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    Hey is so good to see you on here again. Are you a ghost like the rest of us too? lol See blonde...I know how to use it correctly! lol Email me sometime lucky...maybe this Summer if you have time & nothing to do you can come visit me in the Okanogan Valley. I would love to meet you. I think it's only a 10 - 12 hr drive for you.

    Gigi...Maayan has not told me about her shopping trip with blonde! I'll look forward to hearing about it!

    blonde...NYC would be fun with you from what I hear, I'll let you splurge on the other ladies, and I'll take pleasure in watching, k?

    Now blonde...picky, picky, picky! lol I noticed Gigi was using 'two' (#2) in the wrong context too, but I didn't say anything! Oh well, I'm sure she was very appreciative of it. Otherwise Gigi, & Maayan, both of your English is excellent for not being your Mother tongue. And I've seen 'ol blonde's's more rusty than your English! lol Moonie & I would have a chuckle over it! lol But you did pretty good. And I really have no room to talk, because I was fluent in French in 1976, but have basically not used it since, therefore, I have forgotten so much! I have the pronounciation though! When in Dominican Republic a few yrs ago, they speak Spanish, French & German ... minimal English. I'd try to remember how to say something and hours later I'd wake up in the middle of the night..."I remember how to say that now!" lol
    Have a great day everyone.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Blonde, Sharp, Maayan, Gigi,
    Old friends and new...I miss you and it is good to find your friendly faces!!!!

    Love Julia
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    Hi Everyone!

    My Darling Sharon,

    So you want to take me to NYC with you three, lol. Ok sweetie, I am game, LMAO. I have this policy though. Cost is not the issue here remember. I like to spend my wealth with people who appreciate it as much as I do. Giving to others is a pleasure, as long as they enjoy it and do not take advantage of it either, lol. Right Gigi and Maayan as you know me well enough to agree, lol. I like to see the happy faces of those when they receive.

    Ask Gigi this question, she needed a new chair at her house a few weeks ago, I was tired of leaning to the left when we were sitting out on her patio, so I brought her a new rocking chair over to replace her old wicker chair, lol. She loves the new rocking chair, and that is all I needed to be satisfied- seeing her enjoy it. And I get to sit in the other chair now sitting straight up while sharing good times with good friends!

    Now Miss Gigi Habibity,

    About your English. You are teaching me Arabic, I need to give you a lesson in English, lol. No offense to you, but your English sucks sweetie. Lesson one- The word two means the number 2, not to or too. First to means for example, to go there. And too means as in I enjoyed it too. See what I am saying?

    I have read in your post that you are associating two (The number 2) in reference with other to's or too's. There are other things you are doing with the English language too, but we will work on that as we go. See how I just used the word too in the last sentance? It is about your sentance and context that is important in your grammer that is important. So now you just got your first lesson. Next will be the use of capitals when you begin a new sentance. I hope this helps you habibity! Ok enough about that, I am not a teacher, lol. So until next time, I will not say any more. Talk to you habibity's soon.

    And Miss Maayan, your English has something to be desired too. See how I just used the word (Too) in this last sentance, lol. We can talk about that also later my lady.

    I am a stickler for proper pronunciation in the English language. As for my German, French, and Spanish, that is another issue, LMAO. I suck in those languages as I do not use them frequently, and I am not as good with them as the English language, LMAO. Anyone can give me a lesson there too. Talk with you soon ladies. And yalla bye, lol.
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    Hey B&B good to see you.
    Thank you Maayan and Gigi.
    I'd love to get together with you both. Maayan's already been here this year, so that would mean we'd have to go to KL to visit her. Plan for the Fall & I can probably swing it! If that doesn't work we could go on a shopping trip to NYC and visit B&B...that would be fun! Madison & Fifth we come! (laughing) Now if we bring 'ol blonde with us, well Maayan said we'd have to take him to Tiffany's! lol (just
    NYC really is fun. My daughter & I went on a shopping trip there 2 yrs ago for 5 days and had such a blast! Speed boat trip on the harbour, ground zero, Little Italy, Greenwich village, Soho, Metropolitan Museum...we missed horseback riding in Central Park! Need to go back to do that! :-)) Such good memories.
    Cheers everyone!
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    Sharpy darling, thank you so much for such kind sweet words. You too, so much gentleness and beauty that been hidden, only so apparent when meeting you in person. Ooh dear, miss you much, muuaaah. I'm fine really, even when when reading a negative comment, kind of keep you in check. I was having too much fun, and as you said being an old timer, no matter how long we been absent, did not seem to make us any slower. Yup, I did jumped straight to the deep end. But if anyone read back this thread, it has always been a fun one ... of friends having coffee, ribbing each other even when you were supposedly behind bars.

