From Russia with what? Long Distance Relationship

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    She wants or you want?
    You know what, leave Great Russians (Oxford dictionary for stupid) alone, and if you need you next enemy, just look around you. Tip (for stupid in tanks): they look like roaches.
    By the way, for everybody: I see one more negative comment here about Russia or Russians - I'll see you in a court, the right one.
    And if you decide you may use pictures of my law school mates just like that - you're very wrong.
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    Stop thinking that all women want to escape from Russia. Those days are over. Now Russia is well-doing country and if you WANT to get rich you have a chance, if not just relax. I don't think that Russian women look for better conditions there... what better conditions, leave here all relatives and good friends? Leave here a good job and places you love? Live in a new country, learn its language and adopt to a new life is a big risk!!! But WHAT moves Russian women, WHY do they go to get marry abroad? The answer is simple - A MAN!!! Because of drinking culture and drug dealers and some recent wars Russia lost many of its good MEN. So, we, Russian women, don't have good or sometimes enough choice of men. We should suffer of a husband's bad behavior because it is very simple for him to find a new wife, but difficult for a woman to find another man. So, the answer is to search for your love in the another country and surf the Internet.
    If you are afraid of scam, use first skype and listen to your heart and watch her eyes (eyes don't lie). Send a ticket.
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    Hi. Not everyone is the same. I came from Ukraine long time ago and I am american citizen. It does not matter where are you from. Russian woman or american woman what difference does this make? We all want to be happy.



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    Dont trust russian women.Never.
  • View author's info posted on Aug 21, 2010 13:27

    The fact that you wrote this post suggests that inwardly, you have some doubt about the intentions of the lady in question. Hop on a plane a bus or anything that will take you there.  If she is not there you will have enjoyed your vacation in Russia.  If she is then you still have your vacation in Russia as a bonus to having your woman in your arms.

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    And US citizen woman will take your house, money, business and bank account! So whats gonna cost more greencard or everything you worked for your whole life! You american women make it sound like there are no golddiggers here in US! Everyday I hear men crying how their wifes didn't cook, didn't do anything around the house, didn't want to have sex and at the end divorced him and took everything! All women are the same around the world, we always want something from men in return to our love.
    An average russian woman can't afford to pay visa expenses and ticket expenses. There is a chance she will be denied to get a visa, so it's easier for a guy to go and visit her. And if the guy doesn't want to bother taking that chance then don't look for a russian woman or find one here, there are plenty of russian women here.
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    Is a man to assume then, that every e-mail he receives from any woman regardless of nationality is a scam if she is much younger than he is? Am recently divorced and have received quite a few flattering messages from women outside the USA, some of them them over 20 yrs my juniors.

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    I think you can visit her in Russia first and then invite her to USA:) Goog luck
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    I love all women

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    ha-ha,I Can't believe this topic is still here, thinking of the unemployement de to the deep crisis in america and the amount of millionaires in Russia... Many women just wont to extend the limits of theyr choice to international level. If you speake, enlglish have years expirience working abroad supposed to be no problems,disregarding tte opinion or the expirience of some small people.we attract what we are.If you attract such kind of ladyes think why.
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    Yes,I am glad that I met my husband and he is a good men.This profile is not mine first of all.I just was allowed to come here by my friend who is indeed looking for someone.My name is Karina.When I saw this forom I got curiouse to see what you gues write about russian girls and about girls from former USSR.I got really disappointed about all of this conversation.Both sides have their bad and good.So,do not judge like this about all russian speeking ladies!!!
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    Never send money to Russia. My advice is to send her a ticket that is in her name already. She can ONLY use the ticket for travel and can't sell it! Good luck.

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    ....and why is Lotus on this site????? What is your purpose on this site?
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    Thanks on advice

    i alredy have it :))

  • View author's info posted on Oct 31, 2009 17:15

    Get a green card, then become a citizen. You will have more respect!
  • View author's info posted on Oct 30, 2009 22:53

    I am not from Russia; I am from former Yugoslavia - if you heard about that country

    And I had similar schooling as is in Russia. That is not true that someone trained us about American culture. We learned there about America as well as Japan, Germany or any other industrial develop country.

    I am living now in USA, and it is huge differences in nature and culture.

    ¿Hugest differences are: we have love and passion, we have soul and we do not have subject in school as is: How to smile and be polite ¿ as you have it here, also we didn¿t have subject as: how to write the best resume and sell yourself ¿ most of profiles which I red here are just a -good resume of life without filings ¿¿ shell ¿ EMPTY!

    ¿USA is a great country, with excellent possibilities, but most people are¿¿.. Just like calculator or stone.

    Sorry, but you do not have that warm, passion, nature, love, and so big heart as we do.



    P.S Former Yugoslavia : Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia .... - do not waste your time looking on internet

  • View author's info posted on Sep 13, 2009 22:57

    Plus ,if you are such a millioners,what makes you look for any woman online?I have known lots of cases,that these man,who are looking online to find the bride are losers
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    You know what,all of this stupid conversation is nothing.I came here from Uzbekistan(ex-country of USSR) by K1 viza.I got married with an american guy.He paid all of the expenses of my viza and emmigration process.We has been married 2 years already and we are happy.Of course,everybody can have some unagreement ,especially if people are from the different parts of the world.However,if they love each other and value their marrage,they will be able to find some compromises and the way to right communication.So,it is realy does not matter,if a woman Russian or not.
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    je suis russe d'origine et tout ce que je peux ajouter c'est de vous m?fier.les femmes russes sont tr?s hautaines et ne s'abaisseront jamais ? demander de l'argent ? un homme.d?s lors qu'il s'agit d'argent c'est une vous voulez en rencontrer une alors rendez vous sur place et profitez de tous les lieus de rencontres...

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