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    Great Thread. I had someone on here a couple of days AGO TELL ME he was WELL "hung" as well.
    Well..this was what he said and I quote...
    "I am half Welsh and Half Hungarian..That means I am Welhung"


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    bubba100 write:
    robtest write:
    I was chatting with a female friend of mine yesterday, and she mentioned she had received a response that basically ended with the gentleman (and I use the term loosely) saying that he was "hung"...

    Anywho, How Long is Hung??? Neither of us knew, so being curious in nature, I thought I would ask...

    PS. this is not in any way, shape or form an endorsement of the methodology! Guys, your odds of success with this one are slim to none...

    I am 2 1/2 inches so I guess I am hung because it keeps getting hung in the zipper lol

    D*A*M*N Bubba you are a giant among men. This can only help your presidential campaign. You probably locked up the dissatisfied woman vote.
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    DivineAcquisition write:
    I consider my last boyfriend to be beautifully well endowed at about 9" long and large enough around that you can't touch your thumb and finger tips by an inch when he's 'UP'= like a 16 oz water bottle. And yes- it limits what you can do sexually, but the benefits more than make up for it.

    He claims he's small conpaired to some of the guys he was in the military with.

    The high average is 8.25 inches long by just touching thumb and finger tips around.

    low average is 5" long by the size of a quarter to a half dollar around.

    I once had an 18 year pull his pant leg tight showing that his was to the top of his knee and easy 4" across = limp- complaining he couldn't have sex. So too big is not a good thing either.

    I hope you've recovered from him,wink.
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    2 1/2 or more inches, uninflated. LOL
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    Had a guy email me saying he was "hung like a hamster"...I emailed him back and said "NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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