are any posts for interracial relationships? Interracial Relationship

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    I'm a product of a interracial relationship so I have no problem with them. I believe I would be limiting myself if I didn't explore all possibilities.
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    I've always been attracted to men of other race but...never acted on it until age 21. I was afraid to do so when I was young due to the racisim and stares. Now... I could care less what people think and the stares. I love dating outside my race. No shame here!
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    edloverbob write:
    I happen to be black, and also, happen to date more whie men than blacks.I am by far not a racist, i grew up in africa whare racism is a hard off.Well, there is tribalism, but thats a different story all together,now i live in the USA and it goes without say that racism is common place.I have experienced the worst and the not so bad cases,and i have come to the conclusion that i need to be reffered to as black,and also have developed irritaliblity towards the so called liberals who say that everyone is the same,and those who wish to burry the past.o me the past is the future, and I have no patience for those tryng to disregard that.

    ( the past it what u make it ,it only reason we still have racies people is because of their way of thinking and lack of knolwage it don't have to do much with the pass like that other gal said it's 2005 and we shouldn't even be in that crapy age anymore ,anyone that thinks thats the way it's always going to be is just as bad as the people being racies because ur not trying to change anything ur just seeing it for the way it is ,yeah we can't change everything but trying dosen't hurt u u just learn more ,and thats what i think racisum comes form a lack of learning about other people then just ur self.

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    Blaquexotic write:
    Why would you care about what another individual says about your personal relationships? Especially if it's behind your back! People are going tp talk about you regardless.
    Although you haven't been exposed to the Black community you'll be surprised to know that we Black women are just that... women and can be approached the same way in which you'd approach our White counterparts.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ( i don't know about that not saying ur wroung just saying me being half black i have been around alot of black chick that think white guys are nothing ,and they need a strong black man to handle all they have ( ego )and i have some cuzins who think the same way and they even say i'm a nerd because i like white guys out of all my cuzin gals which is made up of about 15 gals only 3 don't care about the skin color,even when i met my first bf he thought i didn't look like i would like him he though i was like most " blk" gals, on some leaves ur right and on most i would have to disagree their is alot of black gals that wouldn't even think about a white guys , white gals are more open to dating black guys then the other way around.

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    Bonnie88 write:
    Love your views Marymay and girlmech..
    Marymay, tell me are you from a place call 'male' or are you a male and female..very confusing ..

    So tell me girls what are the funniest encounters you get from being out with someone from a different race and color?

    I am often thought as 'the call girl' and was even banned from going to my own hotel room in Bangkok Oriental and my husband had to come and identify me as his wife..not so funny..and most of the time , people think I am my kids' nanny or maid because they had Caucasian colors when they wre young and I am little girl at my son's birthday party asked if I was my son's maid or mum, told her I feel like I am both..
    Typecasting is a disease that affects so many..

    with my first bf ( he was white ) and black guys would be saying stuff like hey what happen u don't like ur kind anymore and how did that happen? ,the blk gals be like so a sister done turned on us ur dating the enemy and they use to inslave us and ur dating one of them u must can get a bother because u with a white guy ,and it use to get to me but now i don't care what so ever. but thats not the worst part my moms friend was the worst they would tell me i need to stick with my own kind ,a lion don't mate with a tiger ,whats wrong with a black guy they told me they didn't want to see him around they didn't want him calling me (* i was living with them for a few for a job i hated)and they would tell me he's no good black guys would treat me like a lady and white guys will never be good to their gals. and let me tell u he was a gentalman and i only knew him for a few we still talk but i moved and my family was putting to much stress on us both it just couldn't work not saying they can't but how things was about 4 years ago with my family.the funnies thing that happen to me is when i fist started dating him my moms friends was like oh my god u have a date they was so happy ,that was be4 they found out he was white u should have seen the look on their face it was so freakin funny at first.
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    We are all homo sapiens. The scientists seem to have proved through mitochondrial DNA that we are all the descendants of one woman who lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago. And someone has figured that everyone on earth is no more than a 50th cousin from anyone else.

    So I guess it doesn't matter who you marry you are marrying a cousin at least.
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    I agree and think as long as there is love there should be no hang up's...
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    UptownGirl27 write:
    Fortunate8888 I was wondering the same thing but didn't say anything on it. It seems very odd to be 21 and be engaged that many times.

