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    DO NOT waste anymore of your energy in justifying who you are and what you seek. These women are either unbalanced and definetly insecure in themself that they gain a temporary fix in boosting their confidence through bashing another....what a shame

    You are beautiful and smart and the next one that throws slander your way....I will stand by your side like a true Canadian/Scottish would. I am also and able to and crush them like a fly through not hit me with a flower. No worries Mate I will back you up

    Cheers Lassie
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    report for what? telling her to get off the floor its looks like shes a lush/?
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    ok let me first reply to mary tyler moore sharp1... mare.. i was simply trying to offer u advice after i answered honestly the question presented.. ok- when i said make over i ment it.. as for the chick who fell off the chair.and is writing from the floor- theres always AA.. did i not mention i am rich-- oh yeah i am.. as for rich women and poor guys-- hmm thats why God invented cabana boys geesh
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    hmm i thought that was nice??

    and isnt there a chair u could be sitting on?? real women dont sit on the floor .. gesh u think u are gonna land a millionaire sitting on the floor?? no way -- stand up
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    Krystalblue40 write:
    NYchick seems to be carefree with a witty sense of humor which is what men want. Sharp1 you are rigid and probably jealous of her beauty. You certainly crititique everyone so I have read. Bet you are not meeting many men on here with that attitude.

    You think it is witty and funny that a woman who brags she is rich, and only goes on a millionaire site looking for dates so she can make fun of non rich girls looking for dates?
    Hmmmmmm...why don't you ask wellab, Orion, wwwww123 to name a few, if they think it is funny. Or if they think it is more a comment made from a self-centered, selfish, inconsiderate .... "

    K...don't know who you are, & don't care. If you've actually followed the forums, you'd know I have never criticized anyone, unlike yourself & this NYchick who just criticized and slandered me. I've expressed my opinions with people, who have disagreed & agreed sometimes, but that's what the forums are all about.

    Jealous? Not likely. Especially not of two people likes yourselves who consider it funny to make fun of others! You presume you know something of people on here, when you know nothing. Have a nice night. I will not converse further with people such as yourselves.
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    Excuse me? And you would know from experience right, because you know so many rich women

    Sharp i stated i am one of the rich women who watch u non rich women basicaly cat fight over a guy who u think has money...

    now my advice for u- since i am rich and pretty and u arent..

    is lose the background, change the sweater and mess ya hair like angie di*ckerson and maybe just maybe a guy with say a few thousand might take ya out..
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    rich women dont go on millionaire sites looking for dates.. they go on and make fun of the non rich girls looking for dates...
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    They left.
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    robotic123_74 wrote:

    I don't want their money, I just want to find out if a rich woman is different than a non-rich woman and how different.

    Robot ~ you know, I can't believe I've never asked myself that question. How DOES one go about it?

    Anyway, just in case you DON'T find out just what makes them different, don't worry. There's always the money.

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