Do you have any pets other than dogs or cats? Pets

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    butterflynjax write:

    SIXFEETWTC write:
    1HotMama write: are hilarious! I always thought your posts were so smart and well-thought out before, but the last month or so, you have really let humor show and I think you are hilarious!! LOL Loved this post....

    Tnx 1HM. Like most people, there are many different facets to my personality - just have to know when to utilize each one.

    Me too Kim, i just let all the brain cells fly when Im posting, lol, whatever come out, lol,, there you have it!!! Be quiet you guys!!! You know I am just putting on an act..
    Petty,, hush!!!shhhhhhhhhh

    I would never make funny of a fellow smart/spacey girl! Some people write on here to impress...I write whatever comes pouring out. I am very much of a perfectionist in many ways but this is a dating site so I don't write to impress...that is why I can relate to you so well Butter girl.
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    LMAO - Thanks 1HM for pointing that out.. I get it 'now' lol

    Scripps: I think you should get a Llama anyways?? Great pets? When they're not spitting in your face...hee hee
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    Hi - I have to ask... Why, when & How did your Dali become famous?

    I have a dog who I've trained to do allsorts of cool stuff, she was recently on the News for 'taking a bow' before HRH Prince Michael of Kent, she stole the show!

    Anyways, I imagine Dali to be simply adorable, give her a 'squidge' on her cute nose for me ;o)
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    Wow, Scripps you are famous!! I knew there was something I liked about you. :)
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    ScrippsRanchMel write:
    I have a llama. Her name is Dali.

    When HOT created this thread she was being serious and I am sure it hurts her feelings to put something so silly on here...JUST KIDDING...I wanted to post something on pets but all I have are dogs and cats...just love animals..
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    Six, that post is going to look pretty funny when you put your real pic back on .hahahahaha You are funny!
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    I have 2 delightful cats, plus fish ... like to have more ... read my profile that says it all!!

    if you'd like to read a free pet "lifestyle" mag, and catch a glimpse of another part of the world, goog le yourpetmagazine
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    Hi Hotmama!
    Your Samantha sounds really cool! As well as my 3 dogs,3 cats & a Horse, I have a very 'Handsome' water Dragon called Vinny, he is only a baby, 6 months now & he is so tame (well as tame as a reptile can I think our lovable cold-blooded little critters are becoming more popular as pets & it'll be interesting to see what other unusal pets folk have on here?.... I had a snake a few years ago, just a little corn snake called Nelson, I lost him in a custody battle No doubt if another one comes along up for adoption (I am very involved with animal rescue centres over here) Being the s~ucker I am, it'll end up coming home with me...

    Stay Lucky ;o)
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