    I'm into keeping it in the spirit that it was created, by who else if not our very own handsome dude surfer, Blondie. Miss you Blondie darling. 've been a little busy these past days. Will reply your mail shortly, and am also waiting for your replies to those heaps of mails I sent earlier. Hmmm ... am waiting darling.

    Have a grand weekend everyone. And to those who begins their summer holiday soon, have a blast.

    From forever summmer land.
  • View author's info Posted on May 19, 2006 at 09:58 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Well stated Miss Sharp 1 and my lil habibity Maayan. You two are such nice ladies and friend's too, again thanks! So where do we go from here ladies, lol.

    I really enjoy reading and replying back to everyone too, just so funny. Keep em coming, LMAO. Talk to you soon!
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    I missed whatever negative post was made, no matter. Let me interject this ... Maayan & blondelightning may be new posters to many people who have joined the forums since last Fall, but they are oldies here. Both made a lot of friends on these forums. Of course many people left last Fall due to an incident MM could have prevented.
    I had the good fortune to meet Maayan in Vegas a month ago, along with several other fun-loving people. I consider I have a new friend, someone I can visit one day in another part of the World, and I hope she'll come back and let me be her host.
    She was a wonderful, fun and gracious lady. I consider myself lucky to have her as a new friend now.
    As for blondelightning, well, I've had fun playing with him on these forums...told him last Fall to come to the Rockies to go skiing, but sheesh...Gigi had him all tied up in Utah skiing! lol I'm just green now! lol
    He has always professed to be looking for friendship, and has offered his to everyone. Long ago he explained his position and why, which he didn't have to.
    Last year, another member on these forums was being harassed by her ex who was both verbally & physically abusive. She was forced to move from the small town she lived in to hide from her ex. Several of us had made cyber friendships with this lady. When she was in trouble, blondelightning graciously offered her a safe place to stay in LA. He wasn't going to be there, and his sister or a friend (memory is going here) to get her set up. She didn't end up taking him up on his offer, but you tell me how many people open their homes up to a cyber friend, basically a perfect stranger considering he'd never met her in person.
    Somewhere on another thread I read one of his recent posts which invited everyone else to feel free to jump in to the postings by Maayan, Gigi, & himself. RapturousRed jumped in...I did a little. If you don't want to jump in ... fine ... but don't be such a party pooper that you have to douse the fun that other people are having.
    Just my two cents!
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    Laughing, Blondie darling and Gigi Sweet Lady ...

    Yes Blondie dear, it is indeed time to take our fun to just among the three of us, in private mails, and 360 pages. If we say one more word about our escapades here, there could be a high possibilty we could be barred from further posting.

    Ladies and gents of MM, I do not by rule, share much of my advantures in meeting men. This disclosure and perhaps some extra details regarding my meeting with Blondie spurred from the many inquiries about how real BlondeLightning is. I'm glad Gigi too finally came forward and also made her postings about her meeting with BL.

    As my nature, in telling stories .. and with Blondie's fun loving nature participation, it has been indeed great pleasure on my part to share with you all especially ladies of MM, my laughing version of meeting with Blondie. I'll end my story with saying one more time, BlondeLightning is indeed a true gentleman, with a terrific sense of humour, and certainly one who knows how to have a grand fun happy time. Thank you Blondie darling. You're a true friend.

    Smile from Maayan.
  • View author's info Posted on May 17, 2006 at 01:33 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Ahhhhh Habibity's Gigi and Maayan,

    TMI ladies, lol. we need to take some of this off line and to the e-mail system, LMAO. Seems someone (I will not mention) disapproves in some of the people on MM and their enjoying good times with good friend's. I surmise that it would be better than "Cat Fighting" any day of the week, lol.

    It could be so easy to have the ladies "Cat Fighting" or the gentleman "Dog Fighting", but why (You Know Who You Are), that can be found at other less sophisticated sites than MM. We are intelligent, funny, and joyous people here that wish to have a good time, right everyone? May I suggest that you go to another site (I will not recommend any either, lol) to have what you are seeking? Take a chill pill, LMAO.

    Contemplate this, people and countries have been at war for thousands of years over something said so simple that a simple "Sorry" could have fixed it. Ok, I will start here- I am truely sorry if I am one of the ones who you are unhappy with! And I am fairly certain that any other's who you might be offended by would also say that they are sorry too!!!!! Have A Nice Day also. Just can not satisfy all the people all of the time, lol. But I try! Talk to everyone soon!
  • View author's info Posted on May 15, 2006 at 12:35 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Oh No Miss Habibity's Maayan and Gigi,

    Ok- don't you two go ganging up on me now, lol. What is a gentleman to do????? still lol!

