What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love? Action and Adventure

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    Thanks Min & Sharp..well certainly in my own experience, men sure show up at the places and times I least expect when I m doing what I love ...lol
    Recently I was at an investors' meeting and being the token woman in the midst of a whole room of pin-striped Brit uppercrusty types, I spoke my views..and when I left, this nice young guy ran after me in the lift and wanted to find out if I still practise tax law and offered to buy me lunch except I had to rush...so just do what u feel like doing and leave the men to trail after u if they are interested..women today have forgotten the art of 'playing hard to get' which makes the chase so much more challenging and exciting and that is always what the men love..after all that is why they love competitive sport so much..
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    Min..love to go to Africa but I want to see S. America too..
    Sharp..man or no man..just go with the flow of your own plan..he will just have to fit with your plan...you are worth it...and whatever you plan he will just have to go along..
    (sorry listen to this bossy old boot...lol) but trust me, men usually have no plan and their social life has to be planned by someone else and it is usually their wives or secretaries..
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    you bet they are strong, even the small guys they carry our entire luggage on baskets strapped to their heads..and walked on bare feet and sometimes only rubber slippers wearing only their shorts and a flimsy old shirt in minus zero temperature, such hardy lot..but you might be in danger of getting their hair lice if u get strapped in their baskets on their head..everywhere I ventured, there were women spending their time in the sun combing kids' hair and their own trying to de-lice...lol
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    WEll like I say I am a bit of a mental masochist to take all these mesochistic suffering all for the love of a man..
    Make sure you have plenty of nice Gurkha guides to carry your luggage..and they might even carry you too if you want...
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    Sharp and MIn,
    'Cushy 'means you have to check into the Tiger Hotel and only do short 2-3 day sojourns out of your cushy 5 star hotel into the well trodden paths lined with tea-houses run by gurkha soldiers after they retired from the British service to the Queen..all very civilised and smacks of a Grace Kelly version of 'Africa'. with afternooon teas and white linen napkins in the midst of the mountains.and full make-up on ..lol
    Yes...at my age I could do with lots of 'cushy' travel..no more dirty smelly backpacks sans bath and loos..
    I remembered at one of the villages we had to line up with the rest of the villagers at a public tap to get water to brush our teeth in the freezing cold...lol ..it was not funny .not on your honeymoon at least!!
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    It does take courage Bonnie, and I can relate to the fear. But it's necessary to overcome that fear and take the risk of putting ourselves out there._______________________________

    I often believe that love and marriage , like religion could be assimilated and preached only when one is young and innocent. I don't fear marriage but I love my freedom too much to exchange it for the unknown and to take on someone else's baggage-note the last term..'responsibility and baggage.
    right person? I think I met alot of 'Mr. Rights' in my time since my husband passed away..but never seem to find the need or desire to commit to anything long term..and that is why men find me a real enigma..and I wish there were more men who think like me.. and prefer LAT..lol
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    Sharp and Min,
    You have not heard the rest of my honeymoon. It was a very expensive trip, 5 porters to carry our tents and cooking utensils and food..but the state of their hygiene left much to be desired..you have to be prepared for cold and basic facilities..we hiked all the way to the Tibetan borders..a town called Jomson..which looked like the moon..sand dunes and dusty wind storms , very haunting but difficult life there, not enough wood to even start a fire..and flew back on a plane that carried all forms of livestock from a goat to chicken on board and the route was through canyons and rather precarious terrain..I fear we were rather ignorant about the sort of life-threatening risks we were taking to go on a journey like that..went on a bus that did not have brakes which careered down the valley on its own momentum and when it stopped all the men had to get out and pushed the bus till it started again and then they had to run after the bus ..so my advice is to check thoroughly the tour operator and the reliability of your trip..and please bring your own water and anti-diarrhea pills cos both my husband and friend came down with dreadful tummy all thru the trip..
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    He was not an ex just an old buddie boyfriend..who is still a great friend today and would come and drive me all over the US leaving his wife behind ..guess he has always been an admirer...Im lucky to have buddies like him..he was going to come this month to see me on his business trip.
    Well, it was a memorable honeymoon alright but I swear I will never hike the Himalayas again unless I have my own portable toilet with me...and my own chef..lol
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    Ignorance is bliss and so is love when blind..I often wonder if I could do it all over again , now that I am older and wiser...do I have the courage or capacity to love that way again...lol
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    My honeymoon was spent in the HImalayas with my husband and an old boyfriend together on a 14 day trek..our luggage was lost for 4 days and we had to live off my 6ft tall friend's meagre wardrobe swimming in his huge jumper..we shared the same sleeping bag (husband and I ) but was in the same room or barn or camp everywhere with friend too..no baths , no change of clothes, no proper toilet facilities, basic food and 6000 ft above sea level at minus zero temperature , with nose bleeds and running out of toilet roll since we need it for both ends of our bodies...I was in tears every night and was told that it was the baptism of fire for me before we start our life in cold miserable UK...trekked more than 10 hours a day...and I had always wanted to be in Hawaii for my honeymoon..I looked a miserable sight in all our honeymoon pics...a wonder how we lasted 20 years after that trek...love is ironic..
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    NYCHICK write:
    i once made dinner-- yep entermans cake

    god i loved him

    OMG you are so funny!! This had me laughing for much too long ... wish I'd said it .. Guess I need to get out more, lol
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    i once made dinner-- yep entermans cake

    god i loved him
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    for love i can do and have done the most incredibles n stupid things...LOL
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