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What would you do for a living if money were no object?
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Posted on Mon, Jul 11, 2005 20:57

Wow TGL,
What a photo! Great pic!

Okay, down to business.

If rent and supplies and PC maintenance costs and transportation and insurance were of no concern to me, I would:

- get back a bit into my fine art gig, working on my hand-made paper 2D pieces, (embos.ca)
- paint more wildlife and still life pieces,
- work on canvases as big as a fridge,
- do more studies of water, painting the reflections, movement and textures of water,

- then write the sequel to my kids' books ... "Out of This World,"

On top of all that, I would be such a happy, contented, fullfilled woman that my creative energy overload would carry through into my life with my guy, (probably an art and literature lover) and the passion I use to create my work would spill out onto him and he'd better like a lot of attention ... because he's gonna get it!

(just a bit of MM advertising added)



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