    So I see you two are comparing notes now, so funny lil ladies. But I have nothing to hide, so there- Na Na Na Na!

    Since I always have a fun time hanging with the both of you I enjoy the chats, along with the quality times we share you two cuties, Ha-Ha Habibity's.

    One thing Maayan that Gigi forgot to tell in her other (Long Novel) post when we first met was that I said that I wanted only friendships, lol. She has asked me if we could be FBW (Freind's With Benefits) just like you did, I am LMAO and almost fell out of my chair. I will have to ask you two what "Benefits" you would like to share? Is not just having good times with good friend's enough? really lol now!

    Being the true gentleman that I am, I always treat my classy lil ladies with the purest upmost respect as it should be. Ask Gigi about when we stay in Hotels (5 Star Only), I always get an ajoining suite or the president/penthouse with separate bedrooms, lolol.

    Some gentleman do not put sexz at the top of their list, and just really do want to have fun with their friend's. He-He! But I will never talk about that in public or mixed company. That is considered taboo for this gentleman, kissing and telling or pillow talk is always kept between me and the lady I share times with, you both know that too, LMAO.

    BTW- I have hanged with other MM ladies here and I will never say who or what we did behind closed doors either, so you two habibity's can compare notes all you want or share with the other MM ladies here, I will never do it though, lol. I will chat with both of you two later, and I am planning to see Gigi tonight for some fun down in Hollywood. See you later tonight my habibity Gigi, lol. Talk to you soon my lovely lady Maayan! XXXOOOXXX to both of you.
  • View author's info Posted on May 14, 2006 at 03:00 PM

    Dear Gigi Ya Habibi ... ahhh I've to learn more to speak the Language I love most, yes Arabic. Language of poets. For now, I'll have to rely on you not only on how to say and write but also what each means ... so a big shukran from me lady. I'm so glad to meet you ... laughing, all this while I've been calling your habibity Blondie a BOT ... did you not know that? And boy were I in for a surprise ... our charming teaser flirter is also a handsome one! Oohhh wow he looks much more handsome in your photos ... and the two of you make such lovely couple. I think he is much much more in person ... really hard to describe, the way he attract girls, I said like honey to bees. But he is really such a sweet man, just like you said.

    Yes, please write to me dear Gigi ... get my email address from darling Blondie. I don't usually share secret about my man ... but for you Gigi, I'll make exception; giggles ... I'm so looking forward to hear from you.

  • View author's info Posted on May 13, 2006 at 12:23 PM

    Hi Everyone!

    Oh No Habibity Maayan,

    You are just too cute lil lady! WOW, I do remember the white roses, the red ones, and how could I ever forget the lilly dear. I am still laughing about you going to the left side of my Merrcedes and I saying- So you want to drive as I started to hand you the key, LMAO. I forgot that in KL and other places in the world that they drive on the right side of the vehicle. I was only being a gentleman when I approached my Mercedes to open the passenger door for you my lady. That was a moment to remember for sure, lol. I will call you later, and reply to your e-mails too, lol. Talk to you soon habibity.

    Well Miss Beauty & Brains sweetie,

    So we are on first name basis now- Sugar Sweet Crumpet, lol? And thanks for not ganging up on me, I do not know if I could have handled it you know, LMAO darling. You are too cute my dear!

    I really loved your quote sweetheart:

    "Unseal those sugarsweet lips, do tell us more!! Our imaginations flaggin' we want to know!!"

    You are too kind lil lady! However, I have a strict gentleman's honor code policy that I live by- I do not kiss and tell nor do I pillow talk about any lady to anyone, lol. If Maayan wishes to elaborate on it, then she will be the one to spill the beans, LMAO. Remember that "Loose Lips Sink Ships" my dear. still lol. And on a final note my sweet lady, I am a nice naughty boy, LMAO! Talk to you soon darling.
  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2006 at 07:28 PM

    Blondie my darling,

    Regarding your 360 account, ooh well, I guess I just have to move in and take up recidence. Grinning, so that is not new! Remember, it was fine when we looked at it at Brian's place? I'm looking at it now, it looks fine from my side too ... ehmmm, are you doing something that you're not telling me about? Ha ha ha ... I won't be surprised anymore.

    Darling, let me know who you would like to invite as friends, or, ladies, let me know if you would like to be connected with us.

