4 weeks without shaving my legs. Friendship

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    BlondeLightning write:
    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Rapturous Red Honey,

    Interesting that you shave your arms too. Why would you want to remove that beautiful red hair, if it matches your head hair, it would look so pretty. You have very pretty red hair lil cutie! Ok, talk to you soon sweetie.

    Sorry to edit, but hey, I'm responding to your note about me! So you shave your arms?! There are very few women who do and even more rare (in my very unscientific survey) says fewer men. Stop shaving your arms! Sorry to sound sexist, but men are supposed to be more hairy than women. Now, the back hair, well, that's another subject....

    My family runs blonde and red. My arm hair is blonde but for some genetic reason, I have lots of it! Actually, I shaved it first out of curiousity. And contrary to the woman who said someone 'scratched' her, the smoothness is quite nice and enhances the sensors.

    So I am red and blonde, either and both. What I have learned is there is a certain kind of man who is attracted to redheads v. virtually all men are attracted to blondes. The red seems to fit my spirit better than blonde. It makes me unique. It goes better with my green eyes & freckles. Yet, I still have a hard time believing men who say they love that 'natural' look. The freckles in bloom and curly hair go best in the Carribean or Cancun. I've only played 'connect the dots' twice.....nice memories...
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    BlondeLightning write:
    BTW- I heard of this liquid called Nair that you wipe on and it removes hair too. What about this one also?

    LightningHunk ... I used Nair once. It's very white and opaque and you have to time it according to instructions. You can't see if the hairs are gone unless you wipe it off. I did my legs in winter once. I wiped one section off too soon and the hairs underneath were turned black and bloated and all shrivelled like a blow-torched worm! The deformed, mutated hair-ettes were so freakingly repulsive ... I shaved them all off immediately.

    I think Nair is radioactive and rather alien. Kids ... don't try it at home. It should only be used by stunt people who have skin that won't reject grafting.

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    Angyson write:
    European women don't shave their legs.

    Not true, depends on what part of Europe!!!!

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    Agree with you,Blondelightening....
    I'd rather shave than wax, mess with creams or anything else. I guess I've mastered the task. Okay, I've got a few bad nicks sometimes!!

    Something I picked up on from a (female) boss many moons ago....I shave my arms (yes, arms, not just arm pits) along with legs and trimming the private area. Does anyone else here shave arms? In my unscientific survey I'm one of very few, but if you try it, truly, you might like it. The skin is much more sensitive without the hair. Of course, that means I should own stock in some razor blade company!

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    Hi sharp..
    Hi Blond...
    Cubbie is flying up from Vegas to visit my son and I....

    Would you like to come the next weekend?????

    You are welcome my friend just as you are...It would be fun to have a housefull of mm friends...but one at a time is nice and you get to see another side.....

    It will be nice to meet you too sharp,
    I would be a great rich person....but likely wouldn't be rich long lol, flying all over meeting great friends...and flying them to meet meor friends...I would have to quit my job to be rich.....

    not so lucky YET
    love Julia
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    I love hairy men.....too me it yells
    "I have the real man thing going on"

    Hairy women....I prefer a man to keep me warm...not a bunch of hair....

    and being a nurse....cleanliness....

    and there is the sensual feel of silk, soft, smooth, well groomed...ready...
    I cannot immagine otherwise....I cannot immagine that the small amount of hair women have can really do a great deal to keep them warm....

    anyway, sorry I fell off the subject...I tried the epilator thing several years ago....and it was tourture...I tried it on my leg....

    I cannot immagine using one in s more uh..."tender" region"

    so the options are shave wax or laser...

    Waxing the you h__000..is well nearly as bad as the epilator....I suppose that it will become less sensitive after many times....but think...is that a GOOD...thing?....and laser entails someone in a private area a number of times to finish it properly....

    It is a serious problem for which no answer is correct for all.

    I really think a government study should be done to investigate all solutions thoroughly......


    love lucky
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