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    Am single,beautiful and not got the right man,but some are single due to choice,or they had a failed relationship..or maybe the are avoiding commitments..or they don't find their right partners,u don't marry a man just to be in a relationship or have a man on your side,you feel complete with this man in every aspect of life,the same applies to men,they should be comfortable being with u if not there is no need for a relationship.any questions write me directly (c.jantschgi@ymail.com)
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    I think ones EQ is more important than ones IQ.

    I would rather have a higher EQ and less money than a higher IQ with more $ and be aging alone after a pattern of failed relationships. The link to take the EQ test was removed. You will have to search it. It's called the emotional Intelligence quotient.
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    You made some excellent points, as you so often do. It is always nice to see balance in a point of view. Although I don't neccessarily consider myself to be a deep thinker, one doesn't need to be understand this statement, "The magic is when you both get it and serve each other unconditionally".

    I have to say I rarely hear the word unconditionally used by people. Perhaps people are more concerned about what their partners can and will do for them. In speaking for myself I am ready for the magic to begin.

    On a slightly different topic I think IQs in both intelligence and emotions is high some peoples list. I have read that Psychologists define IQs over 140 "genius" The average IQ for those obtaining a Ph.D. is 141. Anyone with a Ph.D. must reach the obvious conclusion. I know my IQ is below 140, the conclusion I reached to my surprise is that I am not a "genuis".

    I would caution that intelligence is considered by most to be a qualitative understanding, and attempts to quantify qualitative relationships is mixing metaphors. I submit that there is more than one intelligence. Then again, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to know the IQs of all the people I come in contact with daily, pilots, mechanics, ships cpatian, service workers etc.

    While I do believe intelligence has its place, it remains one of many factors in a relationship. In my humble opinion it has become a closed loop system that feeds back to its elite that they are good. If you're a "genuis" you must be good.
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    Unfortunately,The empowerment idea of feminists and woman's liberation agendas has made it a bigger challenge to "have it all". The job or career, the family and the ideal relationship.

    Where men and women can do better is stop thinking about what the other can do for them rather than what they can do for their partner. This me attitude has killed the idea of a longterm possibility.

    Where women can do better is make him feel valued and appreciated. The expectation of serving me has to change. Men want to serve you but they don't want you to expect it. They also don't like to be criticized and judged for simply being a man. Women who practice emasculating men to gain empowerment usually find themselves alone in their later years and then wonder why.

    For the next relationship try obtaining a serving mindset and don't criticize or judge or emasculate him. Change your list of expectations to that of growing the relationship instead of serving yourself. If he is smart he will see it right and the relationship will grow. If he doesn't you may have just picked the wrong guy who doesn't get it either. The magic is when you both get it and serve eachother unconditionally.
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    I will remain single until i find mr perfect. I dont wanto start a relationship with someone that is not compatble with me and hurthere feelings. I just waitill the right guy contact me then we fall inlove get maried and have 2 children. Im usualy atracted to guys that have an iq of more than 140and a high emotional iq.its time to find my mr perfect,my expectations arentoohigh. Iwant aman that want alifetime partnership. Im very fun2bewith and will alwaysupport mypartner.im a compasionate woman and faithfull partner

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    Most times beautiful women attract more flies..we soon find out within a couple dates theres something just not right lol. Trying to weed out the real men is a particular challenge...therefore its best to stay single to avoid an epic fail.
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    staying single? well, I can only speak from my own experience, as a woman who is free and independent with an entrepreneurial streak running thru my life n soul I dont want someone to be joined at the hip with 24/7. I want a companion who can satisfy my desires, yet my freedom is paramount to me. I dont want to marry someone to wear his ring cos I can buy my own ring if I so desire. For me it comes down to wanting it all. Big ask? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, as my life unfolds further I will see. I must put a post script to this, I am an Australian woman and we have not been conditioned in the same way that American women have been.
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    Just before I came to this site I met an old friend who was absolutely astonished that I was not in a relationship.  He honestly believed that I was lying to him.  I actually had to convince him that it was true.

    I think that some people assume that everyone always wants to be in a relationship and would be in one if at all possible.  This just isn't true; many people enjoy being single or are just too busy for a relationship.  This is especially common among ambitious, career-minded people.

    So, many beautiful women may be single simply because they want to be.  Also, I think a lot of beautiful women may shy away from relationships because they tend to attract men who are only interested in their looks. 

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    Why are beautiful women still single?  Well, the research shows that people tend to select mates 2 levels above and below what they think their level of beauty is.  This is especially true for women but not as much for men.  If a woman thinks she is a 10, then she will be attracted to men who are 8-10.  If she views herself as a 5 then she will be attracted to (or self-select) a 3-7 male.  This may account for why beautiful woman are still single.  Maybe all the 8-10 men are taken, playing, or not available in some way.  The equalizer for men is money.  If a man earns more he no longer has to be an 8-10 to a 10 woman.

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    Enjoyable both men and women can have high expectations in dating. Men can have a list such as she needs to be model material, slim, fit, hair eyes nose mouth face features to their liking, She needs to be kid free, close in location, not dating anyone steady, good job, house, car, stable or functional family situation etc.

    I can go on and on with a list of preferences or expectations. With some men it is all about looks.

    I used men cause I dont want women questioning each thing I list. It is just an example here that one man might have all these expectations for his ideal lady. Sounds unrealistic? That is the point. If it seems to be unrealistic then most likely you can say they have high expectations.

    Women have a list too and they want it to be right or they would rather stay single until it is.
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    Hoping4Love2000 U "ROCK", as I said, I want you in my foxhole, when the stuff hits the fan, I know I can count on you.

