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    A suggestion: read "the art of being happy" Arthur Schopenhauer.the pessimist by excellence.
    do something everyday for someone who will never be able to pay it back...that is to be a real millionaire
    Are some of you recongnising themselves? If yes be welcomed!
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    Since ignorance is indeed bliss, but willful ignorance is unheard of, what is the intellectual to do?

    I suggest complete acceptance of the dirty truth. When our expectations of life do not exceed its capacity, we will hopefully get the same comforts of the person in fantasy-land.

    So, here are some admissions. Get ready to "suck it up" as they say:

    - Nobody will ever understand you completely.
    - You can only speak for yourself.
    - There will always be a major distortion between what you know, what you will be able to communicate, and what people will then comprehend.

    - There is no such thing as perfect trust.
    - Life does have no intrinsic meaning.
    - Much of my life is directed by things preceding me and therefore out of my control.
    - Your mind will always be polluted by public discourse (superego*).
    - We impact everything, but yet we are often powerless to control.
    - Discursive opinion will often not match reality.
    - Perspectives and living are ephemeral and temporary.
    - There is no perfect truth (save for maybe Math)
    - You will always be irrational.
    - Your emotions will always interfere with your sense of truth.
    - Life is composed of layers of visible and invisible cliche's and story lines
    - We are ultimately subject to forces beyond us, natural selection, laws of accelerating returns, etc.
    - There is no perfect break from some vaguely deterministic path.
    - What ppl tell you or how others view you will inevitbly affect you.
    - No event or action is completely beneficial.
    - You will always be an agent of some evil.
    - You will never be beyond reproach.
    - You will be the vehicle of stupid actions that are equally as inane as the sins of others
    - You will always have bias.
    - Outside of science, nobody knows. like politics. etc.
    - We will always have to act on incomplete knowledge.
    - There is no absolutely good action
    - You will never be able to do precisely what you want to do
    - There is no true home
    - You can never be truly authentic
    - There will always be so much more beyond your awareness.
    - Not everything is possible
    - You will always be part of an existing process
    - You can never truly break from the trajectory, maybe nudge it around, but that'll ultimately be part of that trajectory
    - Your weaknesses will always be betrayed by your actions at some point
    - You will always be in some nature fake
    - No event or meal or situation or conversation will be completely satisfactory
    - Nothing will every be completely satisfactory
    - You will never be completely comfortable
    - Something will always be itchy
    - The gravity of life will always be subject to potential subjection of risk to utter, stupid, and simple anniilation. Like a car accident.
    - You will never have total control
    - You won't be able to win them all. Someone will always hate you no matter what.
    - There is no perfect art
    - There are other lives within you that will carry on their own
    - You won't ever be beyond your own embarassment.
    - You will never do the optimal thing
    - There is no true external should.
    - There will always be a kryptonite.
    - You cannot escape your emotions.
    - You cannot forget the past.
    - Something will always haunt you.
    - Nobody is beyond temptation
    - Knowing and doing will always be different

    author unknown
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    I am sure there are golddiggers on this site. I am also sure many of the females that the males really are interested in ARE golddiggers. This site was suggested to me by a friend in Texas, she had no money, not gorgeous, etc. She met a gentleman from Manhattan that was born with silver spoon, if you want to say it that way... He moved to Texas, set up house, love each other, and are doing very well.
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    I choose this site because I want someone that is secure. I do not need to be rich because money does not buy happiness. I have a good home, job and vehicle but most of all I have great friends and family that I would like to enjoy with someone. I am secure in my future and want a man that has planned for his future. If that makes me a gold digger then I guess wanting security in my life makes me one.
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    This is my first time on this site and I feel the same way you do. Good luck with your search.
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    People who earn very little tend to think those with wealth are in a constant sad state of affairs considering the likes of Paris Hilton is always in the news and she is crying a river.

    I don't judge people without millions by the actions of Walmart greeters, I give them their due respect as wealth and intellect do not go hand in hand at all times. I know people who made a great deal of money by tripping over themselves and sueing the store they tripped inside. I have a friend who was a well known surgeon in the U.K. that just stopped driving a taxi for the last 3 years as he waited for his immigrant status and qualifications to be cleared.
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    I once had a boss who asked me why
    all the women he happens to me are what he called gold diggers. Here was my response.

    I told him, if woman got paid as much as
    men it would take the burden off the
    man to have to provide what the woman
    wants in life and love.

