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    Hahaha  how true " be aware and beware"   read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.   I always follow my gut instinct.  and it seems as if you did to; from the beginning you suspected.  I know following it to the end is just to assure yourself you were right.  hahaha 

    I also think a lot of people who need attention and affirmation tend to get scammed more so than others.  As for trust . . . or not trusting.   I never, ever trust anybody.   That is something one earns and if I love you, I trust you but that's not something I would extend to the general public.  Trusting someone is a very personal feeling.  Why anyone would just throw it to the wind and trust or even think that every tom, dick and harry should be trusted automactically, is just beyond rational thinking. 

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    What is so sad about this, is that it makes you not want to trust anyone! Possibly by showing this mistrust in what is said, you may be letting a good one go.

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    Scammers are in internet through online dating, facebook, myspace, etc etc etc they are the most skilled people when tyey have to deal with internet scams.
    They will send you letters, documents, they will ask to to fly there or give them Bank account DO NOT DO THAT if anyone of you get those peoposal you are free to contact me at NO COST i will tell you exactly all about it, means i will be able to tell you its a scamm or not what to do and where to report and also i will be able to tell you where the person is trying to scamm you from.

    If you think its only a AFRICAN scamm problems NOPE, they are all over in SPAIN, COTE D' AVOIRE, UK all over but there is a way to understand what they want.
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    I must have been approached by 30 to 40 'scammers' on this site in 6 months.  Most make enough 'mistakes' in their profile to be identified very quickly.  Such things as eye and hair colour not matching the photographs is an obvious 'give-away', as is a predeliction for starting sentances wit "Am", rather than "I am".  Most, with few exceptions, will ask you to correspond through a private email address from first contact, which makes the task of identifying them very easy.  It is very easy to track the registered location of the sending computer, and there are many sites that will do this for free.  Most can be traced to Ghana or Nigeria, and the 'contact' has a hard time explaining why, for example, when she lives in the US and is temporarily on business in Indonesia, she's using a computer in Warri!  It does provide a little fun diversion on a rainy day, but I would rather be communicating with someone real.

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    I can't speak for all women. But I get men who must think I'm as dumb as a 2x4!

    I own my own business, a 3000 square foot boutique. It's extremely hard work. I'm not a peniless gold digger, party girl, or dumb blonde who's going to fall for the cc email. Semnt out to who knows how many women. In thye hope of catching a few of them.

    Neither am I impressed by offers of expensive dinners. I'd rather take myself out and not deal with the BS!

    Sifting through the BS is tough and frustrating, so far nothing has been left but the dregs and who wants them!!!
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    I know I'm about to be scammed when women in their 20's and 30's send me winks along with a line or two telling me that they found my profile interesting.  They don't need to be from Africa.  All of them, so far, appear to be within the United States.  I guess that they think that if an older man is posting here, he's open (and desperate) for anything that comes along.


    It gets a little disappointing at times when scammers far outnumber any sincerely interested women.  I guess that's a dismal and inclusive part to deal with when you open yourself up to the world at large.  I feel for you ladies as well.  You're more prone to getting bombarded with this sort of garbage then we men are.

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    Quoting robtest:

    I have been talking to this "female" who went to Africa on business to do some consulting work...

    Sounded fishy from the start, but I enjoy a good game every now and then, so I have played along.

    Even talked to them on the phone a few times. Well, they were supposed to fly back to the States today, and just like clockwork comes the hook.

    They were supposed to be paid in part cash and part check. But when they actually got paid, it was all check and no cash, and low and behold, their credit cards are max'd out...

    To validate their story, they even sent me the flight schedule! The daytime contact phone number is listed on there.

    It is very odd, that when I goo_gle the phone number of the hotel where the arrangement were made, the only hit I get is for someone selling "a wide variety of ipods and digitall cameras"

    When I asked them if they had a digital camera or could get one to take some pictures of Africa for me, they told me that there was very little technology there!!!

    I figure if they are scamming me, there might be a possibility that they are scamming some other MM members too.

    STORY SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE??? You don't have to post back, but you do have to BE AWARE and BEWARE !!!!

    Yes very familiar except mine was slightly different.  Very "beautiful" woman from Down Under.  She was stuck with an inherited computer that was not capable of doing much of what I asked.  She was in a "remote" par of the country and the only way we could talk was via "Relay Phone" (similar to a phone for the hearing impaired). "She" even sent flowers to me.  Then the hook. . . I had to adopt her son before we could meet in person and she needed 10 grand to start the process!

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    As well as the scammers, you have people who have no interest in any kind of relationship.

    The only emails I receive are cut and paste.

    Obviouslt sent out to countless women in the hope of baiting at least some of them.

    You need to be savvy..
    on these dating siters

    I really feel for women who have low self esteem or desperately want a relationship to the point that they actually believe the email was written personaly for them....
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    Quoting AngelBird:

    Wow, it is crazy here. I have no idea it is that bad.Thank you everyone for sharing. Angel


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    How depressing, page after page of scammers. How can you ever trust anyone who contacts you!

    I have very good intuition and very little money, so nobody will be getting a penny from me. But thank you, this is very enlightening. If somewhat scary.
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    Oh, i LOVE  these scammers, especially the one from the lady taking care of her sick mom in Africa, but is trying to get back to the states, and really wants to meet you....

    I just follow suit, I'll be like yah, I'm in africa too, taking care of my sick dad. If you want we should meet up for coffee, and see what we can do to get back to the me there will be no second or third!

