Do Women Really want to meet Millionaires? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Yes, money is high on the list, but only because it allows the freedom to expore the other finer options a good relationship can offer. The desire to play, pamper, spoil and get treated well to name a few. I think honesty right up front is the healthy way to start.
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    Very good topic for sure and bullwinkle60061 (to funny) and katiegirl (right on). As for me well my reasoning for being here is very simple CONTACTS and meeting new and exciting people and maybe finding the man of my dreams.But I do not live in a dillusional reality either. I find this site very exciting,intelligent and yes humorous.As I have said I am a writer and singer and a computer engineer but I have stories to tell and songs to sing and maybe just maybe I could make a millioniare into a billioniare if they took a chance with me. That's my opinion. Thanks for the topic. Jesse

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    I agree with the other women on this site. I do want financial security. They don't have to be a Millionaire though. I've worked hard most my life and raised my two sons. I have my home and my goals. I plan on writting software for that special niche on the Internet and other projects.

    I been on other sites also and just not getting anywhere. I was in a relationship and I'd encouraged him with his career. When he got frustrated, I was there to tell him not to give up. He is doing great. Of course, we parted last year as friends. I have meet men with a high school education and they were nice looking. Yet, I couldn't carry on a conversation with them. Like someone stated on here, the men on here are of better quality, educated, intelligent and with that comes financial security. I want love and to give love, passion and give passion back and receive affection as I in return give in back and the money is just extra, like icing on the cake.
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    I SOOOOOO agree with you on that!!!

    bunnybiz write:
    Like someone stated on here, the men are better quality, educated, intelligent and with that comes financial security. I want love and to give love, passion and affection and the money is just extra, like icing on the cake.

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    well im a 30 yrs old woman and i've had some bad luck looking for mister right. im looking for a man who is willing to show me the better things in life. want a man to spoil me with not a gold digger is just my experiences with life and relationships has taught me diffrent.any man who is willing to enjoy the company of a beautiful latin mami just let me know

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    Hmm...well...sometimes we get alittle jaded wondering if the men who want to meet have been lying the whole time...and let's not forget LOVE is LOVE doesn't matter how much money they have. Doesn't mean wouldn't want a man with money...means there has to be MORE than that.

    Then some of us would LIKE to be with someone with money...but have a bit of fear wondering what they REALLY cautious

    Others don't want to be perceived as a gold digger.

    Myself was very well off when I was growing up but Dad had grown up poor in Boston, so he taught us a healthy respect that money isn't everything, learn to take care of our belongings not just treat it poorly or throw things away instead of repairing, and buying Goodwill clothes not a bad thing if still a good deal and looks good...but we still traveled alot during summer breaks, never wanted for brand new clothes or joining sport teams, but still took us camping, fishing and learned how to survive alone in the woods...then he would take us to expensive resteraunt...then greasy spoons...then I bumped elbows with lawyers, doctors and policians had step mother made me go to Barbazon for proper behavior so would not embarrass them with 'high society'. Never needed to know which fork or plate to use, and like escargot but not cavier ick: )

    I have also been very poor. When I moved back to Texas and my job was not there as promised...lost my car and had to take the Metro, had to eat Ramen even though loved Chinese. Learned alot about life and how to take care of myself which gave my a self sufficency...paid my own way through school or got student loans...

    Sure would like someone to help 'take care of me' so that I won't have to constantly worry about money and how to survive paycheck to paycheck...go travel, never want for anything...but at what cost? And need to know a person well enough to trust them in a foreign country LOL. I am a very...strong willed woman...dominate when at work, have to be...bit more submissive during other relationships ;)
    This is my opinion, and my reply getting a bit long...

    Some Millionaires have a reputation of love them and leave them, or controling of their signifs because of money
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    Hello--r u guys blind?? This question is the dumbest... What woman wouldn't want financial stability? They'd be a fool to turn that down. The difference between a gold digger and a person that just wants someone financially fit--is the fact that feelings are involved with the person who wants someone well off. A gold digger doesn't care and it's like she has radar for the rich.

    A man does it all the time--they are constantly concerned with what a woman has going for herself. The tables are turning...Men want to be taken care of now. Where as before it was the man's job to provide for a lady--now--if you ask for a drink--you are out for a man's wallet!!?? That's insane.

