why do the wealthy gotta be with the wealthy????? Action and Adventure

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    You are quite right Uneeq, because there are many occasions when rich and not so rich get together .. there are occasions where rich and poor get together too .. because in the end . love has no reason .. it just happens.
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    I agree completely with TrueNorthStar well said!

    Happy New Year To Everyone

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    a rich man can still make you feel cheap and insignificant
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    Reach women become reach two ways. The make it them selves or they inherit what they have. If you say your not reach then what are you implying to, money or your self. If you think of your self as being in reach, you are reach in dead. Not financially perhaps but mentally. If you are an entrepreneur it helps to reach goals. A person that is settling with what they have are reach also. The only difference is that they are not entrepreneurs in a sense that they need any more money.

    So the difference is that reach woman prefer reach is because the sense of entrepreneurship is always a state of mind. Even after goals have been met.

    Why some reach women prefer not such reach men. Because of the same concept.

    So what is the bottom line. Even dough a reach women is reach a reach women is still a women. The only difference is when your pockets are empty theirs are full. If you go in to a relation ship with love in mind and making love, a full pocket of money helps. If you ask me, love and making love is my only focus when it comes to a women. If she got it good for us, if she don?t got it, my attitude is ?am working on it!? If ?am working on it? taking away from the love making the I pause, make love and keep going, cause at the end of the journey whether kids pop up on the way, as a man keeping it together is the adventure.

    What ever she feels like doing! As a man she comes first, on the relationship, for the same purpose, to adventure together. If my pockets are empty or semi full as a man, she comes first, if she wants to pleasure out of my journey then she is more than a woman.

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    I believe in many cases that there is a huge difference in mentality between people who make millions and those who don't : a way of viewing the world for it's potential and seeing opportunity rather than having a poverty mentality. There are people like myself who have always seen there are openings in life but allowed fear to hold them back or focused entirely on others success thereby sacrificing themselves. This in itself develops a habbit of thinking that is very detrimental to success and a habbit of self sabotage can develop. Often you find negativity is catching and for people who are success orientated this can be draining. You want to link yourself with someone who is going to build and increase the growth, not drain it. This does not mean the average joe like you and I do not have some wonderful qualities. It just means we are focused differently and therefore attract a different type of person. Perhaps also there is in inner belief that we cannot attract the rich, successful person, an unworthiness. Frankly till that belief is destroyed, we never will. Find the dvd called "The Secret." You may understand the mindset more.
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    robtest write:
    uneeq write:
    Just like the argument for getting a degree in college... If you have two equal applicants that have the same skill sets, similar personalities, years of experience, etc., Would you hire the one with the degree or the one without the degree?

    Given two mostly equal things, human nature is to select the one with the most bonus features that appeal to you...

    And no offense, but why is it that you are so interested to find the opinions about "rich women" instead of just normal loving caring women?

    That would indicate to me that you already have a basic understanding of the question that you are asking!!!

    Bottomline is that more assets are simply more appealing. The variants are where value is placed on which assets, whether they be monitary, physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.

    I think they absolutely do want to be respected, loved, cared for, someone to be honest with them, be faithful and while reaching for the stars, they want their partner to have money too !!!

    Just my two cents worth!

    PS. And no, I am not a millionaire, nor do I play one on TV...

    Rob, nice writeup for sure. You hit the nail on the head. Ever wonder why people who appear to despise or resent wealth or those that have earned more than most would join and participate on a site like this? If successful or wealthy (regardless of the definition) are a problem for someone, why join a site labeled Millionare Match? I'm amazed at the discussions on here, perhaps my predisposition to capitalism and improved life options have made me a bit jaded, but I can't see the need to apologize for the fruits of my labor. Labor includes creating wealth for myself and our partners. Selling time that is in limited supply in ones life is no way to gain in the game. Had to throw my 1 cent in, great outline in your paragraph.
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