Would you sign a prenuptual agreement? Long Term Relationship

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    Very decided on that one, I fully sign, no interest in the "money" but well on the person. The fact he realised good business to very good is enjoyable, but I am very independant myself.

    I prefer someone caring truely caring than someon offering his money

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    For me, it isn't about the money-I would prefer to never know about his money and fall in love with who he truly is....I would have to agree with some, as I'm at a point of being anti-marriage-I really do not need a piece of paper to prove my love for someone, the proof would be very evident in my words and actions...In the event that I were to get married again someday-I would be sure to let my special man know there is much more to a marriage than what's in it for me-it's whats in it for us!  It is an unfortunate world that we currently live in, causing many of us to be really guarded and/or not being able to trust anyone.  I would think that if he would be fearful of being able to trust someone-I would understand that he has probably been burned before...If a prenup would put him more at ease throughout our relationship and it would be a sign showing him that I'm in it for the long haul-and not for all of the wrong reasons-then why not-he'd be worth it! 

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    Well, if he is Gorge Cloony, I would sign:)
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    Quoting limouri:

    oh also i wouldnt go into marriage beliebing it would fail myslef which is why i would sign anything for the person i loved as i new it wouldnt fail but for my partner to have the security of knowing that it was love and not money who kept me by his side religious values or not i think perhaps they cant be a bad thing a the lady do protest too much who says she is offended ... x

    The lady is savvy.

    He took me for a ride. Still trying. And he comes from a wealthy, wealthy family.

    Never marry with out a prenup. It is just a hiccup befor the event. Worth it evevrytime.

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    Hello, My feelings on prenups are as follows. I think they are a valuable way to prove that you are not interested in a person for their money and also protects the interests of both parties as well as for their children, which to me is very important to protect inheritable assets.

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    Undecided on that one! But here's a thought:
    For All those men who say, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free", here's an UPDATE for you....Now 80% of women are against marriage, why?? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage! LOL gotta have a sense of humor. Happy Friday

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  • View author's info posted on Mar 09, 2010 05:46

    I wouldn't sign because to me its like saying your marrige isn't going to work. I really don't care about their money. Marrige is about love and commitment.
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    I will not take half of your money as long as I do not have to take half of your debt.

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    i would sign a prenuptual agreement becaue i dont want him to feel like its all about the money. Plus thats his money i just want his love and commitment.

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    I dont understand these people that think a prenup is expecting failure. It only makes sense to make plans in the event of divorce. Everybody that has ever gotten married believed it would be forever; you canNOT know with certainty, no matter how much you love one another, that you will be together till death do you part; all sorts of things can happen that you cant forsee, and I think its remarkably niaeve to be unable to realize that.
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    when i was a kid (27 and younger), so wide-eyed and full of lofty ideals that love could cure anything, i thought the idea of a pre-nup was ludicrous. not the case today. i totally would sign one. i don't care how much love and trust we've got between us, one should definitely protect one's finances. if it's *true love* that will last *forever*, signing a legal "just-in-case" form that gives my man added peace of mind is no problem.
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    For two successful people it's much better to NOT get married and just remain boyfriend/girlfriend similar to the relationship Gene Simmons (who is an extremely shrewd and wealthy businessperson) has. Keeps all options free and open!

    I realize this may offend some women but Marriage (and a potential divorce) brings a legal dimension to the relationship that they both cannot control. Greedy lawyers, activist judges, etc. need to be kept at bay.
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     It's sad these days that you have to have a pre nup but certainly it is understandable that there are dishonest people out there. If I found the right person I would sign a pre-nup. It works both ways.

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  • View author's info posted on Feb 10, 2010 16:59

    I'm on the fence with this one! I completely agree with member: easymantolove. However, on the other hand I feel it would be a way to prove I'm not just marrying for money. I dunno, I guess if it got to that stage I would hope my partner would know and trust me enough not to have one (based on my own personal values). Maybe I'm just nieve....
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    I agree......as long as it does protect both parties!!!!
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    I liked your comment about being a Catholic and not allowing a pre-nup.  If he doesn't love and trust me enough...he is out of there...it is about love and "forever".

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    How sweet...and naive of you. Pre-nup is a plan. And any good contract includes a "what-if". More than 50% of marriages fail these days. More harm is prolonged when two people are using the asset division portion to really screw tha other. Nothing that says the pre-nup cannot be "put everything in a bucket and split it in half at the end". It is as individual as your relationship. A safety precaution.

    I met a guy a few years ago who was looking for attorneys/financial advisor to, get this, "Make sure that my assets are protected in case of a divorce." The asshole was married for 25 years, raised 2 kids with this woman. The little wife doesn't speak english. Oh, if he was dead, she'll get $2M. Is that whacked? Basically, there is an incentive to have him die instead of getting a divorce.

    But, Whatsupdoc....I am always a sucker for the romantic. You go Mr! I am cheering for you and yours...
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    A marriege that works, pre-nup or not, is an anomaly...
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    Actually, as a Catholic, I cant sign one as technically the church is not supposed to marry you if one exist as its their belief that you are entering in to the marriage with the belief that it will fail.

    There is one exception to the Catholic prenup rule and that has to do with how your estate gets handled.

    Question is, have you ever known anyone with a prenup that had a marriage that lasted? I have never heard of one and if that odd one did exist it would be a statistical anomaly.
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