Would you relocate to EUROPE (or anywhere outside the USA/Canada) and if so, where would you like to live? Lifestyle

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    well..if u gonna do that for them..2% is gonna make u very very rich ..if u wanna run it and do the hiring and the firing for them as a headhunter..that is a super great 2% ...tootoootoooting your horn for you here..
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    Bonnie: "and they could be deemed as pariahs"
    "can't work in small companies only large multi corpn.."

    Yes, only large stock exchange companies where lots of bucks are at risk.

    Typically, a large government organization in the US operates this way. Human Resources and civil service laws help prevent unfair firings, HR sends a list of qualified candidates to the organization needing people. IG investigates internal fraud and theft, Safety and usually QA are not in the line organizations.

    The working model is there, the workers like it, now it just needs to be applied to large organizations where the public has invested their retirement and savings.
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    It is an expensive and labor intensive exercise..and they could be deemed as pariahs , ostracised by the main stream guys...a bit like gestapo style government..adding to lots of bureaucracy and power struggle between the different depts...
    can't work in small companies only large multi corpn..
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    It is important to understand who is part of the watchdog team and thus independent of the management team.

    Internal Audit, HR, Legal, IG, QA, Safety

    Notice, I put HR or personnel independent of the CEO. That will help prevent him from bringing in unqualified cronies, and from firing whistle blowers.

    All legal matters are independent of the CEO.

    All Quality Assurance (QA) and Safety matters, including consumer safety are independent.

    They all report through a separate manager, who reports directly to the board.

    They are overhead to the corporation, just as there are now. The board with decide how many are needed.

    Independence from the CEO is the only way to fix the corruption, etc. problems.

    And yes, all of the watchdogs have to watch for corruption among themselves.
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    Watchdogs have to be paid , and appointed, who appoints and who pays..that is the check .

    A separate fund has to be put aside in the corporate fund for that and decided by a separate entity..but one lone guy can't beat the rest, it has to be a team..
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    There will always be crooks, but not ever crook affects millions of shareholders like Enron did. Big stock exchange corporations need watchdogs, in all countries.

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    I would relocate to Palermo, Italy... In a heart beat so quick it would cause a heart attack and I would die, and never would have had the chance to go there. :'o( I guess I will have to have my last wish to be burried there.

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    Bulldogs that bite and know its day and expect little thanks for a job well done..they are a distinct and extinct breed..

    I m too cynical to believe that they exist and they could save this dire world from crooks ..everywhere..
    Self-preservation is the only key to a more virgilant existence..watch our backs and check every receipt and invoice and bill you get..
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    I laid out the plan, and have many more details in a white paper. Now we just need some bulldogs to execute it.
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    All good management starts from the top ..the minute that corrupts or are ineffective, it filters downwards..
    It needs a good working ethos throughout to protect that ..checks and balances and the people who man them need to be constantly checked to otherwise they too are corruptible..
    In Indonesia, an official once tough in cheek called 'Corruption' the invisible form of redistribution of wealth...that filters thru the system..it is just a more blatant form of old-boy networking taken to extreme..
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    Here are some ideas.

    3. Watch-Dog Departments: Internal Audit, HR, Legal, IG, QA, Safety etc. should report directly to the board through an independent manager, and even be allowed to bypass that manager on serious ?ill will? and misconduct issues if the manager will not bring them to the board. The board must track ?ill will? and misconduct as vigorously as they track profits. These ?watch-dog? departments must not work for the CEO, COO or CFO; they should only provide matrix support to the line organizations. Management or their subordinates may be cooking the books or stealing the stockholders blind. Should a carmaker be allowed to produce a car that Safety knows is not safe? Identifying or preventing these offenses must be the function of internal and external ?watch-dogs?. There has to be independent checks and balances against misdeeds by the primary management team. Outside, independent audits have proven to be inadequate, and rarely deal with management issues. Strong internal controls are the first line of defense, and those in charge of those internal controls must be held accountable.

    ? Every manager and employee must watch out for wrongdoing that impacts the company, employees, and investors, no matter who is doing it. There needs to be a method to report such wrongdoing, or to even start an investigation by others without loosing your job. Bona fide whistleblowers need adequate protection by law. Firing a bona fide whistle blower, or denying them information to prove their case should be a felony offense.
    ? The watchdog organizations should be paid bonuses and higher salaries for outstanding work, rather than stock options or bonuses based upon stock prices - conflict of interest reasons.
    ? Violations of human rights, dictators, corruption, terrorist acts, etc. are third world problems, right? Wrong. Check out what can happen in organizations without protection from such abuse. A good HR, audit, and IG department must represent employees a...
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    www..anything internal is also corruptible and dismissible..the cliques internally are powerful and they can overwhelm and bully the spy...
    it is a sort of mafia operation inside that is scary..and I have encountered real life drama in my career path..that involved criminal investigations and murders and jail sentences of top management..so how protected are these insiders? Are we in danger of propagating a sort of gestapo -underground espionage albeit for altruistic reasons.
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    I am more concerned about bad ethics and honesty. I want internal watchdogs whose duty is to assure that the corporaton is ethical, honest, good citizens, provides safe products, etc. The watch dogs must report directly to the board, bypassing all management.
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    hey guys,
    we should start an international policing force to monitor the activities of multi-national corporations..with today's access to info . we could do it..just start a site for shareholders of all the S&P companies and involve them all including shareholders who also work for the respective companies..a sort of self-help board of shareholders ..I think it is the only way forward that we should all have a voice but a concerted one where we will exercise our votes against what we feel are bad decisions..
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    Ok, Orion. I will look for it. I droped my effort, would love for someone to continue if they had time. We have too many crooks and unethical people running corporations.

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    www..running out of energy ! thought u are still kept on your toes with 5 bossy women in house..

    well, I still want to be there fighting ..when I am 88..my kids get so embarrassed when I make public appeals or argue with salespersons or dim people doing a lousy job and I sure ahte traffic wardens all over!!
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    Bonnie: always fighting for lost causes

    I wish you could get such a organization started. It is sure needed.

    I like to fight against injustice types of instances, and where there are ethical issues. Don't do it often now. Ran out of energy.
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    My dream is to be able to start some form of self-policing watchdog among shareholders of public companies made upof retired lawyers, bankers and professionals who understand the workings and the flaws of large public corporations . This group will attend all the AGMs be a sort of public nuisance if need be to make these fat cats do their job more thoroughly..a sort of outside whistle blower..
    always fighting for lost causes ..that is what gives me the real buzz..
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    I started writing a white paper for reform of corporations right after the Enron sh__ hit the fan. I never completely finished it, but can send it to you if I can find it.

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    Well my way of serving as a watch dog is to attend AGM as a shareholder whenever I could but the last time I went to one of these meetings I found I was the only sole shareholder there and I spent a long time making them answer pertinent questions that they could not give me a valid reply at all..but unfortunately no shareholder was there to hear my case and so all I said just got registered in the Minute book and that is the sad part about public companies today..their main shareholders are institutional clients who are just happy to rub each other's backs ..and there are little true checks as to what goes on behind the scene especially when they start appointing each other on to boards of companies to enjoy the perks that come with being on board..I just want to be that torn in the flesh till someone gets fed up and put me on their board ...to silent me..
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