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    shaebutter write:
    I just won an international poetry contest, and would love to start a chat where everyone can dedicate a poem to someone they love, or lost...please feel free to express yourself. My poem will be published in Eternal Portraits in "2006"
    My love for poetry puts my body in motion.....LOL

    Hello,congradulation friend this is great news.I would love to hear your poem sometime.I notice how people here avoid others by not replying.I wish you the best friend and I hope you become a famous writer and come back here to this forum and tell these stuck up a$$holes about your success goodluck friend and keep writing it keeps the soul in touch with real human being's,,god bless.......

    Heres a poem Im putting music to to create a song.I love poetry this is part of that song....--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ((( CRYING ))) By Topatoya all rights reserved

    So many night she spent alone
    She got tired of all my lieing,
    She Packed her suitcase
    and now she's gone now i'm
    the fool here (( CRYING ))

    I did'nt know just what I had
    I broke her heart without even
    trying, Now I spend my nights alone
    Now i'm the fool here (( CRYING )).

    Lastnight I dreamed that we made
    love and flowers I was buying
    Then I woke up from my sleep
    and found myself (( C.R.Y.I.N.G )).

    All rights reserved

    Lost as the Tribes of Israel
    If It's Not Different,, It's Not Your's
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