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    Here is the victorian recipe for Spotty dyck

    1 cup flour sieved..must be strong flour for bread to take the steaming

    2 cups dry stale bread crumbs, again preferably old bread to take the steaming
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 cup suet, finely chopped (fattening but needed for authenticity, adds to the smoothness of the final product
    1 cup milk , full cream if you could again for the same reason..since Victorian days, that is the only milk they have
    1 cup raisins

    enough for 8 servings; time about 21/2 hours

    1. Combine flour,bread crumbs and sugar
    2. Add suet , mix egg and enough milk to make into a dough, add it by hand in a bowl..till you get the right consistency..
    3. Roll dough on a floured boad to make a suasage shape, wrap in moist muslin cloth..settle for a while , half hour for the dough to rest
    4. Tie the ends of the muslin cloth securing the dough well otherwise will disintergrate in the steaming process.
    5. Steam in a steamer , or big pan with a raised sort of platform..keeping the dough away from the hot water at the bottom..
    To prevent the moisture from steaming dripping back on the dough , cover the top of the pan or steamer with another muslin cloth then place lid over this so that the cloth absorbs the drip..and not make the sponge dough soggy ..

    Seve with home made custard or jam..or blackcurrant or apple sauce..very very hig don't get addicted to it..great for cold winters..
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    oops sorry MIn..forgot you are in my time

    I should tell u that in the Fareast , we eat anything that moves...and the ones which don't have other medicinal values..
    in INdonesia, Java, women after birth of babies, are known to keep their figures slim and taut and their v*gina as tight as a virgin, thru such elaborate use of herbs and massages that it is a pity no one in the western world has bothered to study and popularise their secrets..
    JAMU- a generic term for the herbs they use have a variety of sexual aphrodisiac uses..
    a girlfriend of mine after the birth of her first child, subjected herself to those miracle massages which involve wrapping her waist after a long oil massage, in a swathe of gauze all day..then steaming an assortment of herbs seated on a seat like a commode to have the fumes of these herbs filter thru her female parts to tighten and moisturise her insides...and her husband live to tell the difference that

    see ladies what you are missing..and of course there are male Jamu which is far more potent than Viagra..head east everyone ..why do you think there are that many babies made is the best kept secret..for centuries.
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    CAn't resist starting another heading here:
    What is the most ridiculous, revolting thing you have drunk or eaten?

    I don't think many of you could beat my list...

    1. At 6 , my grandma thought I might be asthmatic, and the Chinese old wives' cure I was given was two live baby blind mice (fresh from their nest with eyes still closed) wrapped in pickle vegetable leaves, I had to swallow them..the rest of the nest of mice, my grandma dropped them into her bottle of brandy which she drank out of every night..she lived to 97..her skin , flawless and she was one of the last surviving Chinese woman with bound feet..

    Then I had dried cockcroaches , dried sea horse, rhinoceros horn, pearl powder, ginseng root, bird's nest soup....all sorts of brewed tea and soup with the strangest herbs, moss, seaweed and roots..the promised elixir of longevity and health..and if I still look twenty years younger when I am 99 like my grandma..I will be the living
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    Sharp ..your sister was good to have collected Indian curry recipes here..there are so many different communities from India, Pakistan , Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that Asian cuisine here are as different and colorful as the entire Commonwealth. The charity I help is the Commonwealth League to support girls from all 54 countries (including Canada) to finish their secondary education..and each year there is a huge fair where there will be food from all these is heaven on earth for food aficianadoes..and we come in our traditonal national costumes..such a colorful carnival atmosphere..
    will get you our family spotted dyck recipe,,the victorian traditional one..from MIL..
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    Min..good idea to have garlic in your gratin..I have done it without cream by substituting with a white sauce made from flour, butter and milk when I ran out of cream and it was just as good..

    Wellab..Modern British food is no longer fact I am surprised how good they are ..they now serve it at good local pubs..and a lot of the pubs now serve Thai food , so the spicy chillie get the guys to drink more pints of ale..
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    Min..thanks , definitely worth a try..I do a chicken rice dish with chicken stock too..we have the chicken , either just thighs or parts or entire chicken..the trick is to boil the chicken in the pot of water drop in some cube stock ..ginger slice and when the water is at boiling point turn the flame off , let the residual heat steam boil the chicken...repeat this boil and turn off heat process till the chicken is cooked tender..that way it is not cooked till all the flavors run out..
    If u manage to extract any chicken fat, dice it small , fry this with a little oil in a pan and saute minced garlic and a little onion..throw in rinsed rice , a cup or 2..fry in the pan till the garlic smells great, then pour in the chicken stock to boil the this with the chicken and chillie sauce and pounded up ginger..and soya is a traditional dish in Singapore..
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    HOw do u make egg/lemon soup? v.interesting combination.
    My equivalent of chicken soup when I m sick is the rice porridge..with chicken or fish or just plum pickle..we feed that ot our babies as their first the comfort memory begins there..
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    When you are sick in bed, or away from home for a spell,what is the one favorite thing you miss eating or drinking from home sweet home..and the taste of which will immediately revive your vitality and give you that fuzzy feeling that life is worth living ?
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    I've had the Japanese breakfast many, many times. But I have to disagree with Bonnie that the best seafood is from Singapore -- it is from California -- no, wait -- Hawaii -- no, France -- no, Italy -- nope Japan -- or was it Australia? It is so good in so many places it would be hard to pick just one -- LOL -- but Singapore is good. However, Bonnie, we do know it is not from the U.K. -- do we not?


