Somebody please help me and tell me exactllly what these millionaire men want from woman? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Very true and well said! Looking at the site and being a woman I am amazed at the poses some ladies are putting on here. It makes me feel like I have come to a meat market not a place to find friends and maybe if lucky something more.
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    I don't know how to get a millionaire...but I wish one day I will be a millionaire girl.

    Does a millionaire want a innocent girl or a hot, sex, easy girl huh?
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    Perfect, I think you're a charmer! And probably a sweetheart as well.

    I have an "acquaintance" who is a multi-millionaire and he asked me out for coffee once. It was dinner time but he was only springin' for coffee that day! LOL

    We talked for an hour about me being a bohemian artist & writer, how I make money and live on it while I do my creative stuff. until it runs out and then I start earning more all over again.
    Finally, he said, "Kate, can I ask you a personal question?" I said sure.
    He asked, "How come, after all these years, you're not a CEO or a Creative Director or something?"
    I said, "I'm an artist! I'm an author! I'm busy writing my kids books!"
    "But don't you think," he asked, "you should be further along in your career by now? Like, you don't have a condo or a car or stock portfolio ... why don't you have any priorities?"
    I said, "I do! ART!"
    He never called me again after that and I thought, "good riddance!." I'm not crazy about intolerance, especially when it's aimed at me!

    He was obviously a guy with his own personal agenda, thrice divorced, a strikingly handsome guy who was more fond of "supermodel dates" than cute artists, with no idea that money is a means to an end for SOME people, and oblivious to the fact that that HIS goals were not EVERYBODY'S goals.

    I need a man who will appreciate me for my creativity, admire me for my decades of dedication to my work, adore me for being a whacky blonde and hopefully some day, love me for sharing the vastness of my available love ... with him!

    If wishes were horses..........
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    I think that men or women with money want all the same things people without money want! Partnership, loyalty, love, passion, romance, affection, faith in the future, and compatability. I have been blessed to be successful, and I can do some very fun and interesting things, and would like to find a partner who wants to enjoy a fine life. Love and joy are the same, whether you are at a Paris sidewalk cafe, or in the drive up at Taco Bell (well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea).
    I think there is a misconception that (and I can only speak for the male side here) men with money, only want young, beautiful, trophy type women. For some, that is probably true. But, I think for most, it is more important to connect on other levels. After all, when you are having dinner at that romantic sidewalk cafe in Paris, it would be nice to have something interesting to talk about. Would I take a "trophy babe" who was first attracted to me by way of some financial success?? Of course. But, there would also (and more importantly) have to be a spiritual, emotional and intellectual connection as well. There is more to holding a hand, than just admiring an expensive manicure. It has to feel good as well.
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    I am married with a millionaire.. he wanted a pretty sexy woman ( i am )....he wanted
    someone who desired him, love him, understand him, cared for him, that is fine,, ..he thinks that having money is enoght to get love, i wanted love too,, ok,,,good luck Erika

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