Has anyone here met a millionaire for real?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Had a multi one....on and off for 11 years, never loved me, loved his money and himself more....but as far as I am aware, he didn't advertise....Yacht, Jet, lifestyle....our children went to prep school together, but I was Julia Roberts and am not regrettful! x

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    I wondering the same thing!

    Not at all...

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    yes you can meet a millionaire on this site but they normally are looking for a partner not someone who whats to be cared for financially. 

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    I joined up to this site because I was curious to see what type of people are on here.

    I think lots of people will have joined for the same reason as me .. just to be nosey lol x

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    Also, being a millionaire doesn't mean as much as it used to.

    I make less than 100,000 a year, but am a millionaire (barely).   I don't own ANY of the 'bling'  - which is largely why I am a millionaire.   I wasn't stupid enough to waste money on crap.  Yeah, I want a Panther Amphicar, but I'm not going to buy one (at least not until I retire and have a nice lake near my home that I can drive my car into and go fishing from it.

    Anyone expecting me to  take them to Italy once a month is in for a nasty surprise.


    But I am a real millionaire - as long as you count my real estate and 401K


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    This spoke volumes...I hope u find "her"

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    I have seen a few fake profiles on here I must admit. I came to this site because I was looking for love and romance and have had the worst in life, so thought  I would reach for the top for once. I have met a few millionaires in the last few months and none of them have been from this website.


    I am here because I want a man who has drive and ambition and has an amazing soul. I admit I would like to be spoilt, I have never really had that happen in my life ( have not been on a candlelit dinner or even had a massage in my life). I don't want much and love is the top wish I have. I can live on almost nothing but if I could change that I would. I though if a man had the money he might actually take me out and treat me special. The millionaires I have met are atleast 15- 20 years older than me and though really nice gentleman are not my type.


    I want to be with a man who has it all together and it seem's to be men with money that do. I am going on a lot of experience and past and can honestly say that men on a low income work their butt's off too but I don't see them wanting to go far in life. They don't have drive or ambition or are not proud of their work or job.

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    I'm not looking for a relationship at this time.  I actually signed up because of the forum - people here seem much more sane and articulate than those in some of the other forums that I've reviewed. 

    I do have a question though.  If someone, man or woman, is affluent, why doesn't he or she insist on a pre-nuptial agreement?  I know that some people have them but it seems as though the majority, including celebrities, do not.  I have the distinct feeling (from articles and posts that I've read on other sites) that people are reluctant to bring up the subject because they believe that the other person may accuse them of "lacking trust". To me, if a person really loves you for yourself and not your money, they wouldn't be opposed to signing a pre-nup.  And no, I'm not one of those wealthy people so I'm not asking this from the point of view of somene who has assets.  I simply believe that a pre-nup is not only fair but a good way of getting that money issue and uncertainty (does he/she love me or my money) out of the way.   Am I in the minority?

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    Hate fakerss
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    I have ALWAYS gone for love.  As a hard worker, and attractive, I was a fool for boys/men who wanted my abundance.  As a young women, an mature lady advised me, and of course I did not listen, but I have tried to instil this in my incredibly beautiful and smart daughter from day one.
    "Don't look for money, but don't look where there is none." And "You can just as easily truly love a smart, rich boy as you can a cute, dumb, broke ass."  
    I am truly not ruthless, I have just worked hard, got ahead, and then fell for a 'conman'.  
    Not bitter still believe. 
    K x
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    im  sorry just realized quote someone elses.i am very new to this site.was kooking for help.e mailed few  got no response.help
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    why peggy sue pic silohuette a woman.but she stated dont want to marry spoiled girl.
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    i totally agree, i dont like the fake euro trash of the riviera... i like real solid people
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    Quoting mitballiol:

    I am quite firmly in the cash millionaire camp. A few things you should know:

    1) Being a millionaire doesn't mean you own a $2m yacht. You really ought to be worth at least $100m to have something like that. Expect a younger blue collar millionaire (e.g. Banker, lawyer, CXO) with a net worth of up to $5 million to be pretty normal but with nicer clothes, car, home, perhaps a smaller boat.

