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    i posted this in one of the other threads buy will in here too...

    this is my speciality feel free to hit me up with questions. if i dont know the answers i know where to find them. there are alot of excellent sites out there. however some are locked up to protect the members.
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    Sunshine4UandMe write:
    Hi guys, love this forum. I've had an opportunity to be regressed a couple of times. The first time I did it, I got nowhere, but the second time it was quite a journey. I saw myself as a young child then a young woman in my 20's. My X was my father in one of my previous lifetimes, one of my very close nieces was my daughter. I hope to do it again soon as I'm really fascinated with this subject and want to learn about my past lives.
    As some of you know I'm also attuned to Reiki and feeling that energy move through my being as well as feeling other people's energies respond to the work I do is both amazing and very very rewarding. When a person tells you that you've just lifted a huge weight off of them and that they feel lighter and more energetic is a reward beyond any money anyone would pay. I'd love to hear from those that are able to do spiritual readings and channelling.

    Hi sunshine,hope you keep well..Regression..I'd like to be regressed..I'm sure I must have been a servant in another life as I always seem to be happy when I'm pleasing everyone my daughter was told once she was a Viking Princess,that she had it all in that life and couldn't expect it again in this one..she has all the caracteristics of a good Viking. Strength,courage,
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    Hi Stuart,
    Regression, I find the subject very interesting,it seems that whatever happened in a persons past life has a profound effect on the next.Healing is something I know more about,I'm attuned to Reiki and hope to go further with that in the Scorpio I'm curious about all these things..Welcome to the forum..
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    Hi Stuart & welcome if you are a newbie!

    I dont know much about energy transference,past&future lives,regression etc but Im curious!

    If I'm not a nurturer or healer does that mean that I am a young soul?
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