago after I broke it off with a man that I dated for a couple of years, having found out he was still online looking for a "better deal".  :-)
    Now that I have free time to date, I thought it made sense to look online.  Everyone knows you fall in love with whoever you fall in love with regardless of income level...it's not like I'm going to accept someone treating me crappy just b/c he has a lot of money or is handsome or any other reason...It's just money, you can make your own and as far as I am concerned if it is a millionaire you seek, they are a dime a dozen.  All men a players until they are done being players and meet mrs right.  Millionaires are not different than any other man, the expectationt that they are going to be somehow evolved because they are great at what they do professionally is not realistic. 
    I have met at least one online (not here) that was a millionaire and aside from his bank account he had nothing to offer that any other man could not also offer.  I fell for his initial charm and we had a lot in common, but he is caught up in a fantasy world and hates women, unfortunately.  He has been played and used and that is too bad that he carries a huge chip on his shoulder and chooses to remain wounded over what amounts to his poor choices to continue to date women for years that were not willing to commit to him and who treated him with disrespect.  He finally met a nice one (me) and he treated me like he had a vendetta against women once he had me in his narcissistic web of admiration.  Yuck!  That one was too caught up in being a socialite and wanting the adoration of people who are insignificant in his life.   The absolute worst type of person to date is someone who is ungrateful for what they  have and that is many times worse if they have a lot of money and great career (that they earned) but don't get it that they were also tremendously blessed. I just cannot stand to be by the side of a man in need of a humbling...it's not fun to listen to the arrogance and it is very sad to be there when they are humbled by life...we are all susceptible to hardships of various kinds.
    At any rate, yes you can meet a man of any income level online and it makes sense for anyone who is busy to look online for someone near them to date.  It works sometimes.  One of my friends married a woman he met online at another site, he is a nice man with a lot to offer a woman.  His wife now works from home because he provides the stability for her to do that with his well-established career. He is not a millionaire, but he is taking care of her in the sense that she is able to pursue her business rather than merely work for a paycheck.
    I am online with the best intentions and so I think it is quite possible a man could be too, but as with anything else, enter with some skepticism.

    Great comment...
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    Quoting Renee2play:

    I think people forget the name of this site. It's millionaire matchmaker.
    It's better than average looking women to beauties looking for millionaires that can spoil them. It's
    been going on since the beginning of time. Guys with money like having beautiful girls around. If you are a millionaire on this site not looking for that sort of arrangement and don't want women dating you for your money or willing to be genereous then this isn't the right sit for you. There are plenty of other sites tht have nothing to do with income dating.
    Let's not kid ourselves. Hot girls, rich guys....... That's how it always has been and always will be. Doesn't mean there can't be real love....but yes that is the main attraction for both sexes. Then it progresses.

    Well Darling, this is a millionaire site and not how to "make" millions.

    Till last year I was a "self made" millionaire and I have all the stuff to prove it. Then sh..t happen and I lost it all, like one big fire or explosion (that can happen to anyone and did happen way to many). I had my millionaire life style, I was meeting the "right" people and I also learn that you have a lot of friends and gold diggers around when you have money. I also learn and saw that all the money don't buy - value, integrity, honesty, honor, pride, time or happiness etc. I am flat broke right now, move to my country of origin because the living expenses are very low and health service is for free.

    Why I am here then, you may ask . . I also learn that many people with money living boring life with friends that can't all be trusted. I am 63 years old that accomplished a lot since I escape at age 18 from Russian occupation. I can be a great asset to a woman that will appreciate my qualities and not my money. I am smart and can do a lot of things very well, from driving winning race car or run business, to be a good companion, I can dress well and can take me anywhere and she doesn't have to look ridiculous like some with theirs 30 years younger toyboy. I am free to travel, I speak various languages, I am good, loyal, honest and still happy guy.

    I am not for sale of for hire, and I will never date woman just for money! She has to be beautiful and CHEMISTRY between us is a MUST. My situation is very temporal as I have many ideas how to bounce back. I am not interested to find someone when I have all the money again, I am interested in some woman that can find me now and appreciate what I am. When that happen, at least I will know is the real thing.

    I may also ad, that this is my first dating site and I must say that I never have seen so many beautiful, classy women in one place. Really impressive to see older woman that have the time and means to look after her self.
    That's what I like, that's what I expect, that's why am here.

    I hope you got the message. At least that's my way to look at this site!

    BTW: I did look at your profile and I can see what is your objective (good for you). But keep in mind that some people are different. Cheers and Good Luck to U. ;)
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    Your so correct on many of these people posing as millionaires. However, there is a number of us that simply doesnt have the time to meet quality partners during our everyday lives. Good luck sorting us out, lol.
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    Totally agree about that. Money isn't what brings happiness. Happiness and confidence comes from within our own selves.
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    Having lots of money doesn't mean you instantly have lots of options for meeting people. For example, having an expensive car doesn't help. After all, when are you with your car except while driving it. When are you with your boat accept when you are on it. Having a nice house doesn't help, becuase nobody knows you have it and when you are in it, you're alone. Nobody knows if you have money or not when you are out and about. One could tell others about what they have. Yeah, try that and see what kind of a reaction you get! So having money doesn't help at all. The internet is as good of a place for the rich as it is for the poor. Yes, we exist.
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    Dear Renee,
    I think focusing on money is a mistake for both parties. Money will not make anyone happy. Shopping will not make anyone happy either. I think both should focus on building a wonderful relationship based on love. Yes, love. Love is what makes people happy. Not money.

