THE BLACK WOMEN ADVENTURE? Interracial Relationship

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    baby doll if i was ten years younger,a buddist and hadn't raised a family yet. you would have to have a base ball bat to beat me away.but now i'm working for my golden years. girl youre fine don't worry.
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    Hey Hi
    Where were you when I was In Florida...Damn Just missed you, Now we gonna End with this Long Distance Thing, Ok Ok will Fly, Cant Do Boats takes to long...and I cant!1 Really...Been Driving too long. Well I think youre Adorable, And very Much Loveable, You need a little Romance In your Life, Could I romance you Form Here, you did say you
    d want to get to know someone before you even decides to meet them did you not?!! I agree so come get me!!
    Regards N Laters
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    Hi babydolly,

    Other men on the site have apparently fallen on their head causing irreparable brain damage and corresponding blindness!------

    You have every attributes of THE PERFECT WOMAN, a wonderful mind, a beautiful soul (I can tell) vulnerable but strong, and breathtaking in your appearance. I would be sooo very proud to be with you anytime, anyplace anywhere.------

    Perhaps one reason your luck on here has been less than perfect is that many men may be intimidated by your boundless beauty! I assure you I would not be intimidated by your outer nor inner beauty. Quite the contrary, I would lose myself in your emotional, intellectual and physical charms.------

    Again, just speculating but some guys may have conflicting viewpoints about your Religion, let me be assured that is not the case with me.

    Connecticut and Florida are not exactly neighboring states but somehow in my heart of hearts, I KNOW true Love will conquer all if we find we are truly meant for each other I am definitely marriage minded. Serious.... very serious.

    ONE CAN be sensual and serious, it's part of the process---you dearest angel----if other people don't understand that, their loss. Don't change a thing.

    I can't begin to express how beautiful and desirable you are. I'd love to chat with you (I am prety new here and not a paid member, yet---so if you would touch base with your contact information we could take it from there. You are a true PRINCESS my dear, and some unbelievably fortunate man (right now I'm hoping for yours' truly) will win your SweetHeart before you know it.

    And just FYI, I have dated African American and mixed race women before and absolutely cherished (just about anyway:)) every moment.

    I hope to hear from you, it could be the start of something beautiful.

    Have a fantastic evening,

    Dave XOXO
    My name on the site is "DaveForYou" ;)

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    It is not only the case that from my unique situation in space and time I am able to see things you do not: it is also, and simultaneously, the case that from the vantage of your uniqueness you can see things that I cannot.
    I would love to date you and not only that, if we would end up being right for each other I would make you the happiest woman on the face of the earth.

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    what do u mean by empower u? i thought we where to stand beside one another equal
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    Thank you for the comments. I've been dating for a long time. I guess I'm just frustrated at working so hard for a date and only end up with them not really wanting anything serious with me. Not sure if it's because I don't put out to them or not. I'm very nice and I give a lot. But, I do date a lot of white guys and find they do comment a lot that they have not dating a black girl before. That should have been my warning. I feel at this point. It would be a miracle to find a guy just for me. Someone that will empower me and compliment me in everyway.
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    just don't let anyone use you, be yourself and color should not even be brought up, and if it keeps being brought up, then that should be a warning sign of some kind...
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    I second webproplusdotcom's comment. You are gorgeous.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 11, 2005 23:20

    This is just friendly advice. I think you're beautiful, but if you are truly serious, then your pictures should be. They look very sexual and that's what you're going to attract. Good luck to you Queen.
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    Yes, actually I am. Was of course frustrated with a date I had on the system and changed my add as a result. Not serious about the add for a while because most guys tend to not be serious anyway. I guess out of frustration I changed it but, I have exhaled and will change it again in hopes of meeting someone serious.. really serious.
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    I can only answer for myself here. I'm looking for the right woman for me ! If she happens to be African American so be it.Race means nothing to me. I'm sure there are lots of other men here who feel the same way as I do. I can only suggest be patient.
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