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    robotic123_74 write:
    It is impossible to shift your consciousness outside of your body or brain as if it is a thing.

    Why is it impossible Robotic? It's not like it is made of solid matter!
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    It is impossible to shift your consciousness outside of your body or brain as if it is a thing. Uri Geller was a fake. It was a trick. There is no such thing as telekinesis.
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    I don't know what was happening in your apartment but there are no such things as ghosts and no such things as haunted houses.
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    Conscience and consciousness is not the same thing. Your conscience tells you right from wrong, it is a learned thing. Consciousness is your sense that you and the world around you exists.
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    The title of this thread is consciousness.

    I agree that we do have it. As far as I know no one can explain it. For myself I have a gut understanding of what it means. The mind is a function of the brain, not the only function, but one. Without a mind there would be no consciousness. It is up there in my head someplace.

    I am 75 years old, I remember when I became conscious that I was alive on this planet. I was about three or four years old and we lived out in the country. It was about the year 1932 or 1933. I remember seeing a little dust devil in some dirt automobile or wagon tracks. It was about as tall as me. I think I understood it about as well then as I do now. I don't know how I could have done that unless someone had previously explained it to me but I don't remember that. It was like waking up from a good nights sleep and the sun was shining in a clear blue sky with a few little white clouds, a beautiful day, and I realized I was here and alive on this earth. Like waking up from a dreamless sleep.

    I guess that my three or four year old brain had matured to the point where I could have that concept. It was a beautiful world I had landed on.

    I sometimes wonder if animals have any concept at all that they are alive. They seem to know when to run from death. Maybe they do. Most of them love to be petted. I have had dogs that if they had one more brain cell I think they could have talked. Just the other day I was trying to trap a mouse and she avoided the traps with amazing dexterity. I watched her do it.
    Elephants will help a calf that is not their own and manipulate elephant bones with their trunks as if they somehow understand death of one of their own or they are at least wondering about it. Then there was that female chimp that picked up that kid that had somehow fallen into the moat at the Chicago zoo and took it to a door...
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    I consider the questions to be pointless.

    I am who I am. I am a man and I know my name.

    I know where I came from. I came from my mother and my father. I am the last link in a long line of evolution except my kids who I hope will provide me with grandchildren and so on.

    The atoms, molecules and stuff of our bodies came from elements that were created in supernovas the stuff of which collected into the sun and planets.

    The supernovas were huge stars that burned out their fuel after just a few million years unlike our sun which has lived some 5 billion years and can be expected to live some 5 billion more years but it will not go supernova it wiil go red giant and the core will shrink to a white dwarf then to a black cinder.

    It all came from the Big Bang which happened some 14 billion years ago. No one knows or can even guess what happened before that.

    However I think that the stuff of the universe was always here in some form or another, that there was no real beginning, that cause and effect always existed so that the existence of the universe is the only thing that was never caused. If the universe did come from absolutely nothing then it still was not caused because if there was anything at all there to cause it we are back to the previous situation.

    The answer to why I am here has to do with all the particles and forces that have acted upon all the particles of which I am made. There is no reason out yonder in the future however far or close you may consider for my being here. The reasons are all in the past right up to the very present.
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    It may have some drawbacks to reveal remote viewing talents in a forum. Not only might that scare a few people, but also make others envious. Still others might think that it's only bragging.

    Personally, I think its best if some of lifes mysteries are kept secret. That can make it a lot more fun. Uri Geller had an extreme lot of resistance due to all sorts of people being envious of his talents. I may have some of those talents myself but never ask me about them, because all you'll ever get is a mischievious twinkle in my eyes.
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    Questioning oneself is not necessarily just pointless. Consider that someone else gave you your name when you were born and you never had a choice. Almost all of our opinions are formed by the attitudes of other people. Even most emotions are learned processes from family and friends. In that sense it would mean that there is no real "I", just a mixture of everyone else in ourselves and that what really does consist of a true "I" is so small that it is buried under everyone elses part inside of ourselves.
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    I have often wondered about this subject when I 'faint' or become unconscious under general anaesthetics or in deep sleep..where is that conscience, is there a different conscious awareness at work?...I use to think that when I faint, I could see bright lights, as though one is going towards heaven..
    before you become conscious again.

    I once lived in a haunted apartment for 4 years..I was constantly being 'disturbed ' in my sleep in someone would strangle me and I will be gasping for breath, it happened constantly , at least 3 times a week, to the point that I would be quite afraid of going to bed.., the light in my bathroom used to go off on it s own and the most apparent apparition was when I saw the door knob to the bathroom started turning on its own what sort of consciousness did possess me to see these things? I know I was not imagining them because my late husband later confirmed he felt the same and we also found out when we moved out that it was indeed a haunted place..
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