are any posts for interracial relationships? Interracial Relationship

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    I am all for it, my husband was caucasian and I am East Indian. There was never a dull moment we had so much fun...there is so much to learn from each other. But we were in love. Without love i dont think it will work...and have to have an open mind.
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    under my name crissydoll on the romance board you could read my stand on this. thanks!!
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    I m not American, Chinese lady living in London, married a British man but am widowed now, so I am as different racially as you could get on this site.I volunteer and help in a charity that sponsors girls from 54 countries to complete their secondary education, most of whom come from the Afro-Carribean countries, India and I have a lot of friends from those parts of the world..and enjoy the colorful cuisine and culture which they bring to this charity. So keep in touch.
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