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    I'm really pretty simple. I need a guy who:

    1. Is completely loyal- if only for personal health reasons- Did you know that the in the US 1 in 5 (or 20%) of all adult have some sort of STD? I can get over a guy who breaks my heart but I can't get over AIDS, herpes, etc. If you are interested in someone else.. tell me.. I'm friends with 90% of my ex-boyfriends- the ones that follow this rule. Sleeping around in these modern times is more than unethical- it's just reckless and idiotic.

    2. Have some ambition in life and a good work ethic- if you hate your job and you do half-assed work out of some passive aggressive deal- you're hurting others you work with. I judge people on how they treat others as much as how they treat me. I don't care if you are a garbage collector- but have a passion to be the best garbage collector of all time.

    3. Be generally healthy and able to participate in occasional activities. I'm not looking for Superman. I've dated bald guys, barrel-chested guys, emerging pot belly guys, skinny guys, gray haired guys, etc. Just keep it in check and don't fall of the end of the health scale and develop unnecessary health problems we shouldn't have to deal with.

    4. Be supportive of a woman with a career.

    Ms. Valky

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    wow yes why are good looking women are still single on this site ?????
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    Well i get asked that question all the time and its one simple answer....Lairs....Not saying all men are but its hard to find someone who's just brutally honest. ;)
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    Times have changed. Both men and women don't know what they really want from a relationship. What are the roles for today. Independence is the buzz word, but independence and living on your own at 60 is not quite the same as 21.
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    In my opinion, women in general are looking for a guy who is a blend of successful, attractive, and commitment minded; not an easy combination to find.
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    Woman do have expectations in finding her prince. A woman wants to live a lifestyler of her dreams. If a man can come close to that fantasy and make it as close to a reality then the interest is stimulated. A woman doesn't look at a man so much in looks as men do with woman. A woman wants to feel her prince will be able to take care of her and "their family they create together".
    If a woman feels that a man cannot, then she will most likely pass you up. It is just the same in the animal kingdom, in a species of birds, the male bird creates the nesting home for his mate, if she doesn't like it then she has him tear it down and rebuild a new one until he get's it right. So, the famle is particular in her needs. The best man wins the prize! Then she rewards him with her love and their life together. Women want a secure man within himself, and with someone she can trust. A man isn't happy being a man if he is not where he wants to be financially. If he is happy then his lady will be happy too "Because he is happy HE will make her feel like his princess".

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    Quoting lord_d:

    most of the men are afraid to lose them. I think that men want feel better with something/someone they have "under control".

    I think, it's not so much "under control" as "being a hero". It is difficult for a man to feel like a hero with a woman who is striving to be equal to a man.

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    I am not in the rush.
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    Good point Mister Practical.. Actually brilliant............LOL my a** off 

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    Without the need or desire to become or remain a couple for the sake of having children and perpetuating a marriage, there really is very little that can attract and hold a woman or a man in a stable monogomous relationship, if they don't have a passion to be in one.

    Most men and women are simply more in love with themselves than they could ever be with someone else. Read the profiles. Women describe themselves as if they were glamourous movie stars in search of other glamourous movie stars. I just had a date Saturday night with a pudgy 50 year old woman who wrote in her profile that her friends thought she was like Audrey Hepburn. Really?

    The reality is that most of us are just refugess from multile failed relationships.

    Narcissim is a prescription for starring in mirror adoring yourself while life passes you by.

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    most of the men are afraid to lose them. I think that men want feel better with something/someone they have "under control".

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    To name a few?
    Some have a cull factor
    I are here you are not
    c'mere doesn't work

    Follow your Bliss Dahhling
    xoxo Ava

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    I tend to think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder . That being said I can only speak for myself I feel that the older, smarter and more assertive I get i just scare the sh** out of a lot of guys...hahaha... It´s the duality of things they want sexy but not to sexy..they want smart but not to smart ...they want independent but not to independent .  It just seems like I cant get that middle ground ;)

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    i would consider myself pretty and im now single because my ex husband cheated and im not willing to stay in an untrusting relationship with a man who would do that so here i am single...the reason? i am a single mom! i dont have a lot of time to go out so we have to do it online...doesnt mean we dont do things that ugly women do nor does it mean our expectations are higher!

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    Good question?!
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    You have the answer.

    They are too busy sorting through inappropriate guys. Higher expectations on their side - guy has to be better than they are - and a lot of good guys not hitting on them as those girls "are not available" when, in fact, they just might not appear to be.

    In translation, if girl is the wait to be picked type, she will not initiate the contact.

    Meantime she will be busy being polite and trying to know better the people who hit on her. A lot are not the right kind.

    So, two ingredients:

    1. higher expectations (maybe)

    2. fear of failure on behalf of the guys which are an appropriate fit.

    To be too smart, or too beautiful, or both, might be a curse in disguise.

    This is the good case, but there are also other reasons for which good looking women are alone.
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    Wow! You said in a nutshell! Thank you from a single over 45 lady.
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    ooooooooooohhhhhh my the question i love to answer it seems i did a survey and men told me ugly women do more things than pretty women which i felt is not true because i do everything and i mean everything also some men said they dont have to worry about other men looking at they women but i feel thats crazy because if she have a nice body and she ugly men still look some men that is some men dont have standards and some men do my situation is that men feel threatened by me being smart and high maintenance thats my problem sorry a lot of pretty women dont like to be looking any kind of way.

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    In response to luv2hug:




    Back in the days of the Kinsey report (early '50s) men were found to cheat about 4 times as often as women.  That has changed considerably.  The number of women who cheat today has become almost equal to the number of men.

    If you expect someone to cheat, they will--it will just become a self-fulling prophecy. Not saying one should go into a new relationship without open eyes, but don't start with negative expectations.

    But that's just my opinion.



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    Well hun, I myself am 39 and my answer is that I havent found my soulmate, someone that shares common interests and I can always have fun with.

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