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    Me too Natalie...that is why I take such much time and effort to make sure poor strays are not out there to suffer such a horrible is Caesar...I rescued him last November as dogs continued to tree him. I am just able to finally pet him now after many months of bonding with him. It is funny for one that was once so scared to demand being petted now every time he sees me!...priceless...he even lets me sctratch under his neck now which is the ultimate in trust for a ferrall cat...

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    bobcatmoon, your cats look sooooo happy... ;) Angel, Dartanian, Melatron... how many do you have??
    Thank you for explaining Hemingways to me, I had never heard that before. So Hemingways have the extra toes? Dartanian is a gorgeous cat. I guess you don't have a lot of birds on your property... do you... ;) Before my Mom had Treena, she used to have bird feeders everywhere with all kinds of birds coming over, she had her bird book and her binoculars, watched them and knew all the names. But when Treena became a permanent part of the family, all the birds disappeared. It was too bad in a sense though...
    You have coyotes over there too?? I guess the answer would be simpler if I asked you what kind of animals you DON'T have in your area... lol
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    robotic123_74 write:
    When I was a kid about ten or twelve years old I happened to be out in the woods across the road from where we lived and some other boys were there who had some big coonhound type dogs. A feral cat appeared from out of nowhere. One dog grabbed the cat's head end the other one grabbed the cat by the other end and in the blink of an eye the cat was torn half in two.

    The dogs weren't mean, they were just doing what dogs do.

    OMG!!!! My heart skipped a
    few beats when I read this.. It is so cruel..! I wish I was there and rescued that poor cat
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    Here is a pic of a very inseperable Pair..Angel (brown mix tabby), and her boyfriend Metatron...a priceless pair

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    bobcatmoon, your cats are really spoiled if you bring them filet mignon and lobster!! lol They must be all over you when you come home.

    My little cougar is mostly a vegetarian, she loves blueberries, apples, cucumbers, broccoli, pears. Apart from that, she eats dry food, she doesn't like anything else, not even "our" food. When we're eating at the table, she jumps on the table to come see what we're eating and does her little dance to burry it... lol As for my old cat, she's on a strict diet even if she likes everything because she gets constipated very easily; and so for her, it's the canned cat food mixed with Petromalt, mineral oil and water, 3 times a day. She just went through a bout of constipation for 2 days, I had to put some mineral oil and vitamin E oil several times a day where the sun don't shine to help her go; she finally did go last night or else I would have had to take her to the vet. She's pretty weak and loses her balance easily, she's sleeping a lot, but today she's a bit better. I told my daughter only tonight that her cat had been sick or else she would have been so worried about her! She's driving down from the Laurentians tomorrow to come see her.

    Ahhhhhh, the stories we have... lol...
    How many cats do you have, bobcatmoon?? I'm not a paying member so I can't email you but if ever I decide to go down to FL, I'd drop by to see your place, I'd like that... of course if you don't mind... lol
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    It is so wonderful to hear others with their genuine tenderness to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to the ones truely in need of TLC. Hemingways were named after Ernest Hemingway's cats. He loved the cats with the extra toes in particular. I have found that cats create such a peaceful atmosphere as their affection creates feelings of true tenderness in recieving and displaying genuine displays of what unconditional love is truely about. Their loving energy and hillarious displays only creates an atmosphere of peace and smiles. Although at times some wish to help me type...probably faster than me I type with one paw and three claws only.
    Thanks for the contact info on the other gentleman who loves animals too. At this time I can not take on any other projects as my plate is very full. Here is a pic of Dartanian...except for her as the sole survivor of coyote attacks I was able to get to her in time....

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    Awwww, she's so cute... especially with all the toes! What is a Hemingway? In French, a colored cat like Angel is called "chatte espagnole", in English "Spanish Cat". I don't know why!! lol

    I used to have one also with extra toes, he was all black with the big double paws in the front. I had just gotten married (a really long time ago...), I stopped at the petshop after work to buy some budgie food and they had a litter of kittens; there was one, the smallest, that was really sick, trembling and practically not moving; I thought to myself "If I don't buy it, nobody will because he's sick and for sure he's going to die." So I bought him. I was wearing a business suit, high heels, a long ivory-colored coat; I put him inside my coat on my chest, and he just looked at me as if I was his savior and then peed on me right in the store!! LOL Poor little thing, I just held him and ran out of the store to take him home; I gave it a bath and dried him up in a big fluffy towel, took him to the vet to have him checked; he had diarrhea, ear mites, everything. That cat never left my sight, even my mother-in-law at the time who never liked animals couldn't believe the way Shami looked at me, so grateful and appreciative. He was a great cat... and had the big double paws!
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    Thanks for showing the wonderful pics Moonray. Yes it is very beautiful, peaceful and serene here. I have lived in very busy cities for a majority of my life and would never go back. I have three major cities encircling here all within a 90 minute drive. I can stil take in a play or some event going on but always return to the true calmness within the mountains.
    I am so glad you took that cat that had physical problems. Your Himmie looks adorable. I have found the broth of beef, chicken, and turkey to work wonders on the older cats. At the cooks a turkey for all to share. It is a blast watching them go for it as they love it!. I frequently get leftover chicken, filet mignon, and at times even lobster from where I work part time as the guys know what the take home boxes mean!. Just through little acts of kindness brings so much in return. Here is one of my Hemingways..Angel Girl...she has 7 toes on each front paw...