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    @ HTG

    It is a pity that some fell prey to this scam and sent money indeed.  Hopefully these blogs and forums warn the real members who are here to actually find the right person to share their life with.  We also have Nigerian scammers here in South Africa and so too from other parts of the world.  The law of supply and demand promotes these individuals to succeed in their "profession".  


    @ Kboy111

    "You fly your ladies in from all over the world."  Just a question:  Why do you not fly to their part of the world?  

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    I have had more women from the USA - really be in Africa contact me it isnt even funny ! But I still laugh! They just want to tell you how in love with you they are in the third or forth email, I am sure it is the same for you women out there. Not on this site have I ran into more than 1 maybe 2 but you may think MM site is bad - go try a few other date web sites - they are full of Scammers just looking to prey on the internet date novice.


    RULE 1) NEVER - I mean NEVER - send anyone money no matter what these Scammers have cooked up.




    Realize - They are professionals. This is their Job. They have been practicing for years. Some are really good at it. I almost sent a woman money, she was in South Africa. Then sure enough, I found her photo, her emails, her phone number ona scammer web site. To those of you men and woman who are fresh from divorce or single and feeling lonely - just be very aware that these Scammers are Professionals and this is their job, this is how they make a living.




    I even had a woman email me a photo of her nude to entice me into sending her the money she needed to get from somewhere to Moscow to catch her flight to the USA, before that she even emailed me a copy of her passport. Sometimes they work in groups and are very organized.




    Think about this for one minute, they know 9 out of 10 of us will figure out the scam, so they are working everyday, in touch with maybe 40/50 - 100 / people at a time just waiting for that 10% or 5% who will wire them the funds the need so badly for some sad story reason.




    One of the latest woman who tried to scam me on was from the UK. Her name is Katherine Cole. Her email is - she needed money for her son who suddenly got ill. When I told her to ask family , not me, the emails stopped. Then I got an email from her 4/5 days later in BIG BOLD Text saying: THANK YOU. - She is actually from another web site I tried and my membership there has not run out yet. She is not on MM web, guys. But she and 1000s like her are out there.



    Its all funny stuff, but when you get anyone asking for money, BUT- ITS a SCAM.




    Just delete them from your address book and move on.




    Careful out there - HTG





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    Hello all,

    Informative blog and a good example of what is out there in the world.  Being alert all the time is probably the best approach to any new interactions in cyber and in life.

    Thank you for the information and so too on the "Scammers etc" blog Brittany.  I joined the site recently after investigating a bit and was referred by quite a few.  Although I did not expect that the scamming will be high on here it is not a complete shock to me either.  No different in real life for that matter.  

    However, I am still proceeding with full verification on my side but maybe it could be a good option that one of the requirements to join (even for the free membership) should be verified by proof of identity.  It will not eliminate all scammers but it should decrease the quantity substantially.  

    Greetings from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  

    Oh and PS:  Personally I would also prefer to be requested to supply certified documentation of a clean criminal record and also see the same on the profiles I interact with.

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    Wow, it is crazy here. I have no idea it is that bad.Thank you everyone for sharing. Angel
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    I had the same thing happen to me only it was a male,who was a engineer and he was paid by check and he sent me a copy of his flight details. On the day that he was flying out he had a fire at his unit and the cook was burnt. Both were at the hospital and he needed money to pay for his flight and also pay for the cook in hospital. Money could only be wired to him as he had no credit cards or friends that he could ask for help. I think he is still waiting for someone to help him, I hope other woman see through his scam and other like him.

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    Listen, I have run into so many bull stories and always when they post they are from USA but you find out they are in Nigeria or Uk or where ever that should be your first clue. 

    When a woman starts off by telling u there credit card balance or some hard luck story just be amused by it, I'm very wealthy and I've heard it all my life. I was a millionaire by the time I was 23 so believe me I've heard it all.

    On line I just tell them i'm sending the money to Western Union like they want, I get them running to that office 10, 15 times before they realize I'm just waisting there time like they are waisting mine.

    Here's another one they do that is actually pretty smart.

    You buy the plane ticket, they call and say they can't come or they call the airlines and cancel, you can not get your money back and they now have a credit in their name, usually for half of the original fee, so they book another trip to visit some place nice or where they had to go. 

    Best to really get to know a gal before you use your Black American Express Card.  Now I make them pay and I'll reimburse them when they land, that is if they are not 10-15 years older than their picture and 60 lbs overweight.  3 time I had a fat old woman show up, shit one was even bigger than me, and that was when i was 240 lbs, now I'm 180lbs. If they don't like that then next.

    Try living in Vegas, I have never seen so many whores/hooker/con artists in my life, every inch has a hussler, that's why I don't form any friendships here in this town, I choose to not  associate with any one, both male and felmale.

    I bring my ladies in from all over the world, maybe one day I'll find the one I'm looking for and settle down for good. Very tough to find what I'm looking for, so I just have fun.

    So all u guys out there, never send money and do as I do, possibly if enough of us do this they'll go find a job, just have fun with it and play the game or just delete.

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    Gotta love the internet :D

    there are tons of sites that EXPOSE SCAMMERS just google search for Nigerian scammers, dating site scammers, exposing dating site will see the links are endless but many of the sits have photos and report the sams being used.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 08, 2010 at 01:04 AM

    Hi Brittany

    WOW...i just saw a pic of another scammer that yo posted 14/1/09) by the name of Martin Murphy...

    This man Is on here now going by the name of GreaterImage ..

    Gee whats going on...

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