Would you relocate to EUROPE (or anywhere outside the USA/Canada) and if so, where would you like to live? Lifestyle

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    Would you consider Europe to include London or must it be across the channel where language is going to be a barrier for most Americans... there are definitely loads of Americans here in London, which is an easy relocation..so UK is going to be an easy choice..
    How many miles u reckon the average Americans would go for love? Apparently there was a survey amongst Americans about the distance they would be prepared to find love, marry and relocate..it is pegged very much to the education level ..if you leave education at high school , you obviously marry your teen sweet heart in the same town..but if you go on to college in another state , you will most likely find your spouse from another state..and if you start working in another state or even country, chances are you would relocate further afield..quite obvious is it not? I don't think people after middle aged are that prepared to relocate for love since they are too conditioned to their comfort zone..though recently there have been reports that the baby boomers are reliving their leftover Hippie free life again..so never know ..they may wander of to Nepal of India to find their lost Xanadu...lol
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