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    Well, I have to say by looking at you photos, which there is nothing wrong with them. However, they might thing that this women could whip my rear if I step out of line. Wow, what a body, keep up the good work, you are very pretty. I wish you all the best.

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    I have to say I am sincerely touched. I have received more support and incite from "strangers" than "friends" I have confided in. I should have done this years ago. I might have been married with children. (laughing)

    At the end of the day, me knowing that there are people out there that have a heart and have no alternative motive for voicing their opinion other than for support, that means more to me than receiving letters from 10 hot guys. Hmm...I might want to rethink that....
    Nahhh, it does! :-)

    Thank you!
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    I do believe there are real people out there, no doubt. You do get the handful who live out "fantasies" so to speak as someone they'd wish to be other than theirselves. Call it insecurity if you will but whatever the case may be don't let a few unfortunate experiences discourage you.

    Good Luck:)
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    Hi Michey, welcome to the Forum!

    Yes, there are REAL men on this site, lots of em. "Real" men can be wonderful or they can be dog turds, or they can be sweet-but-totally-messed-in-the-head. Just like the men you meet at the local watering hole. They're all real, just not for you (and thank god that they're not because if they were, how in the world would you choose?)

    It is actually quite common to get on really well with someone on nothing but a photo and a few email, and then have it fall apart when you meet face to face and the chemistry just isn't there, for whatever the reason. And it could be for the weirdest reason imaginable, from the way you look like his cousin to the funny snort in your laugh, to the way he picks his teeth after dinner or wears stupid socks. DON'T PRESUME IT'S ABOUT THE MUSCLES - - if he weren't into them, he would never have gone to the trouble of getting to know you in the first place. Guys ALWAYS go for looks first, so if your photo is a true representation, and he contacted you, you've passed the initial test. So don't worry about it!

    But I understand how you feel. We're girls, we can't help it: We have bonding hormones coursing through our bloodstreams; it prevents us from leaving our babies at the side of the road when they get screamin'-ugly. Because of it, we get deeply invested in relationships with people pretty quickly. And with men, we get attached in a way that's totally ALIEN to them in the early stages of contact. They can walk away from a situation without a second thought, while we're left reeling and wondering what happened.

    Fight the urge. He's not thinking about you, so stop thinking about him. Any man who does not call, does not exist. Wash your hands and move on to the next two, or three, or four men, and don't give up dating until the one you like best is on his knees begging you to stop.

    I went on SEVERAL (more than ten, less than twenty) dates from men I met on the Internet before I found the guy I'm with now, and I didn't STOP dating other men until I had been seeing him for at least 6 months and was absolutely sure that I was making a good choice for myself.

    So just stick with it and don't give up . . .
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    I sincerely appreciate your honest reply. Yes, I agree, "most" men are not into woman with as much muscle on their physique as I have. However I do believe the combination of me being secure in my own skin, being an educated and a well rounded person threatens a man's own sense of secure ness. I know it does. The man just got over realizing that I am a "regular" woman than he learns that I have all these other character traits add to my physical appearance. Of course this can scare the hell out of a person. Unless you are having lunch with Donald Trump on a regular basis. lol
    I agree with you, "friends" are not the people to turn to for advise on this subject. They will not be "completely" honest. Solely to spare any hurt feelings their opinion may cause.
    I haven't had the opportunity to show someone the "bad" side of me. Now seeing that, for me, it is more understandable that they would run very far away. LOL
    True, this is just another wrinkle. I have ironed out all the wrinkles brought upon me in my life and this one is no different. Thanks again.
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