From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship

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    Hello my Dear!

    Why do say that about Russion?

    If its not a scam, you'll get a very nice and kind and home orientated girl in there,  then in Europe, or USA...They more homeorientated then anothers, unless its a prostitute, what you could get in eveywhere...really...

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    Hi...Why do you want to meet the Russian woman!

    Most of them, obviously, want to just get away from they country for a better future...

    How do I know...Because I know...I'm from Soviet Union...But I live in England...and I'm an English now...I was working with Russion people and I know a lots of ladies, who's maryied English men...most of the relationships didn't work because of ...different reasons!!!!!!

    Ask me and I'll give you advice, but you and only you have to decide, because you have to think about this woman or girls...they going to live so much behind..its a big decision for them as well as for you...they need to learn another world...Its not easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even me, after 8,5 years I do mistakes, grammar, life.. and...

    Kind regards,


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    Never send money to Russia. My advice is to send her a ticket that is in her name already. She can ONLY use the ticket for travel and can't sell it! Good luck.

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    You better come to see her first. If its love, it will be love..
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    ....and why is Lotus on this site????? What is your purpose on this site?
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    Thanks on advice

    i alredy have it :))

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    Get a green card, then become a citizen. You will have more respect!
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    I am not from Russia; I am from former Yugoslavia - if you heard about that country

    And I had similar schooling as is in Russia. That is not true that someone trained us about American culture. We learned there about America as well as Japan, Germany or any other industrial develop country.

    I am living now in USA, and it is huge differences in nature and culture.

    ¿Hugest differences are: we have love and passion, we have soul and we do not have subject in school as is: How to smile and be polite ¿ as you have it here, also we didn¿t have subject as: how to write the best resume and sell yourself ¿ most of profiles which I red here are just a -good resume of life without filings ¿¿ shell ¿ EMPTY!

    ¿USA is a great country, with excellent possibilities, but most people are¿¿.. Just like calculator or stone.

    Sorry, but you do not have that warm, passion, nature, love, and so big heart as we do.



    P.S Former Yugoslavia : Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia .... - do not waste your time looking on internet

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    the very fact that your even on here asking this question should be your answer. They are all frauds..DO NOT pay for anything!! If she wants to come see you so badly let her buy her own ticket! This is a joke that people still consider even talking to these woman after everything that's been said and proven about them!! Comon people WAKE UP!!!!!!

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    Plus ,if you are such a millioners,what makes you look for any woman online?I have known lots of cases,that these man,who are looking online to find the bride are losers
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    You know what,all of this stupid conversation is nothing.I came here from Uzbekistan(ex-country of USSR) by K1 viza.I got married with an american guy.He paid all of the expenses of my viza and emmigration process.We has been married 2 years already and we are happy.Of course,everybody can have some unagreement ,especially if people are from the different parts of the world.However,if they love each other and value their marrage,they will be able to find some compromises and the way to right communication.So,it is realy does not matter,if a woman Russian or not.
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    je suis russe d'origine et tout ce que je peux ajouter c'est de vous m?fier.les femmes russes sont tr?s hautaines et ne s'abaisseront jamais ? demander de l'argent ? un homme.d?s lors qu'il s'agit d'argent c'est une vous voulez en rencontrer une alors rendez vous sur place et profitez de tous les lieus de rencontres...

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    there is only one way to check is she scam or not - to come to Russia and see her.
    and if you will see her eyes, full of love to you, she will come to you and say: "I'm here, form Russia with love, to you only"
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    My first post so I hope I do it correctly. I have a freind who married a Russian women and they are very happy, so my friend had one of his friends correspond to another Russian women for several months. After going to Russia and meeting with her, he brought her over on a K1 visa. He paid for the ticket. 4 days past, when he got home from work she was gone. Appearently she was wanting to come to the U.S. to be with someone else and had my friend's friend pay for the ticket and housed her for a few days until the Russian women's real interest came and picked her up. I don't believe that all of these Russian women are scam artists, but i'm sure there are some. But again, I've been burned by American women as well!God bless all women!! I love em all :)
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    To all the males on this site, the woman attend school in Russia, to learn our legal system and our culture. They are trained in how to pulls this off. Their is a reason why most russian woman file for divorce after 1 year of being married to the American men. Dont fall for it. Its a scam.
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    Be careful on this, my friend....sounds fishy.

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    Hello! It's very interesting:) I would like to say my opinion...
    I do see big Propagation...some Labels... You do have proofs for charge about scam?
    What do you know about Russia and the Russian women?
    You need to understand other culture, other mentality. You will bear the big responsibility and expenses if your choice - the Russian lady. Guys!!! Your doubts is answer to your questions.
    I did start search on the Internet and did not know many things.... About visa at all... It will be correct, if you will arrive the first. It speaks about your serious intentions.
    Sincerely, Irina

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    Do not pay to bring her over.. the best protection.. WHY would you in the first place..what are you hoping to gain? You know what she is hoping to gain, don't you?
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    Please, don't believe it - most likely it's a scam. I'm 80% sure
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