    Later all, Maayan
  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2006 at 07:25 PM

    Bonnie dear,

    Yes, Blondie and I Maayan met in of all place, Hollywood!!! How apt! There we were right at home among batman, spiderman, and zorro too. Gosh I don't know who they really are under those masks. Blondie came without his mask though ... how very kind of him, I was expecting him in leather jacket and ponytail, and an x-man mask. So, there he was, all warm and hunky ... as fate to be, with one look, one kiss and one hug he stole my heart, ha ha ha. Then he drove me away to the wind, fed me sushi, wait it was teriyaki ... ooh well, tell you what, he let me eat all his dinner ... again so very kind of him. Now how a girl would not fall for that! Never mind she'd to wait for two hours first.

    I also took with me my notebook computer, to download pictures taken during the three weeks US vacation, as well to be connected online whenever I can. I've a couple of our Singapore pictures and shared them with Blondie. Told him that the pictures does not do you justice ... but he is already head-over-heels, picture or not. Right Blondie darling?

    Now I'll be looking forward to both of you in KL at the same time. That would be really something!

    Love and kisses everyone.
    ~ Maayan
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    And I suppose, my darling Blondie, it is alright to post this picture, just the three of us ... Rez, you and I. See ladies, ain't Blondie a perfect gent? The two of us fit just nicely in his arms ... ha ha ha, though it was hard to keep Rez in place.

    Here we're, in flesh and blood ... (digitally here of course) BlondeLightning!!!

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  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2006 at 11:14 AM

    Your fav Blondie darling ... lily!

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  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2006 at 11:11 AM

    Here is the red rose ...

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    Ladies ladies ladies beautiful ladies of MM, RapturousRed, Beautynbrains, Unsnaggedeagle, and my dear dear Bonnie ... one thing I must say about Blondie, he is a RIOT and a true blue gentleman!!! Ooh yes, a very dangerous combination! Ha ha ha ha now I can't stop LOL hard again. Do not ever miss him if you ladies ever visit Los Angeles or when he comes to your town. Now my darling Blondie, what do I get for this? Ha ha ha ... Maayan falling of chair now! Seriously ladies, we had so much fun, even if it was just running to a store to get Rez my son some chocolate milk. But of course Blondie being Blondie and Maayan, Maayan ... we did not stop at chocolate milk. Did you not try to buy the entire store Blondie darling, and it was a liqour store too. LMAOROTF!!!

    Then imagine, two flirts who love to tease, having a picnic, in a garden filled with star and pink jasmines ... while watching half Californian moon descending; at the beginning of a summer night. My darling Blondie ... I may forget names, don't know which side of a vehicle I should get into; Yet, I remember everything else ... picture perfect! Giggles.

    But ladies, of course that was only part of the story of Blondie Meets Maayan.

    Darling, do you remember these roses?

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    One last note my sweetie Maayan,

    As for the 360 thing, I am having a hard time with that one. I guess it is the scientist in me and the very high IQ I have. I can do Quadratic Equations, Theta JC, and others formulas in my head, but I have trouble taking a cap off a jar or, simple things in life, lol. If it ain't complex, I am a real dummy with it, LMAO. I surmise that I will have to have you fix this for me since you set up my 360 account my dear. I could always ask IB- Intelligent Blonde to do it for me too, but she is also a blonde and might have trouble with it like me. It might be a blonde thing you know, lol still. Or, maybe it is that I am having a pre-senior moment with it, LMAO now! Either way, I am blonde and have a valid excuse, still lolol sweetie. So, please help me, you have my password to the account you set up for me darling, He-He my lady! One more thing, I have also been unable to invite friends to this 360 account too, please help me honey, thanks my lil cutie! You know the saying, if it ain't broken- Don't fix it. Well, it is broken my dear, lol! Talk to you soon babe.
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    Sorry, I forgot to answer your question Bonnie, See I spelled it right after reading all that I wrote. Quite a big reply wasn't it my darling. And to answer your question, No I have not planned to return to jolly ol England right away. I am planning a trip to Hawaii (Maui), or Lake Tahoe? Just can not figure out which one right now, lol. I will be planning a European trip later in the year though after going to Maayan in KL. I guess I will have to just sit back and let Maayan tell everyone the details of her trip and time here in Southern California, still lol. I am also interested in what she says too, LMAO. As for you coming here to the US and possibly Los Angeles, let me know so I can plan to be here and show you a gentlemanly time here. I would like to hang with you too sweetie! E-mail me, or I will e-mail you to discuss the specifics honey. BTW, Maayan showed me your pic's, you are a real cutie too dear! I look forward to showing you around Southern California or where ever here, lol. Just let me know where you want to go, or I can plan something, right Maayan, LMAO! Maayan is such a neat classy lady isn't she? Yup! Talk to you soon too my dear.
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