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    bobcatmoon, I just read the profile of 8thworldwonder, he's a guy... sorry... lol... but he is an animal lover like you; you 2 guys probably should hook up for your projects, his dream is to open an animal hospital for homeless animals in the States. He owns dogs, cats, horses and takes care of ferrall cats also. He's in NJ. I can't contact him because I'm not a paying member and nor is he.
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    Love is.....

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    SShopper, when you said that you let the car window open, I went "Wow, great idea" but then I said "She lets the window open?? What about if it's raining or snowing?" But then I looked where you lived... LOL... of course, Arizona!!! No wonder you can let your car window open!!
    Still a great idea though!

    Vahalia, you're right, animals know instinctively if a person is a nice person or not. I've noticed that a lot of times. Sometimes I go visit friends with pets and they (the pets... lol) come and see me right away and my friends go "My dog never did that before!" My oldest daughter has something special about her, she can approach any animal and the animal is going to become putty in her hands, she's not afraid at all and I guess they sense that a lot.

    Bobcatmoon, I've never visited your area but was told by a friend in SC that it's very beautiful. I can't believe those men though being so mean with that lady, after all, it's her money, she can very well do whatever she wants with it. You see, my ultimate goal is to move to the mountains to be away from the "human race", too many mean people around, but you ARE in the mountains and you still have to deal with them. I really hope your grant comes through, it would be such a great cause. I'd even be willing to be a volunteer for a couple of months out of the year, my business is "portable", I only need the internet! lol It's too bad that the U.S. spend litterally billions of dollars in campaigning, advertising and printing for elections when they could use that money for so many needy causes everywhere. Here in Canada, when we have federal elections, the candidates have 6 weeks to campaign and advertise before the elections; after the elections, they have 2 weeks to bring all the signs down.
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    And this is the cat of my oldest daughter (she's gone for the summer), Maya, a Himalayan. I trimmed her fur yesterday because it's too frickin' hot here, besides it's less hair, I'm allergic!! She's an old cat, poor darling, when she walks you can see that her bones are acking; she's 13 yrs old and needs a lot of care.

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    HAHA! It's 10:00 am, I just sneaked in my daughter's room and took a picture of my 2 sleeping beauties!! My baby, the furry one... lol... is a Singapura, she has a heart condition and the breeder couldn't sell her so I took her of course. She really doesn't seem to be sick though, she is so lively and full of eneregy, always on the prowl, watching us and pouncing on us all the time! She's like a miniature cougar, she's a darling, 3 yrs old now.

