Marriage for VISA? Long Distance Relationship Forward to friends

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    Quoting DewyRedRose:

    What about foriegn men wanting visas?  Many foriegn men are looking for american women.  I Wonder what the outcome of that is.  Anyone experience that or know of someone who has?

    I heard about from my friends that many foreign people are willing to pay the money to get marriage illegally for his/her green card.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I am legally US resident. I am not here to find someone for green card, nor to make money for illegally marriage. So, please exclude me from your target if you are looking for one! Thanks. (*_*)
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    hello kc dash i will talk to you :))

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    What about foriegn men wanting visas?  Many foriegn men are looking for american women.  I Wonder what the outcome of that is.  Anyone experience that or know of someone who has?

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    freyia 2002,  vic here get back to me

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    I talked to a guy from the US until a couple of weeks ago. HE asked me to marry him but proposed in such a way as though he was doing me a favor, as if all I think about is of ways to get a visa. I turned him down. I want a man who respects and loves me, not some guy who thinks he is better because he was born in an economically developed country. I suppose there are some out there who are on this site because they want a visa or to make some easy money, BUT PLEASE, at least make sure the woman/man you are talking to is in that category or not. It's very offensive for someone who is not like that to be considered this way.
    All I want is to find love and it might not happen on this site but I thought I should give it a shot. I have my own money, just like many other non-american women and I'm happy with that. We're not all in it for the money. Just ignore those who seem interested only in your bank account - don't waste time with them! keep searching and one day you'll find your Mr./Mrs. Right.
    I wish you all the luck to find what you want and need!

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    Well I certainly would marry for a visa for exactly one year ending with dowery of some sorts. Heck I tried marrying for love the first time and obviously that did not work. So sign me up !!!!

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    Marrying someone for love... and betraying someone you marry, are way different. Marrying someone just looking for the benefit/s you can obtain from him/her, is just WRONG! We don't have the rights to play anyone's fool, to play with their feelings -which most of the times are "real" feelings-
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    its plan and simple--get to know the person before you marry them.

    I have traveled all over the world and actually american women are the worst (as a whole) money grubby, everythings about her.

    Foriegn women have an entire better attitude about relationship, love and devotion.

    But I say "base it on the person not their nationalities"
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    Marriage for VISA - Makes good economical sense to me.

    1. Get married to overseas wife.
    2. Wife gets VISA
    3. Wife divorces husband for a minimum of 50% of worth
    4. ex goes back to country of origin and lives much better

    Work for VISA - Much Much harder

    1. requires being in a social class that allows you to get an education. also very competetive overseas to get education like Korea, India, and PI.
    2. education performance is barrier to good industry experience
    3. sponsoring by a company (e.g., MANTEC)

    I see nothing wrong with marrying someone from another country but I dont think most would want to go through a full financial, criminal, and counter-intelligence background investigation. It is just easier marrying someone with the same citizenship. Only exception might be if they were at a same or higher income level but in most cases they would not have a desire to leave their country.
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    yEAH! How come he has to go that far for a wife? The answer is simple american men are looking for a servant, someone they can control, someone who does not speak the language very well so they can fool. Hey ladies if you up to that, it might be fun playing the ignorant. Ha ha ha ha....ha

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    Hi , I am Romanian I live now in Holland for about 15 years. My boy is 7 years old. I don t like the way you are writing. Is not everybody the same! Please try to see what good or bad is en do not put everybody in the same place. I don t need a visa! I need some one to be together. Some people are lying but is up to you to feel it. Maybe you are to na?f.
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    well if you are in for a health can message me,who know where it might led to.
    well i am Christopher new around here

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    To OTHERS with doubt of "bad Russian girls? ALL of you on "million dollar site" and cannot AFFORD to hire investigator for $40.00????!!!! Find out if she the person who she is.. THAN talk, and dont ask stupid question about visa or ticket? ok?
    Oh! BTW ..before to put a claim on ALL GIRLS- research economy of those countries.. how many people have job and how much they pay them. DID you ever wonder how much ticket cost from Russia to US.. let say roughly 2500.00 plus hotel( or u expect her to pay for hotel too in your city/town and invite you there? cz you invite her to America!!!)
    another one .. her salary more than $300.00 per month.. dont forget.. she have to eat and pay bills.. also she would love to buy a expensive clothes (we dont have
    Wal-Mart ok?) to see you in America-Got the point?
    Stop talking bad about russian-ukrainian girls- if you not want them- dont contact them! obviously you know they are best women in the world!
    no women in the any end of the world want insecure men!

    We have words in my country: -afraid of wolf- do NOT go to forest!
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    kan709 write:
    This man is right so much but needs to make room for exception. 90% of the people men and women are fake and lie so much. Married men and women use this to cheat; men pretend to be women, men and women use false pictures, and on and on. One men even claimed to be an angel sent to earth to for me to experience real happiness; I had a girl who lives near me tell me she had taken an older American so when he get her to the U.S. she can be with her young BF who does not have the money to bring her.

    Why do you pay interest on your credit cards? To make up for the people who do not pay of course. It is the same on these sites. Unfortunately it is true so much people are not honest and because of this you must accept no one will believe you until you prove yourself. I know already if someone accepts my word easy it is because he is playng his own game. It is not sad to not trust people on the net; It is sad when you do trust blindly what men and women tell you. One man told me how beautiful I was and so perfect but when I refused to show myself naked on cam he reported me to this site as a prostitute. No man has told me his privates are small, he will treat me bad, he will make me a slave, or he will hit me, his sex is no good. If you believe what you're told none of these men exist, yet this would be the perfect place for them to prey. LISTEN and think about what people are telling you and take your time. If you need a car and fall in love with one and the salesmen sees you looking one only, he is going to make you pay MORE for that car!!! Do not be desperate real men and women exist but they do not fall in your lap. Do your home work and work for it.


    YOU BEND OVER GURL, YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS, SUZY WANTS CASH, THAT IS not the us of a sister your friend is forsure not from, we think of that as a howe babe.
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    ha ha ha ha be careful what you wish for! do you think she would love for your looks?
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    Tasha1978 write:
    Really Kat... I know alto of men from SE Asia and the married women from there and usually about after two year's most of the wives had left.


    What you said probably true but as I know lot of man from Europe and us went to Thailand and married young girl there and leave them when they get bored. most of them married just for fun .
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    Cielo71 write:
    To: everybody. You can't judge people by their nationality.

    Re: are gorgeous...! Have a great day! :-)
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    Dr. Webster, don't take it personally, but you sound like a person who was not very succesful with the foreign women. I would suggest to rethink your own attitude toward the foreign ladies and may be you would get more successful than you have been so far. Usually, the porf. psychos say if a person was "unlucky" in communication with a one person, it maight be 50%-50% misunderstanding, but if the same person has a problem to communicate with most of the people ( in this case, to find a foreign match) he/she should not blame the other people, but rather and analyse own behavior. So, may be before you advertize your scam websites you should first considere what wrong goes with yoru relationship? ;)

    I'm a foreign lady, won Green Card in the GC Lottery. Now I'm looking for a man not bc I expect some benefits from him, but bc I want to find the mr. Right and share these benefits (mine and his) on the mutual base.
    Good luck to everyone and just don't be possessed that foreign women desire an American visa but not an American man.
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    All this talk of a mial order bride still spins me out.
    The way i see it, Its either simply for the money, Some one cant find love were they are, Or just would prefer to meet some one of a diffrent nationality.
    Whitch would probly be my choice if i was in the posotion.
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