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    Maury povich and connie chung, I think.
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    Does my parents count as an inter-racial couple? mother is Nigerian and my father is Mexican.....They have been married for 30yrs now and still going strong...They love and adore each other just like when they first met.
    I myself don't really look at "inter-racial Marriages" as such.....I look at marriage as a "unit" more....and what makes a successful one.

    But since this topic is of inter-racial....I have friends that are in..inter-racial marriages and they are still together after all these years....Take Sir Trevor Mcdonald....( TV News icon)....he is of black decent and married to a British white lady.....they have been together for decades...and have grown kids...and they are still much in love.
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    Ok, um, russell and kimora lee simmons( russell is african american and kimora is mixed asian/"black")...even tho they are currently getting a divorce... they had been married about 14 years, 2 kids and several successful business ventures later they are now calling it quits. Not incredibly long lasting but still successful compared to current statistics.
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