Long Term Relationships & Long Distance Long Term Relationship

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    charque write:
    i like what i see

    Charque, you mean Champayne or the topic?
    If the former, check out 'Verbal Intimacy' thread, he is already the hot guy on this site..has his own fan club going there..first come first serve though...lol
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    i like what i see
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    Chateau_Paris write:

    Well donehole to the office party..most men love the sight of an atttractive new girl in town...bet you are the buzz of the neighborhood right now and the local lads are secretly making a bee line at the local supermart or office drinks machine thinking of a chat up line for you! Chateau , you are my kind of girl!! YOu will also find that it gives you that much more confidence once you have done it and know you have survived and soon you will be looking further and beyond..and wonder why you did not do it earlier...Im afraid you have been bitten by that curious bite..
    Also your travel and relocation experience will be great openers at social meeting places , from the local drinking
    Enjoy it..your exciting chapter has just begun...
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    Thanks 1TAll and same to you and all the mums here.. we celebrated Mothers day in March..don't know why it is not the same day...
    you are right, the little things that we take pleasure in are the ones that give us a sense of achievement and accomplishment, however insignicant that task maybe..just completed my phtoshop computer exam..nice to know at least I understand how the system works now...so I shall not be frustrated or let down by my own ignorance..lol
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    Thanks, Bonnie! I'm different from some others I know in that I LOVE change....it doesn't always seem to be good at first, but it keeps life interesting, and sometimes forces us into doing things we wouldn't ordinarily do...and so there's always some good that comes from it. Right now the time and $$ are an issue for me, since buying my new place, but I should be done in the next few months and then I can get back to my life again! I can't believe how much time even just shopping for a piece of furniture takes...and let's not even talk about painting! I had to match some existing paint and I've spent days finally doing it and painting. Though I'm tired, I get such satisfaction out of doing things myself that I just sit and look at it for a while. Today is Mother's Day so I'm going to take it easy and later go to my youngest daughter's for dinner. Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie and all the other Moms here.
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    .so even we grammas have to find our own happiness elsewhere, too. If we're very lucky, it all works out and we can still see our families as much as we like. I hope to get real lucky, and Maggie knows just how I feel!


    You sound like you have what it takes to be that adventurer and traveller..go for it!
    You will be pleasantly surprised that it is not that tough and it will certainly change your life completely..a sort of female Indiana JOnes adventure that will not only toughen you but often you will also collect some of the most amazing friends and memories..I mark each year of my life with some eccentric adventure or project that will go down in my memory for life..and perhaps my novel someday..
    LDR whether it works or not is still an experience that would be different from a stable LTR with the boy next door..that distance is the acid test of love..which a local one will never know..and it will be memorable..
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    Wow, Minerva you are truly exotic and well travelled..I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss..what we don't know we don't miss..
    We remain the outsider and sometimes the outcast everywhere we go.The advantage is we could then see everything from a 'fresh eye' , a sort of pedestrian view, less judgmental hopefully and a more educated view since we have seen both sides or perhaps many sides of an issue. We are more tolerant of others' quaint ways of life and never feel that our own is the only way of life or our view is the only one..and of course , our friends are a colorful bunch from all corners of the world that add to a greater dimension and variety.
    Our roots will belong to a wider horizon and we will have memories that are extracted from several different countries, cultures and encounters..
    My concern use to be of my kids..one of the most glaring is their transient lives meant that they don't form very deep friendships with their peers. If they don't get on with anyone, they don't make the effort since they feel that the problem will remove itself when they or that person will soon depart after a short stint..kids growing up in third culture are less able to confront problems especially inter-personal relationships because they feel they could remove themselves physically from them by taking the next flight out...and my daughter felt exactly that way when she hated the boarding school she came back to and just called to say send ticket she wants to fly back to Japan...lol
    I have also observed children who move through as many as 13 schools in their first 15 years of schooling..some coped very well but some don't and their fragmented academic life meant they have to be constantly catching up with curriculum that they never did complete ..
    it is such a bizarre world living the life of the modern gypsy..lol
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    I think, were it not for the grandkids, I might be wandering, too. I stayed in this town to take care of my mother, and when she died, I was ready to move on. I had job interviews up and down the coast, but the best job I found was here at home, so I stayed. I understand that my youngest and her hubby may pick up and move sometime and all I can hope is that it won't be too far away. We have to understand that our kids have their own lives and may settle elsewhere...so even we grammas have to find our own happiness elsewhere, too. If we're very lucky, it all works out and we can still see our families as much as we like. I hope to get real lucky, and Maggie knows just how I feel!
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    Tall and Maggie,
    I gather that when we all reach a certain age we will find letting go
    of our roots and our comfort zone so much harder..and that it would need a damn good reason like love of a man to move you. Whilst for the young and adventurous it would be easier since there are less family roots to tie them down ..
    BUt I belong to the nomadic group which is a growing tribe now , these are people who have lived away in several countries from their birth home/country for so long , that it becomes hard for them to find those roots again to go home, and when they do , they find they have less in common with those in their hometown who never left..that dislocation is often hard to adjust..and probably never..and strangely the love of a man/woman may not be the only reason they want to keep moving on.. a condition that has been around for a while and I recognise it amongst a lot of second generation expat children..I call it a roving -cycle..we get restless after a while..
    I for e.g. could go anywhere anytime for adventure or for love and if it is both it would be a bonus..well I may just sign on as a roving reporter or join a gypsy caravan..lol
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    Dear ones, I used to feel that way -- that I would go anywhere if I found the right guy...but the past few years, and after trying a long distance relationship once with a man in Australia... I've discovered that I don't want to leave my children and especially my grandbabies. I'm within driving distance of all of them, and I see the babies often...I couldn't bear to leave them if it were a long way away. I wouldn't want to be more than a day or two of traveling from them....although if there was enough money that I could fly to see them often, I might consider another state. My little babies have made my life so much more enjoyable...whoever I meet has some real competition!!
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    PS..some of you would be wondering why I asked this question would you just relocate to any place you fancy whether Mr. Right comes along to woo you or not..

    Well, I personally believe that if you could say yes you could do that, then you will never be afraid whether the LDR work out or not at the end of the day..because your happiness is not solely dependent on him to make you happy wherever you may be...and if it fails, you know you have gain by being adventurous and gain from that wonderful experience of having seen and lived in a new place..so ladies go where your heart takes you and it does not have to be for a dream man because he may just be out there if you took that step..nothing venture nothing gain..
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    HI ladies,

    Just out of curiosity , I notice most of you would contemplate LDR and relocating for love if the right man comes along to woo you, but would you consider moving out of your familiar surroundings if the right job needs you to do it or maybe even relocate for adventure and then maybe you might bump into Mr. Right that way?
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    Good points. I find there are a few sweet men on MM whom I write back and forth with, from occasionally to daily, and although we've never met, I miss talking to them each day if they don't write to me and flatter the pants off me, much to my delight.

    I think an LDR would work if there was the opportunity, agreed on or at least implied, that one or the other might move to be together. I want to be wooed to a new and different location.
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