What is wrong with these guys???? Interracial Relationship Forward to friends

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    dallas90210 write:
    I've chatted with 5 different guys on this site & they were ALL completely rude *ssholes!!!!

    One guy(who will remain nameless)said he wanted to buy me a house(his second sentence)& then said I should stop by tonight for a booty call.I said "no thanks" & he got offended!?!

    What is the problem?It's like they go out of their way to be unattractive/unappealing/rude & are confused as to why I wasn't begging to be with them.....

    I guess I'll just be single

    Never mind, the real gentlemen will come by soon....and will be polite and will surely know how to talk to a lady......in the mean time, have fun, and keep refusing those that are rude, stand by your principles at all times and before you know it......the real gents will come a knocking......
    Wish you all the best..
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    I am not trying to be offensive but giving constructive criticism...could it possibly be the pose you are striking in your profile picture? The picture that is displayed right now indicates that you are about revealing a little more than you apparently really are about. My suggestion would be to reveal yourself as you truly want to be seen.
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