    Gloves or no gloves, it was over before it started, and STILL Champion, Princess "Erin B" retains her title.

    Another lesson for the contenders and pretenders.

    Keep the faith, no retreat, no surrender. Nothing but "Props" for you.
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    What do you consider "high expectations?"

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    *Princess "Erin B" takes MACH's blue gloves and run out to hide them... Gets ready for her "sneak attack!" HeeHeeHee~~

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    Hoping4Love2000, let the games begin. BTW being in trouble for speakings your mind can be a good thing. It suggest to me, a person isn't afraid to say what they think. Fear often takes away your freedom to decide.

    There is no doubt the world is a better place with you in it. And at the end of the day I will always be a fan.

    With that said, let's get ready to rrrrrrruuuuummmmble. In far corner wearing the pink gloves, Hoping4Love2000 AKA Erin B, in the near corner wearing the blue gloves.......
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    GAME ON MACHEVILLI! (and look.. the princess wears her pink gloves!!)

    This may be difficult for some to imagine... BUT MY MOUTH AND THE CANDOR THAT COMES OUT OF IT GETS ME IN A LOTTA TROUBLE!!

    IE: I do NOT recommend you tell a cop he is a LIAR after trial.. IT DOESN'T ALWAYS SIT WELL W/ the JUDGE!! Bwhahahahaha! Yep! True story! Perhaps I am related to Erin Broackavich?? I am a lot to handle at times!! :)

    LOOK.. I can give people lots of excellent advise on what NOT to do!! At least I am good for something! HeeHee~~

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    Pretty simple. IMO Of course I cannot stereotype every single gorgeous woman; however, I can say this...

    Many women have been raised to think very little of themselves. Media in general blasts them almost from birth with unrealistic images of what true beauty is. Airbrushed, perfectly lit, perfectly angled, flattering images.

    They are trained to believe that they need to qualify themselves, and "measure up" to an unreal standard. They are taught to cover up blemishes, and accessorize… Even enhance, or surgically improve. As human beings we naturally aspire to perfect ourselves so it feels quite natural to want to be our best selves. Nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is when a woman feels less than so much so that she fills her closet, make up arsenal, jewelry, cars, homes etc. instead of loving who she is and being the best her. Eat right, exercise, educate herself, love, and live! She will buy pampering, attention, agreement, and creature comforts of all sorts. She becomes entitled.

    Getting back to your question… Many grow to feel that if they can check off more of the attraction boxes in terms of having their stuff together it entitles them to a better man. They feel entitled to experience the life that they’ve been accustomed to, being catered to, and accommodated. They’re beautiful people after all!! Why shouldn’t the world cater to them? I’m not mad about it. I’ve been blessed to be constantly surrounded by gorgeous people of all types. I work in the entertainment industries and I find outer beauty quite common. Inner beauty however…

    I am so in love with one of my friends. She is beautiful inside and out. Pure perfection. She is happy with herself, and it shows. She is the type of person that lights up a room, and is grateful to be in YOUR presence! Don’t change “L”.
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    Hoping4Love while I consider myself to be smarter than your average bear, I am very aware of my limitations. Having said that I would say if I could pick one person to have in a foxhole watching my back, you would be my first choice.

    You candor is quite refreshing, not that I can always handle hearing the truth. I do have a great appreciation for those who remain true themselves inspite of what the rest of the herd is doing.

    So, if you will let me win sometimes for the sake of my very fragile ego, I say let the games begin.
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    YO MACHEVILLI.... Come SPAR w/ me!! I think I could take ya on!! Esp. after my 2 day nightmare trying to post my blog on CHEATING!! As if the punches I receive from that BLOG aren't gonna be enough.. Bwahahahahaha!!!


    It is really only 2 parts.. but looks like 3.. But i always try to appear like I am more to handle than I really am anyways!! HaHa!! It has been a long evening to say the least!! :)


    And I AGREE with you.. MINKYKEKA made a great observation... I would have to expound upon that and say.. How many of us prefer to be single for what reason? Fear of another FAILURE? Or do we really want to be single? I just single handedly destroyed something I thought was to be very POSITIVE in my life.. Does this mean I WANT to be single? or that I am just another dumbass who messes everything up? I'm not sure.. but I'm gonna take Dianas advice and go hide the shit box in the garage!! LOLOL

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    Quoting minkykeka:

    its not just about beautiful women - sorry but thats just a POV - if we are honest with ourselves then we (me included) would come to realise the reason why we are all single is that we choose to be, our sub conscious directs us to this, to be with someone you should first love yourself ( i hear you ) - oh but i do - i really do - but the truth will always be if you love yourself then you will find an avenue to share that love with another..and until you either realise or achieve this state then this www will stay in your heart, which is not that bad a place to be..

    You made some very good points, it isn't just about "beautiful women", although the media is obsessed with this image. I am remined of Oscar Wilde who said "To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

    I do agree that being single is to a large degree is a matter of choice, our sub conscious is merely a construct of our owm making suggesting if we are "truly" honest...

    I submit that there are few who know the truth of the answer to the question and I am not one. In my very humble opinion it requires insight, reflection, knowledge, and enlighten that I continue to work on every day.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 09, 2011 15:54

    Quoting Hoping4Love2000:

    HOPELESSLY..... Everyone has a different take on movies.. What was yours? I see you are new to boards, as am I.. WELCOME... and may you have better fortune in the "Love arena" than I have!! I think I'm trading in my heart for set of boxing gloves now! A man might appreciate the gloves more!! :)

    I must say you have a great attitude, and a nice sense of humor. I enjoy hearing your thoughts, comments, wit and wisdom. You really had me cracking up with the boxing gloves.
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