    I don't know about you ladies but I've worked hard all my life and have barely been treated like a woman by a man. I never got,"Oh! do you need anything?" "Oh! you make music? Let me help you get toward your dreams?" "Oh! you need to get in the studio? How much does it cost? You need help paying for it?" I am dreaming of the day that a man sees me for more than a person that wants to take from them--and look at me for what I can do for them with their help..
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    It might be Canada is a big enough place to leave town together. The UK is small and no matter where you go, you meet people who know you or people you know.........
    Actually having said that, when I visited Pretoria, in South Africa, I stayed in a guest house. One evening a man booked in, and for the next two days I kept thinking I know him, and he kept thinking I know her, but we both thought so far from home that it was not possible. Eventually we did speak. Turns out he was from the nearest town to the village I live in! He even attended the same college as my youngest daughter.
    It is a small world..... and getting smaller by the minute it seems!
    As to his friends liking you, another thought is make sure he is polite to your friends, however much he may disagree with your friends. Somebody I know enjoys hunting shooting fishing etc.. his OH was against these activities. So when his friends came round she would always "debate", to the point of arguing the pros/cons of these activities with them and eventually nobody wanted to come and visit him.
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    It is true he was weak and I do not oddly enough dislike him for that. My family had money until my grandmother was disinherited for marrying a poor man, so I obviously come from a long line of ladies who don't follow their head. If we did we'd all be better off, but somehow I suspect we never will be.
    However my advice does still stand, make sure his family and friends do like you.
    I don't regret my experience, it has helped to make me the person I have become and I actually like that person, I have achieved far more than I would ever have done with him. I may not money but I am made up by what I have by way of family and what I have achieved.
    Before you enter a relationship you should like yourself, otherwise you carry too much baggage into the new relationship.
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    Having been accused of being a "gold digger" by my ex mother-in-law, one thing I would definately advise all ladies here is to make sure all his friends like you and especially his family otherwise it can be a living hell. I was never interested in his money, or his family money and when they cut him off with nothing I stuck by him,because I wanted to be with him. Sad thing was he didn't stick with me, he eventually decided he liked money better!
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    Yes, women do want millionaires--they just want the millionaires to want them. I know I do!!! LOL..
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    MM should probably be renamed 'Socially Mobile' site..that success should be measured by what we have done, are doing and wish to do with our lives...Most of the people on the forum here have had different experiences and done different things with our lives and succeed in our own goals and are still seeking perhaps happiness in our own personal lives, whether it be finding the soulmate or just likeminded friends and we believe in self-help and doing something about it..hence the Columbus Meeting was a great social project after months of 'getting to know ' each other in cyberspace.
    You live in Las Vegas, I would have thought that there should be plenty of girls who would love to meet someone who wants to play 'sugardaddy'.
    And even here on MM there are lots of East European beauties who would love to be your beneficiaries and you would be giving them the opportunity of a lifetime and I don't believe they are all out to get your money, most of them just want the opportunity to make something of their lives..and if you don't hold prejudices against their language inadequacies and suspect they are 'preying women' maybe you might find yourself that 'Cinderella'
    So be their Prince Charming and you never could be 'happily ever after...'
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    Well, money is definately important to me, but like someone said there also has to be a certain level of chemistry involved. I have dated a few millionares, but they all seem to have the same thing in common, either no personality or too much personality. There are a few good ones out there and I sure would think that you are one of them. It's wonderful dating a man with imeasurable money, power and success. I have got to say that it is a huge turn on for me.
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    OK guys, I joined this site for dare from my daughter!

    Even if the guy was hideously rich if I didn't get on with him it would be no go.
    Yes I do understand the desire to know the guy you are with will know where the next meal is coming from and be able to pay for it. However I do wonder having read many profiles whether people here value some of the more basic qualities?
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    bullwinkle60061 write:

    Awwww, Tom fell down! If you can raise money, Humpty Dumpty, why can't you order a pair of custom rollerblades that stay up! LOL

    And what are you doing out rollerblading? Don't you know you should be relaxing on a nice, stationary yacht? You can't crush your cranium on a telephone pole on a luxury boat! LOL

    Can you raise money doing anything?
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    "the good life" way to go!I agree with you 100%. I've been searching through many web sites and all I found was some mommas boys or broke"bottoms:-)". Financial security is my number one demand, but there's also should be a chemestry going on. Afterall, we all need passion and LOVE!
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    Hi there The Goodlife,
    I like you work my behind off to give my young son and I a good life...trouble is, consequently I have zero social life, and my dating 'pool' is more of a 'puddle' SO was wondering if you have any spare fish in your pool for me ?
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    I'm shallow enough to admit that's why I came here. If I'm going to settle down, I would certainly like to be financially secure. I have dated both rich (quite phenomenally so, I might add) and the not so rich. The rich tend to be better educated. I have a very high IQ and I'm very proud of that. I have spent my life learning as much as possible. I'd rather find someone who, like me, is searching for something more than some flouncing 18 year old cheerleader named Candi who thinks the Nikkei is a car. Unfortunately, that's all I seem to run into this days.

    Sorry if I sound like a bit of a snob, but I'm realistic - I am a bit of a snob.
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    I have to say I would prefer a man who had money.But I'm not saying I'd prefer a millionaire to a man with less than a million,or a heck of a lot less, anyway how does one define a 'millionaire' someone who has a million pounds in the bank,someone who has property etc worth a million.
    When I was younger I ,like most people struggled to get my first home together and then through my life I've 'had money' 'had no money'and everything inbetween. Now I'm 53 and single I couldn't be happy with someone who doesn't know where his next meal is coming from or an out of work artist who is living off paint matter how good looking he is,no matter if he has a great personality.
    I would expect any future partner around my own age to have reached a stage in their lives when they would be financially secure and that's all.
    We are all so different and on MM we start off filling in our 'profiles' we give details of our ideal partner etc.. I doubt many women would feel ok with putting in their profiles 'I want someone with loads of money, it sounds and is so shallow,but obviously along with a great personality, etc etc, would be the icing on the cake for most women.
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