    I, myself, can truly say that I don't necessarily want a millionaire. BUT
    I want these things:
    Money for College
    Food on My table
    Clothes on my Back
    Shoes on My feet
    Vacations and travel
    Dining out (not necessarily fine dining)
    Living a life instead of Surviving.

    So I'm a little gold digger but don't need millions or billions. At least I'm Honest
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    how exactly do you know if someone is a gold digger?? I mean, don't you have total control over your bank account, control of where you choose to go and who you choose to go with?? I agree with many on their responses..just because women (and men) choose to come here instead of ummmm thug doesn't mean they're diggin' for your gold. Actually many (not all) people with money are quite cheap---lol---Alot of can a person put a profile on here, post their high income level, then turn around and judge someone or assume they are after them for their $$. Unless it's clear what that person is after, of course i can see how you can come to that conclusion. Sometimes people assume too much and over analyze---just my 10 cents *smiles*
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    I am seeking a Millionaire because I am done with meeting broke men. I was raised old school that the man should wine and dine you and shower you with gifts and treat you like a princess.

    I am wise enough to know that you teach people how to treat you.

    If a man thinks that he can just use you for sex he will try.

    But I find that men who are wealthy will make sure you have a great time and don't mind taking you to expensive places.

    That does not make a woman a gold digger who wants to be treated special and enjoys the finer things in life.

    Women have been used and abused for too long. It is time we get treated special.
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    I hope you reported him. What is his name on here.

    Any man that is thinking that a woman is a gold digger is just being cheap and looking to use women for sex.

    You really have to check men out, they lie about being married and there are alot of con men out there. I have met a few.
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    I too make enough money to take good care of myself, but want to meet someone that is equally independant and successful.
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    Well as to respond to your question: I
    personally have worked very hard to get
    to where i am in life at the moment.Now
    i know money isnt everything,however in
    my case i came from humble beggining and
    let me tell ya this.I feel if I can aspire to the level at which i am currently at know,then there is no reason why anyone cant accomplish anything. I know there are all kinds of circumstances in our lives,but in all
    fairness everthing including life is
    about making the right choices,building
    your own foundation from within and taking risks and chances.So i want someone who is has been there as i have
    and are on the same level,and are preceding in an upperward direction.Thats is my view sands.1169...Mark

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    I don't fool myself. I signed up, merely from curiosity. I'm not a gold member, so you can see how serious I am about finding a millionaire--hah!!
    I certainly don't believe, for a minute, that there are very many millionaires signed up here, if any.
    I thought, however, that there may be those with a decemt level of professionalism,and taste for activities other than redneck pursuits.
    People who make millions are probably busy doing that, instead of frittering away their time on a website like this, not to mention that they have access and connections to women/men who are in their same circles, as well as access to men/women in whatever levels of celebrity they choose to involve themselves.
    Hey, are there any millionaires reading this?? I want to see your bank statements, your portfolio, and proof of any other holdings, here or overseas.
    I'm chuckling, uncontrollably!
    Have a blessed day/week/month, y'all.
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    I came to this site because I am so bored with the others. I'm hoping to experience the finer things in life. Nothing wrong with wanting some excitement... right?
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    I am just looking for like minded men who can hold an intellectual conversation. I'm not interested in money as i have a really good job of my own.
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    sshaun002 write:
    "G" word. Can I say golddigger or is that blasphemy?

    In all seriousness, why did you happen to chose this site over others?

    Just curious to see what kinds of people seek 'millionares'.


    i'm a gold digger!!!

    lol, joking...i'm here because i found this site on one of my many random surfs. curiosity is a killer!
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    I like the comments above and can see most people are here for the same reasons as me. The other sites I tried were not interesting for me, everyone obsessed about looks and body type. Im looking for brains and intelligence and as I work very hard, run my own business, own my own home, car, and am very independant I hoped that it might be easier to meet someone here who would understand the pressures of working, the balance, the drive, the ambition it takes. I like the finer things in life and am merely looking for someone who likes ad appreciates the same. However, not heard from anyone yet!

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    shall we throw in the popcorn while we all respond....Getting to know someone will only give you the anwser your looking for...and remember for every one finger you point three are pointing right back at you...:)
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    Geez, I hope no one ever makes an error by hitting the wrong key....anyone with "education" would be able to tell that she only hit a wrong key while typing....I'm sure no one else has ever done that....
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    I don't care if the guy is rich or not I just got tired of players and figured a more successful man does not have time to be a player.
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