What is wrong with men? Long Term Relationship

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    From my observation, men are in it for the chase. I mean seriously. As soon as you begin to call them first or write them first they pull back and the game is over. Think of an animal chasing it's prey once they catch the prey and it's laying there dead they are no longer interested and walk away. Don't play possum. Keep him on his toes. I have met many men like that. Sad but true. And it's not just the guys women tend to play the game as well. Don't be so available and somehow they always come back for the chase again. Thats just my opinion on the matter:) Find someone that doesn't want or need to play the game! Good luck Jen!
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    jennifersandiego write:
    Thanks everyone... I took your advice... I am moving on dating others. I emailed him actually and he is cool. He is not looking for a serious relationship and is confuse about things so I'm dating others and we still talk every once in awhile but we'll see what happens..

    Sounds to me he's the typical, "I want to chase it because I can't have it, but when I get it I don't want it anymore" kind of guy. The ones who use any and all means to get you and once they know they actually have accomplished it and you have decided to take yourself off the market, bam they're gone! lol I have 3 brothers and have encountered them and all my "adopted brothers" pull this on girls all the time. Sad, but true. They want the girl because she's a challenge and they don't completely have her yet. When they do get her, their minds go into "job well done" phase and it's over. They can't really explain why either. They just do it. And to be honest, it's the women who didn't put up with their crap and who always let them know they could leave at any time for any given man that walked by, that they married! Why? Because even though they know they married her, she makes it clear they better stay in line or they will bolt on HIM and that he has her by HER choice, not because she NEEDS him. It's really funny. The one is from Tennessee and when she lays into my brother he looks like a whipped puppy! This giant, special forces Leut. and she has him on his knees. HA HA HA

    Good luck, girl and keep dating. Don't settle for the first or second guy, settle for the one who knocks you off your chair and takes your breath away! We can date anyone, but ONLY ONE is good enough to keep us!
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    Hi Jenn

    I'm sorry this happened to you.I also read that you have gone on dating and good for you! You're a pretty girl. Keep believing in finding "Mister Right For You" because one day he'll show up and will appreciate you! (When you find him... if he has a twin borother... well, here I am!). LOL!
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    that is amazing that all have the same story... maybe that was the same guy?....or that is the same typical feature in men?...I think the last is more likely.... so we all do that mistake again and again... and will do it forever?...few days of depression out of our lives is too much for this, girls....and his i am so sorry what i have done to you or the other blabbling is the crap we dont need...Then we regret we dont listen to what the mom said....lolol...the next one says he is not like that... etc etc.....hahahaha.. isnt it funny?....
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    That's o.k. you need to be available for the your guy, he is right around the corner. Let go of men quickly that are not INTO YOU..BYE BYE
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    Good for you Bella, move on. Women are so much wiser! That's why we are the FOX!
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    oooohhhh....this is gettin good now, are you the guy she met OC?
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    jennifersandiego write:
    Thanks everyone... I took your advice... I am moving on dating others. I emailed him actually and he is cool. He is not looking for a serious relationship and is confuse about things so I'm dating others and we still talk every once in awhile but we'll see what happens..

    That is good you communicated! And now you know what the situation is. :o) Sad that he is confused but many people are. That is his to deal with in his own personal development, and it is not fair for you to have to wait for that to happen. Who knows, if you remain friends and he is able to work it out, and coincidence has it that you are both single, you might get a chance to try again. Good look in your search!
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    Thanks everyone... I took your advice... I am moving on dating others. I emailed him actually and he is cool. He is not looking for a serious relationship and is confuse about things so I'm dating others and we still talk every once in awhile but we'll see what happens..
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    I HAVE THE ULTIMATE ANSWER TO "What is wrong with men?"

    We are not WOMEN! We are MEN we think like a man. We act like a man. Men do not think, act, feel like a woman so this perplexes you.

    Reality check here, You ladies are in search of a MAN. You do not want him to think act feel like a woman. If you did then you would date women.

    What do you do now? Look inside and determine what traits you really are looking for. Because a MAN will always be a MAN. And that is why you are attracted to MEN.

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    Some men can actually be sociopaths, they can lie about anything while looking directly in your eyes. They have no conscience, whatsoever. I truly don't understand how stupid these men must think women are, we members of the "Smartgirl Club", will quickly figure out about their lying life. You can't hide your lying eyes forever.