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    I think people forget the name of this site. It's millionaire matchmaker.
    It's better than average looking women to beauties looking for millionaires that can spoil them. It's
    been going on since the beginning of time. Guys with money like having beautiful girls around. If you are a millionaire on this site not looking for that sort of arrangement and don't want women dating you for your money or willing to be genereous then this isn't the right sit for you. There are plenty of other sites tht have nothing to do with income dating.
    Let's not kid ourselves. Hot girls, rich guys....... That's how it always has been and always will be. Doesn't mean there can't be real love....but yes that is the main attraction for both sexes. Then it progresses.
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    no soy millonario y sin embargo ya conoci gante de aqui con dinero que quiere estar conmigo y no es una broma . creo que es mas facil que te quieran sin dinero que no con dinero

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    puez yo soy un andaluz que me da igual el dinero , una chica que sea buena persona y amable es igual con dinero que sin el . hay cosas que no puede comprar el dinero
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    Very interesting thread here!

    "Millionaire" is a relative term anyway.  A "million dollars" doesn't go as far as it used too!  If you add in real estate equity and other "fixed" assets that can't be disturbed.  

    I joined the site thinking that I might find a wonderful companion to build the rest of my life around. Don't really care what her financial or social situation is, as long as we really hit it off on all levels. I pay, she pays, we split the bill, it is all good when it is all good.  

    Let's get real.  I'm not looking for a supermodel, because in my experience that is not reality.  My partner would be attractive, pleasant, and has needs (don't we all), I have needs (not "wants" - a big difference).  We should work together to be happy and content.  

    MM attracted me due to the upscale quality of the women I hope to meet here.  Frankly, a guy wants to be respected and appreciated for what he does.  I am sure women want the same for what she does, and she wants to be secure in a relationship.  A bizzillion dollars makes no difference if the couple is miserable, distant, and unhappy. IMHO, but I could be wrong.  :-)

    So, should I be on this site?  I'm active and plan on doing a lot of things.  Went through a divorce that cut my net worth by a lot.  Oh well, move on.  No hard feelings.  Assets now in the 6 figures, and $200K (pretax) disposible retirement income for the rest of my life.  That should qualify, I'm thinking. So what is the definition of "millionarie?"

    Good luck with your search!

    Be patient and not too judgmental.  You will find the one.  Just a matter of time and perserverance.

    P.S.  It will be interesting to see the differing viewpoints to this post.  Maybe a millionaire, maybe not?

    Best regards,












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    There are people here with net assets in excess of a million, myself included. I spend much time meeting my friends husbands, or men who are far too young (due to my sporting interests). Yes I am sure there are lazy people on here who are looking for a meal ticket, however there may also be people looking for an equal. Dating as you get older gets harder, and being fiscally secure can also on occasion isolate you. Wether this site is a good one or not, remains to be seen.
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    LoveStory2011, I stand by my position that if you want success, you have to make it for yourself.  It's not down to others, it's down to you.  It can be money, it can be time, whatever it is that you don't have enough of, you have to make it yourself if you want to acheive a level of success that will satisfy you. If others give you what you need, you will never have the sense of satisfaction that comes from your own efforts being rewarded.  It's that particular satisfaction that underlies the root of all success.

    I will also add that everyone's photos here are just stunning, including yours. Were I interested in marrying a lady, I would be very much spoilt for choice! My picture doesn't show in the thumbnail because otherwise I get a lot of women asking me to marry them. Ever since I took my picture down, ladies stopped asking me to marry them. But here I am! I shall consider posting my pic in my replies and comments; thank you for the suggestion.


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    Quoting New2ThisScene:

    "Wont a millionaire already have women lined up waiting to marry him?"

    If that's your belief, you probably joined this site to stand in that line.

    Personally, I have a difficult time meeting quality women anywhere. They all either want George Clooney or someone with his money. I don't normally broadcast what I'm worth because it's difficult to tell what a woman's motives are.

    I agree, what is the difference between going on a website, vs. trolling a bar or meeting someone at a party? A man is not (should not) be pulling out his w2 when approaching a woman he finds attractive. Those are items to be discussed when the time is right. I have spoken with a couple of men on here who are not "millionaires" but have very good jobs and their ex's beat them to the punch on other sites! This is a tool, just like a woman's make-up or hair colorist. If and when used properly, it may just get the job done, however there are times when you have to improvise and find something else that will provide the same end result.
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    Exotic Beauty:  Successful people work long hours which isn't condusive to meeting a significant other later in life. Similarly, many successful people owe their success to clean living. These older guys are on the golf course, having Christmas dinner with their kids' families, buffing the polish on the Jag before taking her out for a spin in the Cotswolds. Ministry of Sound is chock-a-block full of delightful young people, but not many of those lasses and laddies are going to want to sit out their youth on a country estate.

    Lovestory:  Maybe your creative idea isn't one they feel is fiscally viable. If you don't beleive in it enough to invest your own money into it, then neither will he. If your ideas don't make any money, or your short of cash, that should be telling you that your business model is wrong and needs revision.

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    I would hope that being a millionaire is not all that you are specifically looking for anyway. I am specifically looking for stability. Men who are successful seem to have more stability in life in general and I like that. I want to be treated like a lady and respected.
    Successful men work hard and usually work long hours...I can understand why they would need to turn to online dating to find someone special. So don't give up...I bet there are truly men on here that are successful.
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    i thought your fear was u falling in love with no job having,house man,love making brother with no income?? like me..lol but i do work?? age ,ht,wt
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    I am sure there are real millionaires here, there and everywhere else- but I doubt that there are many truly wealthy people here.  The people who have reached the 8 and 9 digit realm probably use personal matchmaking services most of the time because they are easier and less risky than searching online.

    Not that it matters, of course.  The only real goal most of us have in regards to money is to have enough and not to worry about it.  

    Someday, my goal is to achieve a state of financial Nirvana where I never have to think a single thought about money ever again.

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