would you re-locate for love? Romance

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    is better to relocate for "love resons" that for escape from the police....LOL... just kidding... i am searching for my ONE all over the ether...i certainly would relocate the minute he asks...- if he ever does....LOL
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    Lets see....Moved to UK at 18 to be with my first love...moved to Turkey to be with my ex-husband...

    So yes, I would definately relocate again for the love of my life.

    I am definately up for a new adventure, I love to explore new places.

    You know that expression, "home is where the heart is".....
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    This year, I became an "empty nester." When I joined MM, I realized that I was looking outside my comfort zone of Ottawa for romance and affection and that I'd have to deal with distance.

    At first I was only thinking, "At least if I'm on millionaire match, the men can afford to come visit me!" (See, I'm from the old school - good girls don't chase boys. Boys must cross the gym and ask the GIRL to dance!)

    But my daughter is talking about going to college in other provinces or travelling or visiting friends in other countries ... she doesn't need me anymore! She doesn't even need a permanent home base where she can come home and feel "home" in. Her and I are very adaptable that way... we can go ANYWHERE and settle in. And we both love travel.

    So, frankly .... there's nothing holding me here anymore. I can write and illustrate as long as I have a laptop. I can launch my books anywhere and negotiate with publishers and producers any place. I could honestly haul my behind to any location on the planet and ... if I continued to make the same money ... I could afford to fly back and forth to visit family if I missed them.

    So .... yeah, I'd relocate.

    Actually, I told my girl friend the other day, "If I found a man who would help me get my business off the ground, I'd move anywhere he was and rock his world! Yeah ... I mean THAT way!"

    But don't tell anybody because I don't want to be perceived as a ho! (snort)
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    good question......better answer..!

    who else agree..?.
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