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    z71 write:

    NYCHICK write:
    ok let me first reply to mary tyler moore sharp1... mare.. i was simply trying to offer u advice after i answered honestly the question presented.. ok- when i said make over i ment it.. as for the chick who fell off the chair.and is writing from the floor- theres always AA.. did i not mention i am rich-- oh yeah i am.. as for rich women and poor guys-- hmm thats why God invented cabana boys geesh

    cabana boy eh?! lol,
    I'll settle for that. Should I start packing my bags? I would make a great cabana boy,lol. By the way, better hurry! My membership expires in 6 more days!

    Now why on earth would you want to pack your may miss out on a Fabulous script that you have been longing for...Besides after you land the leading roll in a Mega Movie you can have all the leading ladies you even have NYCHICK service you at the pool side wearing nothing but holding a umbrella...Wink Wink I am merely kidding and having fun withya no worries mate
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    Please correct me if I am wrong. I however at no time believed her or anyone for that matter on any category or forum. I do TRULY appreciate your comment though. I will inform you and everyone else that my brief experience on this thread was cut short as I decided I could no longer allow my membership to continue. I could not justify paying for a service that does not work half the time nor has it ever been user friendly. Besides what bothered me the most was the derelicks such as missellen and candy that made my stomach churn and want to vomit to no return. I know there are great people on this service and I do not need to be the one to tell them who they are....They already know who they are. I still stand strong to my convictions and will not be placed in the categories of many but am open to meeting brilliant in essence I may not be a paid member anymore however I will still view the forum and post when I feel most compelled....or when I have the free time away from the hospital I service
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    Wow....this is better than a soap opera or Dallas...complete with cat fights. Very entertaining. Thanks for the laugh guys....Keep it up.
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    EdTarboosh write:

    Mandalay207 write:

    Don't you mean you wish you WERE a Cashmere Pashmina?


    Well Mandalay, if I've got the choice of clothing to be, I'd rather just be a brass*iere.

    (Holy Cow, MM flagged the word brass*iere!!!)

    Ed all you had to say was bra! LOL
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    Don't you mean you wish you WERE a Cashmere Pashmina?
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    ok Andy that sorta sums up in a nutshell

    i saw your sarcastic post about butter and although i dont know her-- i was able to pick up on your girlish like catty statements-- my god u need something to do .....
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    i am seeing that u are not so different then i am and that the very things u find offensive about me- u possess..

    so maybe what u are doing is projection
    have u thought about why u take so much time tryin to figure me out- my intentions.. ? not that complicated really... so why dont we simply end it.. continue with your investagation if it occupies you - or go spend time with the wife..
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    Please don't be to hard on Butter, she actually gave me an idea earlier in one of her posts in which I can make a ton of money from this site! And Andy, you know me with my Entrepreneurial Spirit, if I see a door open, I'm going right through it! Butter, I will get with you at a later date, since you did give me the idea, we'll call it a "finders fee" which you will be entitled to a certain lump sum...I'll keep you posted.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast: Allegedly Rich Women v. More Allegedly Rich Women.
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    i am not the voice of God- i state my opinion-- if u need to go to therapy afterward well then take a cab and go..

    i think the worst thing i said was the chick sittin on furniture and that perhaps another woman should lose her sweater.. now if they are in a tizzy over that...well perhaps less time on millionaire match and more time on therapist chair.. makes sense to me
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    yep hm men also can be gold diggers is correct, however i pick and choose carefully.
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    I, for one, like the table pictures. Keep them in the portfolio!
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    while i think that it is admirable that u feel the need to defend your freinds, i certainly feel nothing was said to anyone of them to hurt them.. if saying "lose the sweater" can hurt someone well i think theres a lot of issues going on.. And as for the weelasy with her FU remark that was a classic comeback-- What i dont understand Andy is this-- why on earth did u spend the amount of time u did simply to try and see where i am i coming from?? that was long- i myself would not have even anyone that much time and space in my head... so it remains this way-- ignore or respond we always have choices.. i dont intentionally hurt anyone and yes typed words do not convey emotion but if u are sensitive enough to take a word that is typed by a complete stranger and allow it to twist ya -- well its because u allowed it..
    now Andy i do hope i answered most of your questions.. now i have one for u

    Why did u bother wasting your time with that 4 part series of questions? did u gain insight- are u completing a novel?
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    would love to get to know you

    www plentyoffish is free
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    Let's say you go into the office and your new secretary, who you don't know well yet, comes in with an unflattering hairdoo. An outspoken, tell-it-like it is person will surely want to help her out by letting her know. But I'll bet that even if you don't say it with much tact that you at least give verbal or visual cues that you are trying to be nice. Maybe you use a soothing voice; maybe you wink or pat her on the shoulder. But if you're as successful in your profession or daily life as you say you must be at least giving these cues if you're as outspoken in real life - even if it is subconscious.

    Ed i fire her but i give a gift certificate to a salon
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    more of ED..
    You and I have more in common than you might think. I too see myself as an outspoken free spirit. . I'm imagining you shopping at your grocery store. You bump your cart into the cart of one of those enormous woman in those ridiculous spandex pants you too often see that outlines all the cellulite and cameltoe. I see you telling them to put the ice cream back and get a new wardrobe. Do you do that? Boy, if you do let me know the next time you go shopping. I have a sick fascination for train wrecks.

    But when I write an opinion I'd like to make it readable and persuasive. Otherwise, what's the point? You like to tell it like it is and you occasionally give unsolicited advice like me. But not the same way

    Ed and posting about a woman with legs spread open is what?? readable and persuasive and unlike me? yes correct that is unlike me.

    As for the fat girl in the supermarket no i say nothing to her-- she may have issues that i have no idea of-- let her eat her twinkies and work em out
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    ok let me begin by trying to answer some of Ed's questions.. Ed who by the way stated his main reason for this site was to make fun of women who he called gold diggers? correct ed? and then decieded to park and just have fun..
    Correct Ed..
    ok onto your semi interogation of me

    1.First, why are you posting in the forums if you don't care how people interpret you or think of you.
    there are posts that i have posted where i beleive my opinion counted.. i post in forums if i have something i wanna say- which is why i pay mm dues..

    moving right along to your next quesiton
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    as i recall and have a copy of it-- u seemed to be quite amused by my comments -until it involved u-- and if i remember correctly and i do-- you very intelligent reponse was FU-- now that is what i call class..
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    yes we do worries there Lass.. I will support and defend my Canadian and Scottish friends always.
  • View author's info posted on May 01, 2005 15:43

    Please excuse the swim suit pic. (My MALE friend took it - q'uelle suprise, he forgot my face!)
    I'm trying to make a point in the "Mad as HELL" thread, but this photo shows up EVERYWHERE. I'll remove it soon.

    With much humility,

    Lassy - always nice to see you're still around. We Scottish Canadian lasses gotta stick together.
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    I have?...well that is news to me. I can say confidently I have never discussed jealousy ever on this forum till now. If my response bothers you to that extent why view it or reply...Be my quest and start another forum. Hopefully it would be mentally stimulating enough for others to respond...including myself
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