    Just wanted to clue you in on at least one guy, Merlin2003, used to be Hardeen. He is the master at charming, talks of a soul mate bond, and that he was so thankful for me being brave enough to take a chance on flying to CA to meet him and to be reunited with my twin soul (at least he paid for the flight). Only problem is he is engaged to the woman he has been living with for 4 years, beware of the magician looking for his incandescent soul mate. He'll charm you with all the right stuff, but it's all a pack of lies.
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    Like everyone says you are better off. I just went through this myself with a man I met on mm. He was all into me at first but I soon started picking up hints about the real person he was. Most days his first thing to do when he came home from work was to log onto the computer not call to say hi..then I would catch him saying he had just walked in the door and his messenger would say he had been online for 2 hours..I ended up telling him that I wanted to end it and that I wanted more out of a relationship then he was giving...oh well life goes on..his loss
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    YOu are probably right that this topic should be in a gender free zone..that courtship in this day and age is suddenly too transient everyone wants instant romance , fast forward to the happy ending that they desire..the virtual , real and surreal have become unreal.
    Relationships become disposable, no one has the time to wait and patience is a long drawn word ..
    whatever happen to old style communication?
    It became text messages, emails that are forgettable at a click .
    Romance ala Mcdonald fastfood style is just what it is ..junk food for instant gratification and there is little memory of taste nor flavour..Obesity of the emotions and spirit is true impoverishment -malnourishment takes on a whole new concept in modern day romance and love..
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    jessiko555 you are too funny....but she is right, its his loss...

    and I hate to be this way but that is why I'd have the man pay for the flight to see him, that way if he gets weird later then I have not lost a dime in the situation....just food for thought...
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    jennifersandiego write:
    I joined this site about 2 months ago. I have been on 2 dates. The first one I knew there was no chemistry so we didn't even plan to see each other again. Next date was with someone from another city. He came all the way to visit me and we had a great time. I think he was more into me than I was into him, but I was not going to give up. Over the holidays he called me or text messaged me every single day and kept asking when I was going to visit him. I decided to go and see him right after the New Year. I paid for my own flight (even after he offered) because I am not on this site looking for money, just a stable man. I spent 3 days with him and we had a great time. He introduced me to his children. Now all of a sudden I dig him and he becomes a ghost, calling only maybe once a week, never text messaging, I was not the one who came on so strong, so what the hell?!?! He called me his "girl" and even suggested taking me to Hawaii to this hotel he is a member of. Anyone have any advice for a woman who is a great catch????

    Wheres Bob when you need him ! LOL
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    I guess if you haven't tried dating women, you probably are not aware, but there is no gender bias in this behavior, so a more appropriate title for the thread might be "what is wrong with people" :o)

    My personal theories are that a.) they were not ready for a committed relationship or b.) they found someone "better" and found it easier to just disappear rather than explain...

    And Bonnie, some of us men that do not play silly games often take the "hard to get" as the woman has too many lines in the water, and swim off in search of other lures...

    What ever happened to good old fashioned communication and expressing how you feel???
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    HI girls,
    Can't help sympathising with you girls..I had that happened to me recently too..and it boils down to not listening carefully the male species' vibes and internalising his feelings...they love the chase and the prolonged chase enthuses them , challenges their hunting skills and trapping skills. Girls learn to PLAY hard to get..a forgotten game in this instant romance era. Never let them think we are desperate or like them that much..like fishing , we need to let them have lots of rope..reeling in too fast may risk losing the fish altogether..go fishing girls, it teaches patience, tact..the fish won't bite unless we give them a good bait they can't resist and we play their game..it is a game..so learn the ropes.lots of it..

    happy fishing
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    I'm with ya, this happened to me too once. We connected strongly, and to him I was supposedly the "one," he was going to take down his dating profile, blah blah blah and then . . . after a few weeks . . . nothing.

    I was completely baffled and depressed for a week. Then I just decided he was fickle and easily distracted, and that he must not have been such a good match for me after all. Who needs a fickle, distractable man? I decided I was better off without him - - god forbid he carried on like this for a year and THEN disappeared, it would have been a year out of my life!

    I was back in the dating game within a week of this revelation, and haven't looked back.
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    Typical men

    maybe his kids don like u n they have a big say in who dad dates or not

    or maybe found someone else and can't break it to you like a man

    or maybe he's gay
    *lol sori~!*

    you're a pretty hot woman screw him and find someone else who will appreciate you!!!
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