    If you think her claim on this thread is fantastic, then you should see her posting on the "rich women" thread. Fricking unbelievable!
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    Mixed race children are usually very pretty. Has anyone ever seen The Rock? He is beautiful. Not everyone is or isn't but The Rock is an example of a cute mixed race person.
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    I know a lot of black people. Most of my friends are black, they are more like my family though. I don't have issues with them, and I don't want to be black either,I'm white.They don't want to be white either, THANK GOD. I am a big believer in self acceptance no matter what you look like. They are the good looking blacks though,not the ugly ones,and I think it makes a difference in a way. I'm not ugly,but everyone has issues with something whether it is their body or their face. My friends are cool because they are so real, they are themselves,they watch everything black too, which makes ME feel 'MORE WHITE AND MORE BORED' but hey, I am I don't NEED to like what they like to like them. They don't need white people's approval, and neither do I, or black people or ANYONE'S approval. If you see the pictures that I have, they are of the children that I know, who are black. I don't have any white children in my family...or if I do,they are not close to me. I have a closeness from my friends family that I don't have anywhere else. I don't have any kids, but the kids in the picture are like mine. My friends,although not rich or successful in any way shape or form, are interesting, opinionated,and very blunt. It isn't a rich area,but what if it was? Would it make a difference? I don't know. I like people for themselves, and not for what they can do for me or give me. In fact, I give. I just liked them for who they are. They are themselves, and they like themselves and are proud.Some people at this Crazy site,should take lessons from me. They are so self-absorbed and shallow as hell. I have never seen such successful losers in all my life.
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    iamprecious write:
    Well I've been engaged three times and have dated a lot. I have yet to date one black man. It's funny because I have never had a problem with white men approaching me and I'm from Tennessee!!

    You are only 21 and you've been engaged three times. Wow! I am curious were the proposals from real people or your imaginary friends? You do know it doesn't count if the proposals are from the latter category.

    hun, if you are going to make up a story try something a bit more credible. Just my free advice!
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    Welcome to this thread sdlaw..
    You certainly speak from experience on this subject judging from your personal cv.
    For an intellectual and academic man , how did you survive your first marriage with someone whom you have serious language barrier with? Did you not spend time learning Spanish to communicate? Or did you let the physical aspect of your marriage dominate the mental ?
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    I was married once to a Mexican woman (for 18 years) then had a five-year relationship with an African-American woman that resulted in a brief marriage that unfortunately didn't last. Cultural and language differences really are important, and negative reactions of family members can hurt enormously and make life difficult. I have to say, however, that I would do it again in a minute if I found the right person. I think language differences made communication difficult in my first marriage; we never really got to know each other at a deep level. In my second marriage/relationship, there were definite cultural differences involved. The woman had been abandoned by her father in childhood and was intensely jealous and fearful of being abandoned again, to the point of doing extreme things (such as threatening my daughter when she thought my daughter had badmouthed her to me). I loved her and struggled for years to overcome the resultant feelings of betrayal and anger. There was a lack of trust on both sides.
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    iamprecious write:
    Well I've been engaged three times and have dated a lot. I have yet to date one black man. It's funny because I have never had a problem with white men approaching me and I'm from Tennessee!!

    Why don't you date black men?
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    Well I've been engaged three times and have dated a lot. I have yet to date one black man. It's funny because I have never had a problem with white men approaching me and I'm from Tennessee!!
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    welcome uptowngirl...Cupid is very busy running out of arrows, she needs replenishment this time of the year, so let her take her time and meanwhile just enjoy cruising ..:)
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    wwwww123 write:
    Cub, maybe we should charter a flight for all of the MM men. That would teach these hussies to give all of us some respect

    yeah, good idea, go on uhh..Tiger Air..
    We fly u to N.Korea, Vietnam, Thailand...lots of lovely pretty bu*tts
    for very little Baht..
    also good for distribution of much needed US bucks..

    chirpy chirpy cheap cheap...
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    Cub, maybe we should charter a flight for all of the MM men. That would teach these hussies to give all of us some respect.
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    www..well grant that all you could do out there in AR is to your dreams ..more BABABABUTT BABABABBUTT
    fingers snapping in your dream

    CUB...follow www..and you will be doing a mini version of that sheep counting dream babababutt babababuttock

    NK is only a 11 flight away..and think of the number of bu*tts you are saving pinching...for small bucks..
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    Cub39 write:

    wwwww123 write:
    MM ladies are welcome to send me bu pictures, taking applications now.

    Surely it is apprentice work to review the apps and pics and pass on only the best to journeyman for final review.


    Since apprentice might make a mistake, better to send pics to both places. That way, I can be sure apprentice don't save some for evil purposes of his own - something other than making bongo music.

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