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    I have been in two interracial marriages. First one he cheated and second marriage was for his green card (which i didn't know till after). I have always been mistreated by black men but that won't stop me from giving someone a chance. I was engaged to a white man in 1993 and he treated me like a queen, only problem was he couldn't deal with my then 5yr old son since he is biracial and didn't want mommy and daddy to find out as they would cut him off financially. So being, I broke it off. I don't have a preference for skin color like some woman do but what people don't understand is once you have biracial children, mine are 25yrs,17yrs and 7yrs, not too many white men approach me. Which is very sad. I would like to possibly remarry again and it wouldn't matter what race the man was as long as i'm happy and he doesn't mistreat me or my children. As far as people saying things, that's always gonna be the case regardless and personally I couln't care less what people say or think about me. The only thing I care about is my children and they have never had any problems and c'mon people this is 2005, life is too short, peel off skin and everybody is the same!! lol
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    INterracial marriages, Im sure for your parents too..(since I believe you are the product of two cultures yourself) is the way forward to a more enlightened world..My inter-racial marriage has opened a whole new frontier for terms of a wider multi-racial network of friends, relocating to different cultures, tolerance of the differences and appreciation of the similarities in our views and attitude..which we need to practise everyday..and that itself is the timeless test of love.
    I think a sense of humor will serve well thru a inter-racial union..and I have bags of tales of prejudices to tell..and have learnt to see the funny side of this disease that inflict all of us..
    but when I see my beautiful fascinating children,the product of two cultures and races..I know this wonderful genetic modification is one I could embrace and love forever..just like you are the living product of such a lovely union..and you begin to see the wonder of that miracle..
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    Personally I am attracted to men of different races.

    But I can't help but wonder how their parents would react. I try not to let previous experiences color my interactions (pun intended), but it's always in the back of my mind.

    Is this wrong?

    I wish some men would post!

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    YOu are quite right, and I ahve lived with lots of prejudices, typecasting in my I am immune to that and have used it to my advantage..the best one is when I am approached by a Filipino maid when I was with my young kids and she asked:'Do you live in or live out?'
    I replied :'I live in and am not paid, most of the time I ahve to sleep with the boss too.'
    So I get passed as the maid when I m with my own kids who are mixed..
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    Nothing is wrong with different races and color..The problem is the prejudice.
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    marymay write:
    I think salt and salt is boring! Salt and pepper is good.


    A diet of potatoes could be boring, try rice for a change..nothing better than a mixed diet..keeps you healthy..
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    Has Maldives recovered from the Tsunami disaster? I would love to go there , heard so much about its beauty and unspoilt beaches..I go to Phuket, Bali and Malaysia usually .
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    Love your views Marymay and girlmech..
    Marymay, tell me are you from a place call 'male' or are you a male and female..very confusing ..

    So tell me girls what are the funniest encounters you get from being out with someone from a different race and color?

    I am often thought as 'the call girl' and was even banned from going to my own hotel room in Bangkok Oriental and my husband had to come and identify me as his wife..not so funny..and most of the time , people think I am my kids' nanny or maid because they had Caucasian colors when they wre young and I am little girl at my son's birthday party asked if I was my son's maid or mum, told her I feel like I am both..
    Typecasting is a disease that affects so many..
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    I'm all for interracial relationships. If it leads to marriage, then it's even better. I'm divorced from a white male and have had a child with him. I think love is color blind, but both parties involved have to have their eyes open to what others around them might say or do and know how to react in those situations. I always tell people who question my taste and choice of SWM is that when the lights are out, we are all Black : )!!!
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    welcome Ann to the inter-marriage forum..
    what sort of problems did you encounter if any ,when you met your husband or when you married? Did you have any objections, prejudices, doubts about the relationship?
    Or fears about the kids, or your future together if you should have to relocate to a different country and culture?
    Personally I find that cross racial and cultural marriages enrich our lives in many ways..our circle of friends are multi-racial, our attitudes are more tolerant and we learn that there are more similarities between cultures and races than there are differences..if we start looking for them..
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    I am all for it, my husband was caucasian and I am East Indian. There was never a dull moment we had so much fun...there is so much to learn from each other. But we were in love. Without love i dont think it will work...and have to have an open mind.
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    under my name crissydoll on the romance board you could read my stand on this. thanks!!
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    I m not American, Chinese lady living in London, married a British man but am widowed now, so I am as different racially as you could get on this site.I volunteer and help in a charity that sponsors girls from 54 countries to complete their secondary education, most of whom come from the Afro-Carribean countries, India and I have a lot of friends from those parts of the world..and enjoy the colorful cuisine and culture which they bring to this charity. So keep in touch.
    How do you find this forum?
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