Why do the white men here snob black women??? Interracial Relationship Forward to friends

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    The word is "snub".
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    Just because he wasn't interested, doesn't necessarily mean it was because you are black.... Although, I do know white men who won't even date a white woman that has been with a black guy. These men are an embarrassment to the white race!
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    Well you have nailed that. I think I feel alot of women.men have alot to offer in a relationship,a man or woman who feels intimidated by another should not be here looking. You are one of the few smart guys lol!!!!
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    One thing I've noticed is that a lot of white guys are intimidated by one stereotype or another, and this keeps them from getting out and realizing that aside from minor cultural differences, humanity is universal. Men are men, women are women. But then again some people are just a**holes, profound, I know :)
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    creegan write:
    Just curious why do some white men here snob black women??? Is it that they think they are rich??? money really means nothing you could live in a mansion, miserable and alone? Some of us here are very educated, attractive, successful maybe not millionaires. Equality despite race is more attractive. Just my thought not male bashing here.

    All these posts about white men and black women. I , honestly do not see an existing problem. Maybe it's because I am unique in my racial make-up.
    I have never had problems with white men wanting to date me, or my dating white men. My Ex- husband is white. 99.99% of the responses I get on MM have been from white men ( or any other dating site for that matter). They have all been terrific. Maybe if only, you just let go of what white men are not doing, one will come your way.
    A man black or white if he likes what he sees he will respond!!!!!
    It really is.. just that simple!

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