    2) Many millionaires don't like wasting money. Many of us worked hard to get where we are, and we still work hard. Money is not frivolous to us - it is earned. Warren Buffet drives a Lincoln Towncar. That's pretty low key. The guys I see blowing money on bottles of champagne in night clubs are usually poor. Wealthy guys spend more discretely and in higher quality venues.

    3) Sites like these are fantastic because you can find an intelligent, sensible and down to earth woman here. I don't want to marry some spoilt brat or party girl who has been drinking champagne since the age of 16. I'm a self made man. I was born into a middle class family and while I am a 1 percenter, I still have those rock solid middle class values. I want someone who is financially responsible, down to earth, able to connect with regular people, but also brilliantly smart and able to hold an intelligent conversation on topics ranging from politics to epistemology. I won't find someone like that from an elite matchmaker, nor at a beach party in the south of France.

    Good response, really enjoyed reading it.
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    WOW. Being wealth does not always mean money . I do not know much about this web site .But Forbes Magazine said it was the best site. That's how I found it . So who cares if a person has money .Just enjoy life. And there is and old. WHAT'S FOR YOU IS FOR YOU . Have a great day .
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    Quoting Renee2play:

    I think people forget the name of this site. It's millionaire matchmaker.
    It's better than average looking women to beauties looking for millionaires that can spoil them. It's
    been going on since the beginning of time. Guys with money like having beautiful girls around. If you are a millionaire on this site not looking for that sort of arrangement and don't want women dating you for your money or willing to be genereous then this isn't the right sit for you. There are plenty of other sites tht have nothing to do with income dating.
    Let's not kid ourselves. Hot girls, rich guys....... That's how it always has been and always will be. Doesn't mean there can't be real love....but yes that is the main attraction for both sexes. Then it progresses.

    This site has more than one name. Renee you're wrong, one name you mentioned is actually MillionaireMatch. The website name for me was classy-dating-site.

    One day after I had seen too much tackiness on another site.  I typed into my search bar- classy dating site and on the page there was an exact match for what I typed.  I came on this site and saw in the forum people typing "MM", it took me a while to catch on that the site I knew as "classy dating'site" went by another name, Millionairematch.  Of course this site (whatever it's called) has it's share of tackiness too but a lot of it is avoidable. For the record;I never consider a site for "income dating".

    Renee is a little naive as to what this site has but yes, it also includes "Hot girls and rich guys". From my experience it is more of the same on other sites, mostly scammers and men who are not proactive in getting to know anyone.
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    I'm not sure I qualify as a true millionaire, but I certainly make more than I need to live comfortably. Since joining, I think I've met more women through this site than I did in university! It's true that there are a lot of women on this site looking for sugar daddies, but I've met some wonderful women that seem quite genuine and looking for love irrespective of income. I'm on here because I want to find someone that I'm physicially attracted to as well as emotionally. I've found it easy to meet women in other ways, but not necessarily women that I'm physically attracted to. I have to say that the calibre of women on this site is definitely superior to what you tend to find at clubs, bars, other websites, etc.
    I find that I do need to keep my guard up a lot more when I meet people from this site, but it's not all that difficult to tease out the goldiggers from those looking for true love. So don't give up hope as there are some genuine people on this site (men and women).
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    so true .. but men hope a woman who married them just for love of it not my money. so why there look at sites. woman say same thing but dont have the money
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    Why does it matter if someone met an actual millionaire? Its not always what's in the bank account its what's in the heart. I met a millionaire , we had planned on getting married it didn't work out. I became used to the lifestyle, but I want a real person to. I'm here to find a man that can take care of me but is fun and wants a family to.
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    From my experience, even a normal dating site has a lot of millionaires. Met some already.
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