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    Dear ones, I used to feel that way -- that I would go anywhere if I found the right guy...but the past few years, and after trying a long distance relationship once with a man in Australia... I've discovered that I don't want to leave my children and especially my grandbabies. I'm within driving distance of all of them, and I see the babies often...I couldn't bear to leave them if it were a long way away. I wouldn't want to be more than a day or two of traveling from them....although if there was enough money that I could fly to see them often, I might consider another state. My little babies have made my life so much more enjoyable...whoever I meet has some real competition!!
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    PS..some of you would be wondering why I asked this question would you just relocate to any place you fancy whether Mr. Right comes along to woo you or not..

    Well, I personally believe that if you could say yes you could do that, then you will never be afraid whether the LDR work out or not at the end of the day..because your happiness is not solely dependent on him to make you happy wherever you may be...and if it fails, you know you have gain by being adventurous and gain from that wonderful experience of having seen and lived in a new place..so ladies go where your heart takes you and it does not have to be for a dream man because he may just be out there if you took that step..nothing venture nothing gain..
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    HI ladies,

    Just out of curiosity , I notice most of you would contemplate LDR and relocating for love if the right man comes along to woo you, but would you consider moving out of your familiar surroundings if the right job needs you to do it or maybe even relocate for adventure and then maybe you might bump into Mr. Right that way?
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    Good points. I find there are a few sweet men on MM whom I write back and forth with, from occasionally to daily, and although we've never met, I miss talking to them each day if they don't write to me and flatter the pants off me, much to my delight.

    I think an LDR would work if there was the opportunity, agreed on or at least implied, that one or the other might move to be together. I want to be wooed to a new and different location.
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    If it is truly love, people will find a way to be together. Especially if they want to marry. When you get together with the one you are having a LDR with, you appreciate each other more.
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    I think your right. Because you do see many relationships that are LDR work out and some even get married down the road. Those ones do show us that they can work.
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