ladies seeking male travel partners Lesbian and Gay Relationships

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    A bargan at any price ladies...
    The conversation with cub is worth twice the price! Alas on a nurses' wage...I won't be able to get him for the entire pre-requsite days.....But in Palm Springs he could easily write his own ticket...
    Cubby, All you need is black tux, lots of tennis whites...brush up on your game...superlative manners!
    Good god could seriously marry a very wealthy, beautiful socialite from 45-55, and I kid you not.
    You just need an intro into the circle....
    Let me know and I will see what may be arranged....
    Love Ya..
    Julia (lucky)

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    myassets2005 write:
    chekc my profile myassets2005 in this website
    I am male 30 Asiain 5'5 world traveller and i fill company for a single women travelling for pleasure
    This service is chargable per day Eur1500 + only 5*hotels or resorts & airfare economy class sponsered by you.

    I only fix 3-4 appointmens in a year and i am very choosy about selecting person, Open for Sept till Dec 2005 any dates

    Each appointment will be max for 3 nights
    I like to be 100% safe and clean. if this interests you add me in yr ya messenger and we can chat and know more about us
    myassets2005 at ya co uk

    I believe you are on the wrong site to find a " TRAVELING H O O K E R". Maybe you should just use the "do it yourself kit" Mr. Jerko.
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