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    Thank you for your tender reply moonray. Yes I am grateful I do not leak!....No I have not heard from her in a long time. I found out more information about the situation. The men folk were angry with her choosing to use whatever money she had to feed the animals instead of herself. I can not ever justify their cruel intentions but this is a very impoverished area of "Appalachia"... watch the movie "Nell" with Jodie Foster and will you have a better idea of this area of the country for it was filmed in Robbinsville, N.C. about 20 miles from wher I live here. Yes it did take several months to find good homes for the cats. I am glad she called me when she did as the problem with wild ferrall cat populations is that they keep interbreeding which leads to diseases and genetic abnormalities among the ferrall cat population.
    I am currently working out the details on a goverment grant to continue what I am doing on a larger scale. If I can create a place for families and children to come at Christmas time to pair ananimal hearts with a human ones for genuine companionship that is what I strive for. I wish you could see the faces on the young children and their families when they have a young kitten or a loving cat that they could not afford the adoption fees at the shelter. It is wonderful to see the eyes light up of the little ones when they first meet.
    I give thanks mostly to my loving grandmother who taught me the genuine meaning of true compassion with cats. I have just finished feeding my loving catfamily as all are taking naps right now...
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    My cat, Petra just recently had a litter of 6 black kitties. They are the cutest things in the world. Her hubby, Bob has been beside himself since he heard her giving birth. He keeps wanting to get at her. I let him in once and all he wanted to do was rub on her. He didn't have much use for the kittens, which is good, he won't be killing them.
    When I was younger I lived in a neighborhood that was a little nicer than those around. People dumped all kinds of animals off assuming the people of the neighborhood had money and could care for their dumped strays. My home became a "halfway house" to animals. I had quite a few cats, a rabbit and a dog come through. The way I placed the animals was I would let the animal choose who to go with. They are a good judge of character and know if they will be treated well. If an animal acted distrustful of the person, I would send them home empty handed. I had more than a few feral cats come through as well. So many owned cats would have their babies outside and the owners never had a clue their baby was pregnant. It took hours to get them to trust me, but I would sit that long until they would.
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    Yes... I see throwaways all the time. To me you have an animal and really want to keep it you make whatever sacrifices are needed. To put a declawed cat outside is truely cruel as it has no way to protect itself or climb from dangers. That is why I am very selective with my cats I rescue as I make close roads, history of other pets, dangers near, and try to get a sense by talking to them how serious they are in their want of one of my cats I saved. It is very difficult to part with some but I can not keep them all. I was recently pretty upset with one of my homes who made wrong choices and the cat is no longer here. I do not wish to go into details myself as I have a spot to hearing harsh experiences and would rather keep it brief with no visuals ...the better. I know how spolied rotten mine are and they let me know every day of how much they care when I look into their faces remembering their intial rescue to what I see before me now...priceless...I just do not understand a mindset that can neglect or harm an animal..I know clinically and all that stuff...but the true lack of genuine compassion is senseless.
    My very first Cat "Bogey" I had for almost 21 years. I had him for more than half my life...a true feline companion. I have him buried in my backyard with a rose bush over him so his essence are in the roses when it blooms....
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    Mel... don't ever change! ;) We can always count on you to make us laugh... ;)

    Robotic, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your cat, even if the house does smell bettter... ;)

    Sshopper, your kitties are cute and really look spoiled too!! lol That's great that you could find a home right away for that kitty! I kid you not, people who abandon animals like that, I could just wallpaper them!!! Grrrrrr...

    Bobcatmoon, does that lady still have cats with her? No wonder she's grateful to you, it must have taken you a long time to place all of them. I'd have such a hard time, I'd want to keep them all.
    And what's a happy paws trap? That's a cute expression. Is that what we call a friendly trap? That's what I used to have when I had mice in my house, I just couldn't kill them so I'd trap them in those special friendly traps and drive to a wooded area and set them free. They were so cute!!

    "I am glad it did not come to that though as I would have hurt my career... or leak when I drink... or even worse!!!" - Hahaha... that was funny!!
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    That was a wonderful story and I'm sure Treena enjoys her new found life. Yes it is very hard to want to make them safe and warm seeing them run for the hills until months of patience and kindness turns them around. I will go to sites where some are twice a day to feed them, sit and talk to them kindly and use as many animal behavioral skills I knew to trap them eventually with a happy paws trap. I look for the amount of danger in the sites and decide how quickly I have to get them out of there.
    I rember taking a call at my work several years older woman was crying hysterically on the phone...she told me the " the men folk were coming off the top of the mountain and are goin to shoot my cats ..please help me I heard about you !...She had at least 40+ cats , unfixed, overpopulating. I helped her gather up all of the females and made a holding pen out of an old huge chicken coop. I worked with the area shelters and donations to get all of the females fixed finding a good many homes. I took about 8+ myself out of there in a few days, domesticated them, had them fixed, and found them loving homes. We trapped a good number of the males had them fixed and found them homes too. She calls me now and then to thank me as in a few days the "Men Folk were satisfied and would not come from down off the mountain with their 22's". I am glad they did not come too as I know I would have been put in jail if I ever saw one shoot a cat. I am glad it did not come to that though as I would have hurt my career... or leak when I drink... or even worse!!!
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    Bobcatmoon, that is really great what you are doing there... I admire that a lot!

    My parents used to own a camping ground when I was young and we used to save a lot of farm cats that were abandonned; they were so wild, it was incredible; slowly but surely, they would become accustomed to us and would accept food and then we could pet them.

    My Mom did the same thing again 3 yrs ago with a cat that wondered in our backyard, she had been abandonned and was so wild and afraid of humans, it was unbelievable; it took my Mom 10 months to finally be able to tame her enough that she started coming into the house. I remember being there at Christmas, it was freezing cold, and my sister, my daughters and I would take turns to go sit on the balcony in the cold, not moving, trying to gain her trust enough so that we could get her in the house because it was so cold, but we didn't succeed unfortunately; so my Dad and my brother built her a little condo, it had plexiglass walls and roof so she could see outside all around her, a heated pad on the floor for warmth and food and water. We finally got her to go in and she really appreciated her little condo for the rest of the winter. The following summer, my Mom finally got her in the house and she hasn't left them since. Her name is Treena because she loves climbing trees... lol
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