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    shelly30can write:
    it is amazing were life takes you when it comes to types of emploment. For many years I have been training exotic cats and previous to that I was in the military. It has taken me to different views and perspectives on life itself and I charish every memory. I am far too spontanious for an office carreer and waste my life away on the telephone (even tho I spend way too much time on the computer.lol)And hello katiegirl, nice to meet a fellow canadian!!!Cheers

    Hey Shelly! That's an incredible kitten you have in your photo! Let me guess ... not exactly a lap cat, right? LOL Beautiful.
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    Military occupation with assignments in airborne/ranger units. Later, worked with federal government as an intelligence analyst/agent. Now in Odessa, Ukraine living next door to a former KGB agent who still doesn't like Americans. I date his daughter. Coming back to the US in December for New year's Eve party at the Russian Embassy and a few other holiday parties.
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    Could you fix a "belief" system, BC?
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    Trouble-shooting is a large part of what I do as a lawyer who loves to fight for consumer rights besides my usual legal job, but
    I prefer to list my unpaid jobs where I volunteer my services:
    1) designed, made and sew panels of a cloth banner for a school that spans the whole frontage os a 4 storey building
    2) designed and built two paper 3- D lantern making the number '40' that stood 3x4 metres in the middle of a hotel lobby for the 40th anniversary of a school
    3) designed and built a banner out of 200 platic dishes that spoan the front of a school
    4) made 1000 paper origami butterflies out of magazine paper to cover the front of a hall for a festival
    5) decorated 20 christmas trees , the biggest ws 20 foot high for the American club in Tokyo
    6)decorated a barn dance party with christmas tree decorations all made out of newspaper
    6)ran Brownies and girl scouts troops for 3 years
    7) stood on a bus to petition against ineficient services and sent it to the Mayor of London
    8) lead a team of women to re-cycle textile and material for a charity
    9)helped design costumes for entire cast of school plays, orchestras.

    I really want to be a dept. window designer and dresser..lol
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    This page isn't big enough to list all of mine, but my favorite have been troubleshooting and improving systems - almost any type of system.
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    Okay I'll bite, how and why did you paint a Lear jet? How did you ever get the paint job approved? Since aviation is my passion being a retired AC A-340 Captain and all, I'm just curious.

    Cheers and the first one is on me..
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