What warning signs are there for psychotic-type dates? Message Board

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    SpiritedHellion write:
    1) They give you constant attention...it seems okay at first..but it is actually obsessive and clingy later.

    If anyone's giving me constant attention from the get-go, that's completely inappropriate coming from a virtual stranger and would probably creep me out. There was one guy who lived in South Carolina, but would be staying in Little Rock (approximately 35 miles from the city I live in) for about five days due to something related to his military duty. He lived too far away and wasn't nearly cute enough that I would ever "date" him, but figured if he was passing through my area anyway, it couldn't hurt to just agree to meet him, right? Wrong. ALL I agreed to was to meet him over dinner, and then I had him drop me off, didn't invite him in, didn't say, "Let's do this again before you leave," gave him absolutely zero encouragement that there would be a return engagement. In the meantime, he's telling me, "If it rains tomorrow, and you need a ride to work, CALL ME!" Uh, I live like a mile and a half from where I work. He's staying over 30 miles away from me. I think I handle my own way to work, even if I DON'T have a car. The next day, the guy showed up at my workplace, and then later that night, showed up at my apartment unannounced and uninvited. I just ignored him and pretended he wasn't there, and finally he went away.
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    Sorry to read about your experience hon. It happens to many people and I can admit that I've experienced this myself in the past. Some things I've noticed that seem to be indicators of these types of men/women are:

    1) They give you constant attention...it seems okay at first..but it is actually obsessive and clingy later.

    2)They're sensative...which also seems endearing at first...but there is a difference between sensitivity and being super sensitive. It takes a while to grasp what is normal sensitivity and not normal sensitivity.

    3)They pull emotional mind games..needing proof of your love..devotion..etc..

    4) Look at their family life history and how've they've handled their responses to their family conflicts. Family "Bagage" and dysfunction can clue you in to possible problems if the above 3 other issues are present.
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    greeneyedgoddess write:
    It's really sad and downright awful, when someone can ruin an experience like getting back into the "dating-realm" for you with thier childlike pscycho behavior. When you make a decision to end a dating relationship because the guy begins acting a little bizarre. I ended a solely dating relationship. Now, I get angry e-mails, I've had to block his IM's, there's phone calls at all hours of the night and morning with nothing but dead air-space and breathing on the other end! It's insane, all because I said friends only and I have no time for the nonsense.

    Oh jeeze...hang in there girl. it happens to the best of us.
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