Millionaire+ Sugar Daddies? Do they exist? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    sweendogr, will you be my sugar daddy, please...
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    Flamingo052 write:
    First, it's not difficult these days to document a net worth of a million dollars.

    Second, if you're really all that wealthy, why in the world would you look online??? There are plenty of people who offer dating services for the wealthy where people are screened before they're introduced.

    Perhaps we shouldn't take the name of this site quite so literally.

    Net worth does not equil a decent lifestyle. A empty lot a few miles south of San Fransisco would be worth a million but you would have to sleep in your car. I know people worth many millions of dollars but its all in property, not cash, and they are cash poor.

    You need to understand more about money, investments, etc.


    HurricaneHottie , don't you think you would have better luck on a swingers site? Swingers can be millionaires.
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    Well, I have certainly met some fine guys here. At least two have become v. close friends and are genuinely wealthy but very low profile. They are too savvy and smart to be sugar daddies and do not need to be that to attract the sort of women that they like.
    Sugar daddies are the ones who can't attract the women of their choice and therefore have to provide the 'bait' .
    So do you seriously want to be 'sugar-daddies' arm candy?
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    I remember a few years back MM would require sometype of financial proof to validate millionaires and certify them as such. I wish they would go back to that format,it would eliminate many of these so-called millionaires,doctors,attorneys,pyschothterapists,poets,ect. I for one would be certified, I only know of a few men on here that would be also, no females.
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