    Well, Wellab, I m from Singapore, so of course my palate is conditioned to certain COMFORT FOOD...and once you are thrown the spicy stuff that bombards your tastebuds for life, it took me years to appreciate the bland but fresh Japanese cuisine and even worse the stodgy British fare..YOU are right about seafood in CA, US, NY, Hawaii and Australia..where they have them fresh..but the Chinese and Japanese are the connoiseurs of the freshest seafood..ala jumping life drunken prawns in a glass of wine..or raw sashimi with the fish head still throbbing and eyes staring glistening at you!!
    Surprise surprise,,London has seen vast improvement since I got back in 1997..the restaurant trade has boomed..and thanks to imports like Nobu from LA and NY and a few foreign trained local chefs, we do get some great fare but at the pain of a big hole in the pocket..
    heading for Bulgaria next week if they will give me my visa..and I hear they have very good food there so looking forward to that..will report Min..about your connection there
    FUGU-EATING IN JAPAN ..suffers from at least two fatalities a year..that is playing Kamizake with food..or Russian Roulette..cheers got to get back to Bulgarian Consular..with my visa application
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    I guess he has gone to finish his story..his female audience is waiting for the climax..he is sure a busy man doubling as chef/author/ you guys work at all??
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    sorry I can't get into IM for some reason and I have to dash out to work and the Bulgarian embassy needs a letter for my speak to u soon..ciao
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    LIke you Min..I love pancakes , waffles with fruit and syrup..also CHinese and Japanese breakfast of rice congee or porridge with a whole lot of pickles and fish and stuff which most Westerners would keel over when they see it, but is in fact the healthiest breakfast that has kept the Japanese healthy till a ripe old age, after all they have the world's highest number of octogenarians..and I think is their diet..
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    The best seafood dishes are found in Singapore -land of spices..
    Recipe for Chillie Crab or shrimp
    Onions-sliced thinly
    chillie-2 or more freshly grounded
    ginger-a knob also grounded
    tomato sauce-half cup with sugar
    crab cut up in chunks or shrimp

    Sauted ginger, garlic and onions with chillie till the mixture is fragrant ..
    Put in crab /shrimp ..stir fry till they turn pink , add the tomato sauce
    and beaten egg last
    add a bit of cornflour mixed in water if you want to thicken sauce..
    great with rice or bread..
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    YOu guys are definitely my kind of food from all over..I miss the informal way of just bringing any sort of food to the table and have a great time (use to do that alot in the tropics and Tokyo) we dine more formally and a lot of my friends have caterers in, so it takes the spontaneity out of entertaining from home.. and I have to if I m entertaining large groups..
    I love one pan meals..favorite of mine is salmon seasoned with salt and pepper, put in a pan, surround with tomatoes, mushrooms, and the trick is have a can of anchovies thrown all over the salmon and the oil in the can of anchovy as well together with olive oil..bake it for 20 mins..and you have the most delicious main course..
    yeah, we should have a huge get together and everyone bring their favorite dish...

    when I was in Tokyo, the mothers in the international school my kids went to would organise a Spring Salad lunch..and you could not imagine what salads interpreted in 56 countries look like on a table..most amazing feast..!!This share recipe site is definitely fab..
    Min..very hard to get good fish roe here, so I buy the ready made I don't know what is the true genuine one like..tried it in Greece once but was not memorable ..prefer their calamari when I am there..u deifintely sound like a chef who improvises style of cooking

    Orion, have u tried beer batter for frying seafood and everything that needs batter?
    Replace the liquid quantity with beer and you get a different batter and texture altogether..It is so much lighter..the Japanese do great tempuras because their batter must be cooled in the fridge first or they drop ice cubes into it and the temperature of the oil has to be monitored closely ..I could never get it right..very fiddly..
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    [ orion get some potatoes, and salt meat peal, and chop the potatoes, small as you can with a onion, put half a small bag of potatoes thats good. smother that with water and onion and salt meat just put little water when necessary, don't make it like potato stew. this is the old cajun by the way i changed my name.

    Bobbyboucher, do you do this as a spaghetti sauce or you just eat as it is , athick stew? We can't get salt meat here, is it like ham? Or could we use ham as alternative?
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    MIn..I adore taramasalata with warm pitta bread, eat it for lunch all the time with my kids..I did not know that it has bread in it..I put in strawberries to get the pink color and use salmon roe..what type of fish roe do they use in the original recipe?
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    interesting Minerva..never thought of adding cinnamon..sometimes i add coriander or cumin when I use mince lamb..
    but love seafood spagetti..esp when the Japanese use fish roe in theirs..delicious..
    Do you know anymore Mediterranean Greek type dishes..the dips are always so good for parties?
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    Hi Orion, in your sauce you might consider sweet red wine instead of sugar,..
  • View author's info posted on Apr 26, 2005 16:15

    I spice my spaghetti sauce with a little dried chillie flakes which you saute with the garlic and onions in olive oil first to give it the kick it needs..also if you don't want too much meat, you could also add crack wheat to the mince and that gives you lots of fibre and less calorie..I add crack wheat to the mince beef fillings for buritos and tacos as cut down meat intake..
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    Chicken & Artichoke soup
    2 quarts of chicken broth
    12 chicken bouillon cubes
    1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
    1 teaspoon of ground black pepper
    1/2 cup of lemon juice
    salt to taste
    slow boil all the above

    then add and simmer
    1-2 cans of artichoke hearts
    1 large box of cut up mushrooms
    1 can of water chestnuts
    2 chicken bre-asts cut up
    thicken liquid with corn starch,,
    lower temperature & add 1 pint of heavy cream
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