What do men who have everything want from a woman Long Term Relationship

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    u'll be loved if u can open-up... man on this site send a rude letter because they r not mature. they don't do their part & wouldn't be loved at all..
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    We humans irrespective of our birth, and achievements in life were created to want/need each other - companionship, relationship, love - these are irreplaceable by success and money. A man that has everything, but is yet to find that elusive woman of his dreams to fulfil all these lacks that very essence and goes on a search to try and find what he knows he is missing, hoping he will find it one day and be able to keep it!

    Whitney Houston once sang a song about success when there is no one to share it with? You've just clinched the business deal of your life and after it is all said and done - you celebrate with friends but come home to an empty house, with no one truly yours and truly special to share that very, very special moment with! It is very sad indeed! That's why they search and I hope everyone who searches (both the accomplished and yet-t-be accomplished) find their dream!

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    I'm honest classy educated sophisticated girl and men need me to have everything. I say cheers to a fullfilling relationship.Make one with me)
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    I want to be loved.
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    BlondeLightning write:
    Hi Ladies,

    I can add to this. Having everything I want in life now of the materialistic things, there is one thing I do not have I would like to still find. No not the housekeeper, or as I like to refer to as my maid. Housekeeper sounds so demeaning to a woman, like secretary does, I refer to my businessperson as my executive assistant.

    The one thing I wish I had was a loving, caring, devoted, honest, loyal, trustworthy, romantic, and fun partner. One who is my equal, dignified, and better half of me to share everything I have worked so hard to obtain in life. But this is not always an easy task of finding. So I keep searching for that one special classy lady to compliment me and that we can call each others only one, my loving mate in life. I have to believe she is out there somewhere, and hopefully someday I will find her.

    You have some very nice posts...I enjoy reading what you have to say.

    I have a feeling you will find the one you're looking for as long as you don't come down with settleitis.

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    oh, my God he is to good to be true!!
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    I think just about ever person on this site can agree on one point - life can be a very lonely place without companionship. Money comes and money goes, looks do change and fade but to have a partner in life, someone to "do" life with, someone that makes us want to be the best person we can be, someone who brings out the best in ourselves - well, I think most of us want that for ourselves. And money, although important, doesn't have anything to do with those wishes I have listed above. This is only one southern gal's view, what do you think??

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    I totally agree with sacredscientist, your title doesn't denounce you as a person. Any adult who would judge you because of your employment or financial status is a loser and you should not waste your time with them. We women all know what men want. They want a woman that is a jack of all trades rolled up into a decent looking body that their friends drool over! hahahaha

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    Not to seem trite, but for those folks who allow themselves to be demeaned by a title for the work position they hold; you should really look at establishing a new source of self-esteem.

    I believe in being respectful to all people, whether or not we are in the same economic, educational, or social groups.
    The job title someone has is a mere description of the work.
    The treatment they receive as a person is the true test of how much respect people have afforded them.
    In my life, I have been a private in the army, I have been a foreman in a construction crew, I have been a business owner. But none of those postions have ever affected who I am as a person.
    True there are people who are affected by what title you have, but they are the type you most likely want to avoid anyway.

    The original question was "What do men who have everything want from a woman"

    The answer should be "He wants a personal, honest, and loving relationship with you."

    I would hope that type of relationship is what you also would want from that man.

    But of course this is all very utopian and doesnt take into acount all the different agendas that men and women allow to cloud what the central issue should be.

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    Blondlighting, do you need to open your horizons a little more? I really appreciate your thoughtfullness at saying "executive assistant" - thats what I am and dread the term Secretary. So many movies, shows gave the impression that a Secretary was more than a professional. I consider myself a professional "admin. assistant". I know from reading your different comments that if you looked deeper then the "barbie" exterior attraction - and looked into the soul of my eyes you would find what you have described. But alassssss - I am many miles away from the instant look. I've already been told if I put make up on and ditch the glasses, I might do better but that is not my purpose. I am showing who I am without all the fluff as a person will see only what they want to see in anyone. I do own contacts, heels, and sexy garments but those are not for everyone - they are for me and maybe a select individual.
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