Interracial Relationships Interracial Relationship

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    I don't want to sound negative, but the old saying goes, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", dear you have been "fooled" 3 times! I'd hope that you may want to look deep within yourself to see what issues you may have to that played a part in these failed marriages. Let's not play the blame game.

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    Hi there! I am sorry about your failed marriages. But don't you think you learned something from that past marriages and I guess better know someone from the heart deeply before you jump into another relationship. Interracial relation is good coz you are learning something about the others culture. Love is powerful and both partner should look at the same direction and there should be a lot of understanding and compromising.

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    mix , mixing, mixed...
    red, green.. blue, black, brown , yellow..
    the rainbow won't be so magnificent if God did not decide to use his color palettes..
    so mixing is good..beautiful, magnificent
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    I definitely agree with cutiepie..I am from Bimini, Bahamas and Ive never been one to look at color of ones skin. I view myself as colorblind...Although it is funny how society treats you in public. I have an Irish/scottish son with natural blue eyes and sandy blonde hair and it is unbelievable how many people will actually converse with me verses when I am by my shy self..funny that way I guess but I would love for more men to feel less intimidated and approach me if interested..I dont bight at least not hard, lol. :)
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    sorry about your failed marriages, but maybe instead of looking at the race

    issue, maybe they were infact your own insecurites.I have dated white men

    for a while now, and have yet to experience any of the things you

    mentioned.Maybe your mistake was not feeling comfortable with you own

    choices, and as you mentioned these women were not African -American

    women.All black women( one of which would be me) do not look for a man for

    clothing or a meal ticket or for other material things.So I would advise you to

    take a long hard look in the mirror before "urging" anyone to do anything

    Hello cutiipie,

    Well, I am the first to admit that I?m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and do not seek perfection in my partner; moreso such things as care, support, affection, respect, trust, as indeed were the things I always endeavoured to give. Perhaps you are right, insomuch as my marriage break-ups could have just as likely occurred, had my partners been Caucasians...All I was trying to describe, were my own experiences, as they happened. Of course, I felt comfortable with my choices when they were first made...In many if not most relationships, they start off in a very positive way, where everything is ?great,? e.g. the fun, the companionship, the discovery, the exchange of views, the intimacy etc. I am no exception to this.

    I apologise if you felt insulted by my small anecdote. As you say, my partners were not afro-american but asian and afro-caribbean. There probably is a marked difference in cultures as perhaps Iran and Barbados are still considered part of the developing world.

    By the way, my ?urge? was addressed to those of us who are risk averse as I feel that they are possibly even more likely than I to fail.

    I will however take your advice and take a long, hard look in the mirror before doing any more ?urging.?
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